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MailScriptX Review – MailScriptX is brand new email marketing software, with this software you can build high converting email script or email swipe with 1 click of mouse, what you need to do is only 3 simple step, run the software, fill the title, litle bit of the description or bonus, select email concept templates and click make me email button and done, software will create you a high converting email swipe without hire email copywritter anymore, save a lot of time and money with this software. Not only that, you can even can make money with this software, you can sell offering email copy on Fiverr, Freelancer and many more.

With this software create high converting email become so simple and easy, you just need to answer five simple questions, and press a button and you have a high converting email written for you. With this software you don’t need to know anything about copywriting, or hire professional and expensive copywriting service, just answer simple basic questions about your offer, service or your product, and the type of your product and you have an email written instantly.

mailscriptx review

Product Name:MailScriptX
Vendor Name:Luan Henrique
Product Type:Cloud-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2018-Aug-12 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$16.93
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Demo Videos:Click Here
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here
BonusClick Here

About The Author – MailScriptX 

Luan Henrique is the vendor of MailScriptX, he is one of top vendor on JVZoo, his software always helpful one of his great software is Trafficzing. Today he and his team launch brand new producut called MailScriptX, this software will help email marketer to create their email, with one click button. Just fill the basic question about your product or service and click a button, you will have high converting email swipe ready to use. That’s coold right? Below is the complete feature and benefit about MailScriptX.

MailScriptX Review – Feature

Like I said before, with MailScriptX you can creates high converting emails that get sales, not only that you can use it in your own businesses or sell on Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork and many more. Below is the complete feature.

  • The Exact Email Concept That Gets Sales
    MailScriptX use a concept or framework that they also use in their (mean the vendor business) businesses to create emails that convert into sales. So the email is is proven and tested, the same framework are used every day in their businesses and we get sales every single day with. So an email created by MailScriptX is also proven and high converting email.
  • Create High Converting Emails in One Click
    With MailScriptX what you need to do is just answer five simple questions, and than press a button, Done!. You will have a high converting email written for you, witht this software you don’t need to know anything about copywriting.
  • It Comes With 3 Different Angles
    You can create 3 different angles for your email marketing campign, these three angles that are tested in the field to maximize sales, you will get New, Price is Rising or Last Chance angles.
  • High Converting Subject
    Not only the email body, with MailScriptX you can get powerful subject lines for your emails, getting the best open rates ever possible.
  • Perfect For Any Niche
    This software is world’s first email creation software that works for any niche, this software work for any kind of business, niche or for any product or service.
  • There’s Nothing To Install
    This software is cloud-based software, so no need any technical skill, no need to install anything, or any 3rd party software. And because this software is cloud-based, MailScriptX works for both MAC & PC, you can access it from any browser you have, like use Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and all browser.
  • Gets 4x More Profits
  • MailScriptX will create high converting and also proven email concept, that people get 4X more results when they use MailScriptX.
  • >> Click Here For More Details <<

MailScriptX Demo Videos

This is the world’s 1st software that creates high converting emails for any niche, click play button below to watch the demo videos:

Who Can Benefit From Using MailScriptX?

Well in my opinion this software is perfect for anyone, for any niche or any product and service. For example like digital product creator who want to have high converting email swipe without hire expensive copywriter, this software is perfect. Not only for product creator or online business owner, for who sell copywriter or email copy service also can get huge benefit with using this software. User can create high converting email with single click of mouse, and the most important thing this software can create 3 different angles of email.

mailscriptx review

mailscriptx review

mailscriptx review

MailScriptX OTO Upsell

For more feature and benefit, you should take a look the OTO and Upsell version, below is the details:

