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Livvyo Review – Livvyo is a software that you can use to translate voice-over automatically, for example, you have a video in English, but you want to use the video for an advertisement with an Italian target audience, you can use Livvyo to change the voice-over to Italian, so you don’t waste time making new videos anymore, and also don’t spend money making videos in Italian.

The idea of ​​this software is how people can make multi-language videos easily without having to make voice over again, so you can translate any video and change the voice-over into another language. Everything is done simply, video translation, transcription, caption creation, audio translation, subtitles syncs, voice-over, and voice volume control, you can even use Livvyo to do live-streaming. Great right?

I am very impressed with the features and ideas of Livvyo, with this software you can create videos for various target audiences without having to spend money to make new videos or hire voice-over again. Here are the full features of Livvyo.

livvyo review

Livvyo Review – The Features

Okay so these are the features you will get when buying Livvyo:

  • Auto transcribing
    Livvyo will transcribe your video automatically, you can also modify the result
  • Auto translation
    After getting transcribe Livvyo will make a translation based on the choice of language you want
  • Subtitles
    You can turn your translated transcribe into subtitles
  • Auto audio translation
    AI will translate the text in your video into audio in a different language
  • Auto-sync subtitles
    Livvyo will sync the subtitle with your audio automatically
  • Auto voice over
    Livvyo will create a voice over for your translated transcribe, more than 270 voice available
  • Voice level control
    You can control the audio volume
  • Auto caption
    Livvyo can create captions using machine learning technology
  • Auto caption placement
    Livvyo uses AI to automatically place captions into the video
  • Caption translation
    Livvyo can also make translations from the captions you have
  • Built-in live stream
    You can live on Facebook and YouTUbe
  • 100% whitehat software
    No need to worry about violates or TOS
  • Video sharing
    Built-in video sharing
  • Commercial license
    You will get a free commercial license, it means you can sell videos to clients


Livvyo Review – The Benefits

With Livvyo you can increase leads and sales globally, with 1 video you can make several videos in several languages at once. This way you can also save even more money and time, without having to create a video from scratch which requires a lot of time and money. And in my opinion, the biggest benefit you can get is that you can translate videos in a very easy and simple way, everything can be automatic, from video translation, transcription, live-stream, caption, voiceover, and others.

How does it work

Below is the dashboard:

You can select your existing video on your PC or you can select a video from YouTube.

livvyo review


If you select from YouTube, all you need to do is insert your keyword.

livvyo review


The next step is to select the open video with, you can select open with video translator or live streamer


livvyo review


Please watch the demo video below to learn more


Livvyo Pros and Cons


  • Auto transcribe, translate, voice-over and etc
  • Import video from your PC or from YouTube


  • Commercial license only on OTO 1

Livvyo OTO

For more features and more benefits you can upgrade your purchase

Livvyo OTO 1 – Unlimited License ($47)

  • Commercial use
  • Unlimited video transcript, and unlimited streaming

OTO 2 – DFY Profit Suite ($97)

DFY translation of product review videos in multiple languages, so you can make money online with affiliate program

OTO 3 – Livvyo Agency ($67)

  • Done-for-you agency template website
  • You can add sub-users

OTO 4 – Livvyo Reseller License $97 – $197

  • Reseller license

OTO 5 – Video Creator ($47)

  • Lifetime access to FX Visual Clips


Thank you for reading my Livvyo review, if you want to easily convert a video into several languages, this tool is perfect for you. Without the need to make a video from scratch, everything can be done automatically with Livvyo. I hope this review helpful, thanks! Click button below to learn more.



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