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MaxDrive Reloaded Review – MaxDrive Reloaded is a platform that you can use to store files online. With MaxDrive Reloaded you can save data easily, preview data, and download data without any problems at all. You will get a storage capacity of up to 250GB and bandwidth up to 100GB per month. Why should you use online storage media? Maybe you ask that one reason is that you can access your data anywhere as long as you have internet access. In addition, you can save hard drive capacity on your computer or laptop.

Apart from these reasons, using online storage media is one way to secure your files from being lost. As long as the backup is still available on the online storage media, during that time you will not lose the file. MaxDrive Reloaded has a 30 days file recovery feature which in my opinion is very good for file security. Other powerful features such as you can easily search for files using only keywords, you can preview files before downloading, you can share files, and much more. Not only that if you want to host videos, but you can also use MaxDrive Reloaded. Because MaxDrive Reloaded is equipped with a built-in beautiful video player.

I highly recommend you to use MaxDrive Reloaded as a platform of choice for online storage media because the features provided are very many and powerful. Here are the full features

maxdrive reloaded review

MaxDrive Reloaded Review – The Features

  • You can store all type of files, for example, videos, audios, texts, documents and etc
  • Free online back-up and file recovery system up to 30 days
  • You can store video with lightning-fast rendering without buffering
  • Get free storage up to 250GB and bandwidth up to 100 GB / month
  • Built-in elegant and fast video player
  • The video player works with all devices
  • You can analysis your shared files
  • Preview files before downloading
  • Preview files before sharing
  • Find and search your file using keyword
  • Full video training how to use MaxDrive Reloaded
  • Support full HDR video
  • 100% secure with unbreakable file security system + SSL
  • OTP enabled login
  • Easy to manage all your files
  • One dashboard to manage all of your files
  • 100% mobile responsive platform
  • 100% newbie friendly with complete video training
  • and more than 50 cool features

MaxDrive Reloaded Review – How it works?

OK, let’s see how MaxDrive Reloaded works and why MaxDrive Reloaded is my recommended online storage media platform.

maxdrive reloaded review

As you can see, the dashboard is very easy to use and newbie-friendly, on the left, you can find your files by file type. Namely Folders, Images, Documents, Videos, Audios, Others, and Third Party. On the dashboard, MaxDrive Reloaded You can also search, and also perform filters.

At the top, you can upload new files and also create new folders. Very easy, right? It’s simple and everyone can use MaxDrive Reloaded.

maxdrive reloaded review


You can also filter by upload date, update date and also based on the folders you have

maxdrive reloaded filter

MaxDrive Reloaded Benefits and My Opinion

Based on my experience using MaxDrive Reloaded, the benefits I get are having a large enough file storage capacity, it’s very easy to manage files, and has backup and recovery features for up to 30 days that make me feel very safe. And also a built-in video player which is very helpful for anyone who wants to make training videos or courses with good rendering speed.


  • Simple, clean and easy to use dashboard
  • Easy to upload files
  • Easy to manage files
  • Affordable price


  • I found no errors on this platform, for me everything is great

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO

MaxDrive Reloaded FE – All features and benefits listed above. Click here to learn more

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 1 – You have 2 different options of OTO 1

  • MaxDrive Reloaded Elite Monthly Membership ($37/Month)
  • MaxDrive Reloaded Elite One-Time Deal ($197)

What will you get:

  • Unlimited sub-domain or business, so you can keep your own file or your client’s files
  • Unlimited files
  • Share unlimited files
  • Publish unlimited files
  • Unlimited visitors
  • Unlimited views
  • Capture unlimited leads
  • Video engagement with like and dislike option for video player
  • Advanced share page analytics
  • CRM integration
  • Keep your data secured and separated with your team members
  • and many more. Click here to learn more

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 2 – You have 2 different option of OTO 2

  • MaxDrive Reloaded Enterprise Standard ($47)
  • MaxDrive Reloaded Enterprise Commercial ($97)

What will you get:

  • Unlimited video upload
  • Unlimited video training
  • Customizable video player
  • Customize the video player theme
  • Publish video with your own brand name
  • Publish your video anywhere
  • Advanced advertisement technology
  • Get more than 50+ lead promo, and also social media ad templates with drag and drop editor
  • You can collect leads and sell a product
  • Add your logo on the video player
  • Full control with 5 video player templates
  • Get viewers demographic data
  • And many more. Click here to learn more

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 3 – You have 2 different option of OTO 3

  • MaxDrive Reloaded Agency Suite – 200 Clients Licence ($47)
  • MaxDrive Reloaded Agency – Unlimited Clients Licence ($67)

What will you  get

  • Agency license
  • You can provide file hosting for your clients
  • Done-for-you support so you don’t need to handle support for your clients
  • You can sell it without MaxDrive logo
  • Client management feature
  • Get access to more than 100,000 royalty-free stock images
  • Add unlimited members
  • Add inhouse and freelancers account
  • Get logs for team member’s activities
  • And many more. Click here to learn more

MaxDrive Reloaded OTO 4 – You have 3 different option of OTO 4

  • MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership Monthly Deal ($27/Month)
  • MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership 1 Year Deal ($197)
  • MaxDrive Reloaded Premium Membership 5 Year Deal ($497)

What will you get:

  • Auto SSL and encryption
  • Add unlimited team members
  • DotComPal Editor
  • Fully customizable drag and drop editor
  • Build templates and landing pages using DotCompal editor
  • Dotcompal my drive
  • Store and share business files securely
  • DotcomPal audience to manage leads
  • DotcomPal integration to connect with your favorite tools
  • Custom domain
  • DotcomPal popups and sticky bar to create an unlimited personalized notification
  • Get 5 in 1 engagement apps
  • Fast loading landing pages using DotcomPal pages
  • DotcomPal videos to host and play full HD videos without delay or buffering
  • And many more. Click here to learn more


If you need an online storage medium, which is easily accessible, easy to organize and search for files MaxDrive Reload is a great choice. Many features are very helpful for storing and accessing files. I hope this review is helpful.


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