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What is Local Lead Magic? Introduction

Local Lead Magic Review – This is brand new product by Tony Earp, Local Lead Magic is premium local biz wordpress theme and also exclusive plugin that will allow you to have high quality and SEO optimized website with geo targeted pages to make easy for you to dominate your local business industry. And the best part is you will get developer license, means you can use product personally or commercially. This wordpress plugin and themes is perfect for anyone who wanted to build Geo Targeted sites, this is perfect solution becuse you don’t need lot of manual work, this is the quickest and easiest way to dominate local business industry and rank higher with perfect SEO optimized website.

This is the best mass page builder to target local area and rank the pages in Google SERP. Not only WordPress you will also get lot of beautiful and professional local business wordpress themes. Magic Page also so easy to use, all you need to do is, install and activate and you just need to your targeted target, and select your targeted radius, you can also make specific filter like for min or max population and so many more great feature of this plugin that will help you to dominate local business.

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Product Name:Local Lead Magic
Vendor Name:Tony Earp
Product Type:WordPress Plugin
Launch Date and Time :2019-Aug-20 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$27
Total OTO Upsells3 OTOs
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Local Lead Magic Review – What is the features and What will you get

As I said above, you will get professional and high quality WordPress theme and also WordPress plugn that will help you to optimize and dominate local business. All the themes is ready to use and customize, perfect theme and also professional for local business. And the plugin will help you to create mass pages, and target specific region with advanced filter. Below is the features of Local Lead Magic

  • 3 x Magic Page Themes
    Get 3 Themes And Your Preferred Page Builder Version.
  • Magic Page Plugin 3 Site License
    This is one time payment to get Magic Page Plugin license for 3 sites.
  • Dynamic Backlink Builder
    This tool will help you to get access to Dynamic backlink builder, this tool will help you too rank higher on Google.
  • Full Video Training
    You will also get video training, that will show you how to use this plugin and will help you succeed.
  • Private Facebook Group
    You will also get access to nearly 1000 Members, so you can you will have Access to other Magic Page Plugin users that have been using the plugin and themes for years.
  • Quality Support
    You will get high quality support you can reach the team via support desk or Facebook Group.
  • Developer License Included
    Free developer license, this is perfect for anyone who run agency business. You can use this product for your own sites or for your client sites
  • Local Lead Magic Q and A Webinar
    You will also get access to webinar so you can ask any questions about Local Lead Magic.
  • >> Click here to visit the official site


Local Lead Magic – How it Works

This plugin is so easy, all you need to do is just select your target country and also region.

Go to menu settings

local lead magic review



Select your target country. Click Magic Page Database

local lead magic review step 2


Select your target country from the drop down menu

local lead magic step 3


Apply some advance filters

local lead magic review step 4


New setting on Add new post page, you can setting shortcodes of location, slug, country, region, zip (USA only), lattitude, Longitude, and more

local lead magic review 5


For better understanding, please watch the demo video below


curation lab


Who is Local Lead Magic For?

This plugin and themes is perfect for local business owner, such as Restaurant owner, barbershop owner, plumbers, hotels, and many more. This product also perfect for digital marketing agency company, because buyer will get free agency license, means this product can be use for client’s project.

Local Lead Magic Testimonials

local lead magic review

local lead magic testimonial

Local Lead Magic OTO and Pricing

More features and benefits on upsells, below is the details:

  • FE – 3 x Premium Local Biz WordPress Themes + 3 x Site Magic Page Plugin License @ $27 One Time Payment.
  • OTO 1 – Magic Page Theme Club @ $27 Monthly or $97 Annually
  • OTO 2 – Magic Page Plugin UNLIMITED License @ $47 Monthly or $497 Annually
  • OTO 3 – 6 or 9 More Premium Local Biz Themes & 6 or 9 More Magic Page Plugin Licenses @ $67 or $97 One Time Payment



Thank you for reading my Local Lead Magic. This product is perfect for local business owner and digital marketing agency, buyer will get professional themes and also Local Lead plugin that will help to dominate local business easily. Lot of advanced filters that I personally never seen before, this is great product. Hope this review helpful, for more details please visit the official website below.


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