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My Virtual Tour Review – FIRST EVER Virtual Tour Builder With BUILT IN Live Chat Like Zoom, Engage & Close Prospects Via Live Chat During Virtual Tour. MyVirtualTours are fantastic! Most of the Virtual Tour Builders I’ve tried in the past have been too complex and challenging to get it to look exactly as I want it to be. The editor is crazily easy to use with MyVirtualTours, and in 10 minutes or less, I can create exactly what I want! You need to add this app to your toolbox ASAP if you are dealing with local companies.

It’s a SLICK here! Like Zoom, 360 Virtual tours with all sorts of Lead-Gen features, integrations & nifty stuff like Instant Social Networking, Video Live Chat. Your customers can also host or just embed their Virtual Tour on their own servers with one simple link. During COVID-19, this is Great as the video chat is nuts and no one has to meet in person at all. I love it, and it’s perfect for agencies and local marketers like me.

my virtual tours review

How does it work?

Creating a virtual tour is easy, with just 3 simple steps. Capture images or videos, upload them to the MyVirtualTours tool, and create virtual tours with ease.

my virtual tours review

My Virtual Tour Review – The Features

Including the FREE Commercial License-$ 97 Monthly Value (limited time only)

To sell unlimited virtual tours for a 100 percent profit, use MyVirtualTours. With all the amazing features, for services that take you only minutes to deliver, you can charge top dollar. There is a huge demand for this rapidly growing, lucrative market: set your own price and book as many customers as you want.

360 Creator

Build your own 360 images for use in your virtual tours … using ordinary pictures of your shops, real estate, spas, and other physical spaces.

Ultra-Speedy Render

For fast tour formation, all MyVirtualTours accounts are hosted on our high-speed servers.

24×7 Premium Service

Super-fast support was supplied.

Integrations for Business and Social

Integration of Google analytics and integration of Facebook pixels to integrate your predictive code into your campaign

  • On the cloud, MyVirtualTours is 100 percent hosted
  • Creating incredible 360 immersive live tours of any place
  • (house, office, practice, apartment, fitness center, etc.)
  • Including Online VIDEO CHAT-Chat Online With Your Prospect
  • Feature for Background Music
  • For local companies, the optimal COVID-19 solution
  • Floor Plans Upload
  • Directly gather leads from inside your tour.
  • Lots, lots of integrations & analytics
  • HotSpots, HTML, Files, Charts, Videos & More Personalized
  • Sell Up To $10,000 Per Tour for Virtual Tours!
  • Fantastic for local advertisers, companies & video / online advertisers

No need for something to download, install, or upgrade, ever. They will continue to upgrade and develop the behind the scenes tools used in the agency, with ZERO downtime! All the tools are accessible on ANY web browser through a single, easy-to-use dashboard with one safe login!

Seamless 1-Click Autoresponder Integration is given by MyVirtualTours

Connect with your favorite autoresponder service faster and easier

My Virtual Tour Review – The Benefits

You can attract the audience:

Superimpose a headline and other text like the summary of the product to quickly draw the attention of your visitor.

Get Your Guests Involved:

This will literally blast out the water from your competition. Embed a video of ZERO technological skills into your campaign and take the next stage with your virtual tour. You may use a video overlay, for example, to display a summary video or a video that details the material used, etc. This is a feature that is incredibly strong.

My Virtual Tour Demo 


My Virtual Tour OTO

OTO 1: PRO edition of MyVirtualTours ($67). Click To Learn More

  • Supplementary & Advanced Features
  • Limitless Projects and Renders + Resell Rights

OTO 2: Interactive Video App + Resell Rights by MyVirtualTours ($67). Click To Learn More

A Video Maker Interactive. In your videos, build Countdown Timers, Surveys, Lead-Gen, HTML, or whatever you want, then add them to your Virtual Tours.

OTO 3: Marketing Kit for My Virtual Tours ($67). Click To Learn More

Done marketing kit for you to easily promote/sell virtual tours

OTO 4: White Mark by My Virtual Tours-$ 147 / $397. Click To Learn More

  • Choice 1: 50 Accounts-147 dollars
  • Choice 2: 500 Accounts-397 dollars
  • Full White Label Rights + Panels of White Label
  • Upload the logo, your brand, your customized domain, etc.
  • Maintain all profits

OTO 5: Package of Agency Apps  ($97). Click To Learn More

  • FX Funnels & Videoz Agency (Bundle Of Battle-Tested Agency Tech Apps)
  • Build amazing Funnels + Landing Pages for your customers
  • Build & customize local marketing videos for your customers (any niche you like)


Thank you for reading my review, this software perfect for the local business owners who want to create a virtual tour for their business, for example, hotels, apartments, offices, and more. This is the best way to attract potential clients and convert them to sales. I hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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