MailScriptX OTO 1 – MailScriptX Pro

  • Unlimited Emails per Month
    With this OTO 1, you can create unilited email per month, with the FE you are limited to creating 120 emails per month. So if you want to create lot of email swipe per month, you need this unlimited email producer license. With the PRO Version you can create unlimited emails per month.
  • 4 Extra Angles and Extra Templates Unlocked
    With this OTO you will instantly unlock 4 extra angles, and you will have four more templates, you can use that for multiple promos.
  • Add up to 3 persons to your account
    With PRO version you can add your friend, client, virtual assistant to your MailScriptX account. Each account will have their own username and password. If you want to sell this to clients for a monthly fee, this PRO version is perfect for you.
  • Creates Entire Campaigns with One Click
    With MailScriptX PRO you are being able to click a button and have seven emails created at once with multiple angles, save lot of your time.
  • >> Click Here For More Details About PRO Version <<

MailScriptX OTO 2 – MailScriptX MasterClass

  • Understanding Email Framework
    With this OTO 2, you will how the framework work, and understanding on why MailScriptX framework gives results, with deep understanding of the framework, you will be able to create your own templates, get more control and options from your email marketing.
  • How to Write Powerful Subject Lines
    With OTO 2 the masterclass version you will learn how to write powerful subject lines that get great open rates
  • The best time to send an email and how many emails to send per day
    With this software you will learn about what is the best times, and how many times you should send an email per day to your list, with this training you can boost your results up to 3X or more.
  • How to Create a Good Bonus Package that Gets Sales
    You will also learn about how to create a good bonus package that will make people salivate to buy from your link over the others!
  • How to Sell Email Scripts for Huge Profits
    This training will show you how you can sell the email script to other people and charge a hefty fee for it. You will learn the best places to sell your service, how to place yourself and how to sell this for profits.
  • >> Click Here For More Details About MailScriptX MasterClass <<

MailScriptX OTO 3 – MailScriptX – Resellers Unlimited

With this OTO 3, you can sell MailScriptX and get 100% profit for you >> Click Here For More Details <<

MailScriptX Bonuses

  • Bonus #1: Email Marketing Profits with Whitelabel Rights
    Effective Techniques For Making A Full Time Living With Email Marketing The Right Way!
  • Bonus #2: Email Marketing Basics with Whitelabel Rights
    This video course will take you behind the scenes to help you understand how to build a relationship with your list.
  • Bonus #3: Max Impact Email Marketing with Resell Rights
    Discover Network Marketing Lead Generation Secrets!
  • Bonus #4: Email Marketing Excellence
    Step-By-Step Blueprint Reveals How To Become An Email Marketing Expert Even If You’ve Never Built An Email List In Your Life!
  • Bonus #5: How To Make a Living Email Marketing with Resell Rights
  • Bonus #6: Email Marketing Secrets with Resell Rights
    Training On How To Double Your Email Marketing Results!
  • Bonus #7: 49 Internet Marketing Promo Emails with Whitelabel Rights
    49 DFY Emails Written Exclusively by an Email Marketing Master!
  • Bonus #8: Easy List Hacks with Whitelabel Rights
  • Bonus #9: List Building Profit Kit with Resell Rights
  • The Strategic Approach To Building An Insanely Responsive and Highly Profitable Email List
  • Bonus #10: 100 Fast List Building Techniques with Resell Rights
    Discover How You Can Successfully Build a Huge List of Subscribers Fast and Easy!
  • Bonus #11: Free Traffic X with Whitelabel Rights
    Get Unlimited Free Traffic Using Secret Tactics!
  • Bonus #12: Quick Cash Traffic System with Whitelabel Rights
    Discover How To Get Instant Traffic And Leads For Your Business With No Complicated Confusing or Expensive Strategies!
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MailScriptX Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my MailScriptX review, this is the conclusion. Honestly this is the only one software for create email simple, easy and work for all niche and all kind of product or service. With this powerful software you can quickly create high converting emails, you can also sell the email on Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. This is the best email creator software. Highly recommended for anyone who want to save lot time and money for email marketing. Hope this review helpful, click banner below for more info and get this software with discount prices.


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