New to Doodle World? Check these 4 Best Doodle Video Software You Can Try!

Doodle art, some people define it as a spontaneous drawing that requires creativity, imaginations, and equipped with crayons, marks, etc. Well, now that we live in the digital world, you can draw doodles using software to ease things up. Here is some best doodle video software you ought to try!

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Best Doodle Video Software to Try


MySimpleShow is a doodle art software you can easily use for making explainer videos, etc. It provides lots of features that create engaging graphics, educationally, or advertised. It is easy to use, you can start using it for free, and you are even able to add audio for better presentations.


In this software, you are not only drawing on a plain board and put as much creativity all by yourself, but also can select images you want to put in, type text, or even add background audio. Also, it let you share the video worldwide through social media in a really simple way.


Renderforest’s advantage is that its cloud-based software which makes a more powerful machine on your computer is unnecessary. Yet it also provides lots of unique designs and features that create your dream presentation.

4. DoodleMaker

This is the latest video doodle creator software, you can make doodle videos very easily and with the help of AI, and the most important thing is templates and also very supportive assets for creating stunning and high-quality doodle makers which are also available at DoodleMaker. Learn more about DoodleMaker here

Those are great doodle software you can try for making engaging fun animations for any purpose. Now, a lot of people who are new to this thing do not know where to start doodling or what they should draw. Here are a few examples you can try:

Things You Can Draw

1.Flowers and animals

Flowers and animals are easy to draw, fun, and also come in various ways.


People, both newbie or intermediate doodlers, love drawing cityscapes. It’s beautiful, it’s unique, it’s expressionist.


It’s fun to draw faces with unique expressions, even those you never see in real life.

4.Things in front of you

It can be your neighbor’s home, a tree, a wardrobe, anything. Things around you are your inspiration.

Well, those are best doodle video software along with a few inspirations to start drawing. Good luck!


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