Oberlo Review – What is Oberlo Dropshipping?

Oberlo Review : Leading in Drop-shipping – Recently, drop-shipping becomes a trend in online marketing. Not only does everything easier for the buyers to look for the goods they want, the sellers also have low risk while distributing your products. After reaching over $2 trillion e-commerce profits within a year, this field of business rockets as one of the most wanted job ever. Of course, there are a lot of dropshipping platforms out there, but one of the most used and trusted is Oberlo.

oberlo review

What is Oberlo?

Oberlo is an application, which has partnerships with AliExpress and Shopify. By downloading this platform, you are able to drop-ship many import goods, as you can become a reseller to gain profits. Only with a few clicks of your mouse, you can find many suppliers from all countries all around the world. In this platform, you will only work as a liaison officer to connect the seller and buyer during the deals, automatically minimizing all risks while at the same time maximizing your income.

When you are about to start a business, there are a lot of things that you need to consider: the package, the product, the location of the store, and the wage of workers.  Not only that, you should also dig your pocket if you want your brand to be well accepted through promotions. However, if you work online via Oberlo, you do not have to worry about all of this! You will not waste a lot of bucks for those matters, let alone to see your products stacked up on the storage room unsold.

All you need to do is to browse and pick the suppliers whose items attract you. This way, you can customize the look of your own store and focus on the items’ branding, so your business can develop faster. With Oberlo, once you are displaying other suppliers’ items, you do not have to pay for that. Oberlo has a free starter plan, where you can ship many products every month. You only have to make a deal with the buyer, and the seller that you have chosen will deliver the products to the buyer’s house, saving some hassles!

How Does Oberlo Work?

First of all, you need to create a Shopify account. Shopify is the platform that works with Oberlo to provide all suppliers, so in order to be connected with these vendors, of course you need to be a part of the community. After you have established your own Shopify store, the potential customers will see through your feed before make an order.

Just like any other platform, the amount of money for the items will be transferred via payment gateway account, such as Amazon and PayPal. At the same time, you can use a credit card or your bank account to buy the goods from your own suppliers. After all of this procedure is done, the seller will start to package the items and ship it to the address of your customer; in which you do not need to waste some time on double shipping.

The profits you get will be the gap money of the price you put on your store, and the cost of the items from the seller. For example, you are a re-seller of a fashion store. One day, a customer orders an imported bag, and it only costs $150 from the supplier. However, you sell it for $200, and thus, your profit will be $50. Hence, the cheaper the price that the supplier has, the bigger the profit you earn.

You do not have to worry though, once you have picked your supplier, you can always make a U turn and select another one if the first seller does not meet your expectation. You can always explore and customize your own shop, which items from certain suppliers can be added, and which ones you want to drop. What makes it easier is that, the platform can make auto-adjust for the prices and items, so you do not have to input them one by one if you ever have a new deconstruction of the store.

oberlo review

Oberlo Review – Oberlo Dropshipping Products

If you are wondering what kinds of products available in Oberlo, you do not have to worry about that! Become a partner with AliExpress, it automatically enables you to dropship every product available there. In fact, this is one of the benefits of choosing Oberlo as your platform, because the popularity of the application has been wide spread. If you start a Shopify stores, you must have realized that many of the suppliers and customers use Oberlo as the mediator.

The products are varied, Oberlo has it all there. From simple things such as stationary kits – pens, pencils, books to makeup products and fashion goodies, such as shoes, trendy sandals, fancy clothes, cool pants and many more. Not only that, Oberlo also provides accessories and other daily needs, like bags, necklaces and watches.

However, when you are about to open your own shop, here are a few tips to choose your own products:

  • Rare items that are hard to find in any other places online
  • Popular or cute products that will attract many visitors and potential customer
  • Items that are relatively affordable

If your store provides those kinds of products, then for sure your store will make a great sale in no time, even without any promotion. The rating and reviews from your previous customers will always be used as a good reference for the new buyers.

However, when you are about to pick up a product, you need to be careful as well. Try to do a background checking about your supplier. It will be good if you are taking one from trusted or licensed supplier, in which they do not have a scam record during the period of product shipping. Of course you do not want the trust between you as the shop owner and the customer gets broken, right?

oberlo review

Oberlo Review – The Shipping Time

Of course, as a customer you do not want your products to be delivered after months. In Oberlo, the shipping time is various. It all depends on the location of the supplier, and the address of the customer as the final destination. The availability of the products as well as the shipping methods can be the crucial factors as well. Thus, you can request in advance to deliver it with your trusted agent. In general, it only takes 4-5 days for delivery, but sometimes it can take more than that, even a couple of weeks.

Can You Make Money with Oberlo?

If you are interested to start establishing your own market, you can always take a small step with Oberlo. Many people who have started their business with Obelo clarify that they are pretty much satisfied. Not only does it ease you up, because you can monitor your shop even at your home or office, it also does not require a lot of money to start up.

Oberlo does not gain profits from ads or even from the shop owners. They are only lending a hand to help these businessmen to grow their shops until it is well established, so you do not have to worry about getting your money stolen. The income that they receive is from the AliExpress sellers. For every sale of the imported product, the suppliers from AliExpress will give out a coupon, in which they will pay for promoting their goods. Later on, these coupons are transferred to Oberlo, so both the platform and you as the liaison officer can make money from.

However, if you want the growth of your business to be increased in a short period of time, you can try out a few tips and tricks as below:

Create Retargeting Ad

One the day of your shop launching, you can try to make a retargeting ad of your online store. Here, you can write some articles on blog posts, around 1000 words will be perfect. When making the articles, you can put some quotes from famous people, like influencers, artists, authors and many more. This is where you can gain more potential customers, in which the blog readers – those who usually do not have too much followers will share what you write. Automatically, this will raise the visitors of your own shops as well as the buyers. The main point of retargeting is to get the traffic of those famous influencers, whereas their followers will visit your store. Later on, you need to show off your best-selling products, or those which are extraordinarily unique to catch the potential customer’s attention by one glance.

Do A Give Away

The simplest thing you can do is online promotion. If you have many social media, then it will be perfect if you make a good use of them. You can put the link of your shop, or even share some product details on the feed. However, constant feed will drive people into boredom though. You can always try out something refreshing and attention grabbing such as a giveaway. Who does not love to get free goods afterall?

You can make multiple contest entries, one that will redirect them to land on the giveaway that your store has. After you create a retargeting ad, this will be the perfect complimentary because the greater the amount of the traffic or people who are joining, the more your shop is promoted, and the more people are getting absorbed in the product. Everyone is always attracted to something that becomes a big hit in the society, as they want to be called a trendsetter.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Go and establish your own sale kingdom now on Orbelo!. That’s all our review about Oberlo, all review here based on what we know about Oberlo, if you need more information about Oberlo you can go to Obero Official Site here.

Oberlo Dropshipping Software

If you serious to make money online with dropship, you can use one of great software for Oberlo Dropshipping, not only for Oberlo, you can also start your ecommerce business with Shopify and Printful. This software called LaunchCart, for more info about LaunchCart you can read our LaunchCart review here. Or you can also go to LaunchCart official site here.


  1. Thanks for review. I’m thinking about trying Oberlo. I’m actually using Easync for dropshipping easync.io It integrates with not only Shopify but Amazon, Walmart, Sears, Overstock, and Aliexpress.

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