List Janitor Review – Email List Cleaning and Management Software by Cyril Gupta

List Janitor Review – Email List Cleaning and Management Software by Cyril Gupta –  For you an internet marketer who has a buyer list to make money online, you need to increase your open rate from every email you send. Software List Janitor will help you to improve deliverability and also profit from every email You send using Your autoresponder. This is a desktop software that functions to clean up Your list of lists that are no longer active, and also you can set up Your list with the List buyer Janitor. With a list of your janitor could improve the open rate of Your email marketing campaign, you can make Your list of segmentation, making an email list that dies back on, you can also do import from Your autoresponder into software List Janitor and much more.

list janitor review

List Janitor Review (Software Features)

  • Bring dead lists to life
  • Import your lists easier into autoresponders
  • Reduce your email marketing costs
  • Improves your email delivery
  • Get a higher open rate
  • Segment your lists easily
  • Combine two lists into one
  • Super Easy To Use

This software can also work with CSV file format, so you can use any email list for input in this software. Advanced list management and analysis will help you to restore your email list are dead again became active. This is a product that is needed by all internet marketers. List Janitor can also delete an inactive email address and email that is already considered SPAM from Your list.

list janitor

How to use List Janitor is also very easy, you simply do the following short steps:

  1. Upload your list straight into the app and hit ‘Execute’
  2. Verifies each email ID and removes all the Bounce
  3. Removes all duplicate and Invalid emails so you get approved by autoresponders
  4. It lowers your subscription cost by a huge margin.
  5. No more coughing up a hefty amount each month, this cleans your list again and over and again at a small one time cost.

Give a makeover to your email deliverability strategy with the most powerful list cleaning and management app! ListJanitor is a one-stop solution to your email deliverability strategy. How will ListJanitor help you boost profits? ListJanitor is a powerful desktop software that helps you clean your list on your desktop computer itself.

No more do you have to :

– Pay a hefty fee to get your list cleaned.
– Cough up a monthly recurring fee.

Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want at a small one-time investment that is going to give you value for money over and over again! It’s powered with the most unbeatable features that
you won’t get even in the most expensive List cleaning service providers!

List Janitor Demo

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