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NewsMaker Pro Review – Introduction

NewsMaker Pro Review – This is a brand new WordPress plugin and a theme by Igor Burban, this plugin will allow you to create a money-making news site contains with viral news and stories that auto-publish and auto-update on your site every day. A lot of great features in this plugin, my favorite feature is built-in spinner text, and you can translate the viral article to more than 150 languages. With this plugin, you can create tier 1 or tier 2 articles for SEO or PBN, because your site will self-updating, perfect for list building, or drive traffic without writing an article by your self. You can also customize the content, insert featured images, custom post and many more. Scroll down below for more details

newsmaker pro review


Product Name: NewsMaker Pro
Vendor Name: Igor Burban
Product Type: WordPress Plugin
Launch Date and Time : 2019-Sep-28 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price: $22
Total OTO Upsells 4 OTOs
Skill Required: No Skill Required
Refund Status 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who is the creator?

Igor Burban is one of the top vendors on JVZoo, he always launch helpful tools for internet marketers, to drive traffic and help people to earn money online with his tool. He is a coder and loves to create high quality and helpful software or WordPress Plugin. You can learn more about Igor Burban on JVZoo official blog here. Today he launch this brand new WordPress plugin and theme, to help people get more free traffic from self-updating site using NewsMaker Pro, below is the complete feature of this plugin.

NewsMaker Pro Review – How it Works

Below are the features of this plugin

  • Self Updating Site, you can Schedule all the posts. You can also set up to update the content every 5 minutes or every 24 hours, or anything in-between
  • Integrated with major autoresponder, help you to build lists
  • You can translate the article to more than 150 languages
  • Built-in spinner text, and integrated with SpinRewriter, so you can create a unique content with this feature
  • Support Custom RSS means that you can feed content from unlimited sources
  • You can grab the complete content including the featured image
  • You can set parameters to create a custom post
  • You can modify the post title and content before publishing
  • You can replace any keyword to your affiliate links and build Passive Commissions as affiliate marketer
  • You can set pingbacks for every automated post
  • Multiple Post Options allow you to convert any article into a post
  • Full Article Capture including the images and videos from any sources
  • Include Feature Images, this feature allow you to generate featured image
  • >> Click here to learn more


NewsMaker Pro Review – How it Works

Once you activate this plugin, you can see a new menu called NewsMakerPro. Click on it and you will go to the main dashboard, which is the About Menu. And then you can find the Knowledgebase, Support, Training and Changelog Submenu.

The main menu is, About, Settings, Integrations, News Stream, Share Schedule, Keyword Replacer, Done For You and the Register Key.

newsmaker pro review


Let’s click the setting menu. In this menu, you can set the duplicate post, featured images, enable or disable Google Translate, enable or disable Spin Rewriter, and capture option. You need to put Google Translate API key if you want to use Google Translate feature, and you also need to put your Spin Rewriter account details, your Spin Rewriter Email and also Spin Rewriter API key. You must enable SpinRewritter to avoid any copyright issues.

newsmaker pro review 2


Go to the integration menu to settings the autoresponder integration. In this menu, you can integrate with your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Blogger, Twitter, and

newsmaker pro review 2


In the NewsStream menu, you can set up all the content source, a lot of sources available, or you can also add your new NewsStream or RSS Stream.

newsmaker pro review 4


Go to Share Schedule menu and click add new share schedule, the next step is you can set the share on, and the share interval. You can also select the schedule start from, and also select the post categories.

newsmaker pro review 5


You can also replace any keyword with your affiliate URL or any URL, all you need to do is just go to the Keyword Replacer menu and click the add button. And insert the keyword to replace also the assigned URL to keyword. You can also select posts to replace the keyword.

newsmaker pro review 6


You can also use the Done-For-You feature to start post after 60 mins. Select the DFY category and click Add DFY.

newsmake pro review


And the last menu is License, where you can put your license key to activate the NewsMaker pro plugin.


Who is NewsMaker Pro?

This plugin is perfect for anyone who wants to drive viral traffic and who wants to have a self-updating site if you run PBN sites, this plugin is also perfect to tier-2 backlink. You can replace any targeted keyword to your sites for backlink. Also, perfect if you are:

  • Bloggers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • eCom store owner
  • Local business owner
  • Social media agency
  • YouTuber
  • SEO expert


NewsMaker Pro OTO

For more benefits and unlock more NewsMaker Pro features, you can also grab the OTO version below.

FE: NewsMaker PRO Standard ($22). Click here to learn more

  • Self-updating feature
  • List building
  • Google Translate feature
  • Built-in text spinner
  • Custom RSS source
  • Grab complete content
  • Setup custom post
  • Feature Images

NewsMaker Pro OTO 1 – Premium Plus+ Version ($37). Click here to learn more

With this OTO 1, you will get Browser push notifications that allow you to build a list of subscribers by showing an opt-in prompt to every visitor. And all the auto-posted articles will get pinged to your subscribers via a push notification. + you will get 5 additional WP themes

NewsMaker Pro OTO 2 – Unlimited Sites License ($47). Click here to learn more

On FE you only can only use for 10 sites. This OTO 2 allows you to use NewsMaker Pro in unlimited sites + Unlocks extra content sources (2X RSS feeds)

NewsMaker Pro OTO 3 – 50 DFY Sites. ($197). Click here to learn more

With this OTO 3, you will get 50 done-for-you sites.

NewsMaker Pro OTO 4 – Resellers License ($297). Click here to learn more

Reseller license, allows you to sell NewsMakerPro and keep 100% of the profits



Thank you for ready my NewsMaker Pro review. As I said before this software perfect for anyone who wants to drive traffic using viral content without creating any single content by your self. This WordPress plugin will turn your site into self-updating site, and you can use the site to list building, make money with affiliate marketing, or for PBN site. For more details, please visit the official site by clicking the button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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