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Mobileverse Takeover Review – Websites were the first. In second place were sales funnels. Mobile apps were the third wave. And it’s finally here: the next big thing in online marketing. First-of-its-kind software that the market has been begging for.
An actual “Newbie to Hero” story!

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“So, WHY are we here?”

Kyle’s here. An online novice with no marketing or business expert who has now made a substantial amount of money is described here.

Building “Instant App Funnels” for businesses all across the world…in just a few clicks costs $500/day” (from his tiny 1 bedroom apartment). Having been DUMPED by Walmart in 2021 due to his laziness…

Beattie asked his brother and fellow online marketer Kyle if he could help him make money online by reaching out to Peter Beattie. PLEASE!!!? What I’m doing is a mystery to me.”

Since his brother had no prior experience making money online, Peter decided to set out and discover a way for him to do so. People are shelling out millions of dollars for a virtual property in the Metaverse…”

Peter wondered if his brother Kyle could make a fortune by buying and selling digital real estate in the Metaverse, which has been making headlines recently.

“However, it’s quite hazardous. If you don’t want to lose your money, don’t invest it.

The Metaverse is a dangerous investment because it is still a mystery. And it’s still a long time before we’re all living, working, and socializing in a virtual world. Possibly for many years.

On the other hand, with the average individual using their phone for 5 hours a day, that’s equivalent to 20% of their lives. In a realm called The Mobileverse, a new type of “virtual land grab” is taking place right now!

You can’t reach your clients in today’s “mobile economy” unless you own digital real estate on their mobile devices! When Peter and Kyle learned this, they were shocked. For $500-$10,000+, businesses are willing to pay anyone who can put them on the internet. A $500 cheque that Kyle was proud to show off

Peter and Kyle decided to link up with Todd Gross and his WIZARD software team, who are the #1 JVZoo affiliate.

The FIRST program in the world to IMMEDIATELY place businesses on the mobile phones of their customers! App stores aren’t necessary here.

mobileverse takeover

  • As a thank you to Kyle and your customers, you should provide them…
  • In only a few clicks, they can deliver a ready-to-go $500-$10,000 service to businesses.
  • Technical knowledge is not required!
  • It’s not necessary to meet with clients.
  • Totally beginner-friendly, of course.
  • Your clients will be able to follow in Kyle’s footsteps with “Mobileverse Takeover” and…
  • Creating “Instant App Funnels” for businesses is a legitimate way to earn an online income that is largely passive.

Three Easy Steps…

Just select from our collection of over 200 ready-to-go templates in the hottest and highest-paying categories, and you’ll be able to launch an Instant App Funnel in under 5 minutes.

Your inbox will be filled with replies from purchasers from all over the world when you copy, paste, and send our pre-written listing emails to the businesses we recommend.


You’ll get paid if you accept the top offer! Get out of the rat race and construct a financial wall around your family by repeating this process over and over again!

Mobileverse Takeover Features


  • The “Instant App Funnel” Builder – cloud based software
  • ​Build a maximum of 3 “Instant App Funnels” for your OWN business
  • 25 High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • All Standard Features…


  • The “Instant App Funnel” Builder – cloud-based software
  • ​Build and SELL an UNLIMITED number of “Instant App Funnels” for yourself OR for clients!
  • ​​​200+ High Converting Niche Designs to choose from and ready to deploy in 1 click
  • ​”The Lazy App Academy” Case Study
  • ​”The Big Ticket Pricing Guide”
  • ​”The Hottest Mobileverse Niches”
  • ​”Copy & Paste Client Getting Emails”
  • ​Priority Email Support
  • ​All standard features…

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