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Mapify 360 Review – Mapify 360 software is brand new software by Han Fan et al, this software will allow you to optimize our Google My Business pages, and you can find and identify unopimized and unclaimed google my business pages, Mapify360 also allow you to optimize Google Maps Listing for local leads, with this software you can also improve your Google My Business rank.

This is world first software and all in one software to optimize your Google Map listing and Google my business pages, you can also optimize your client Google Map Listing with 3 simple step, with Mapify 360 you just need 3 simple step to optimize you Local Business, first step is find unoptimized and unclaimed local leads, step 2 generate professional PDF optimization, and step 3 charge your client upto $400 or more to optimize their business, you will also get access to Done-For-You emails to followup your potential clients. Below is the complete feature of Mapify 360 software.

About The Creator Mapify 360 – Han Fan et al

Han Fan is one of top vendor and product creator on JVZoo, he always produce high quality software and help lot of online business owner to optimize their business. He is the vendor of Local Profits 360, and Voice Rank 360, now he and his team launch this brand new software called Mapify 360, this software will help you to optimize your business on Google Maps, or you can charge your clients up to $400 or more to optimize their Google Map Listing. Below is the complete feature of Mapify 360.

Mapify360 Review – The Features

As I said before this software can help you to optimzie your own Google My Business, or you can charge your clients to optimize their Google Map Business and Google Map Listings. Below is the complete feature of Mapify 360

  • Easy to use and easy to find unclaimed and unoptimized Google My Business pages
  • You can use many filters to make it easier for you to find potential GMB
  • Professional PDF Report
  • Easy to generate and download PDF report
  • Complete report on how you can improve any Google My Business Issues
  • More than 30 mush have stats
  • You will get Done-For-You email swipe to follow up your potential clients
  • Click here to learn more about Mapify360 Features

Mapify360 Review – The Benefits

The benefit of Mapify 360:

  • You can find unoptimized and unclaimed google my business pages easily
  • Optimize all Google My Business Issues in 1 click
  • Identify bad google maps review for business
  • Optimize Google Map listings for local business
  • Rank Google Map Business in Local area
  • Done for you email swipe to follow up your potential clients

Mapify 360 Review – How it Works

First step find local business, just type your niches and input the location such as city, you can use the Business Finder menu:

mapify 360 review

You will get the results, and details about the local business, like the address, the phone number, or the email. The next step is you can add the results to your campaign, on the campaign menu you can generate the report, a complete report to optimize your clients Google My Business pages.

mapify 360 review

And the next step is just download the report and charge your client for the Google My Business optimization:

mapify 360 review

For more details, you can also check the demo videos below to see it in action:


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Mapify 360 OTO upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature, you can also check Mapify 360 OTO upsell below:


Mapify 360 Review Conclusion

Thank you for reading my Mapify 360 review, this software perfect for anyone who run local business or run web agency, because with this software you can bundle web design service with Google My Business page optimization, or you can also offering your existing client to optimize their Google My Business pages or Google Listing pages. And the best part is you will also get email concept to follow up your potential customer. For more details about Mapify 360 review, please click button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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