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Amit Gaikwad and his partner Anirudh Baavra successfully launch LifeMeet, an all-in-one platform that allows users to host unlimited webinars, meetings, live chats, training sessions, online classes, and many more. This will serve with ultra-fast servers for life at a very interesting price. With LifeMeet, all online communication can perform in better approaches. It also makes sure that everything will run in an efficient and effective method. Therefore, LifeMeet is a suitable selection for those who require continuous online sessions for the business. The following is a more detailed overview of LifeMeet features and benefits.


LifeMeet Features

This excellent product can support the customer with the following features:

  • Unlimited hosting that can apply to various video conference sessions. Including webinars, online meetings, online training, and many more.
  • Stream pre-recorded or simulated live videos without the stress of being “Live”.
  • Super-low audio and video latency for real-time streaming.
  • Built-in meeting reminder system for attendees.
  • 100% security of data with free end-to-end SSL encryption.
  • 100% uptime for uninterrupted profits on your business.
  • And many more features to consider when you decide to use LifeMeet.

LifeMeet Benefit

By selecting LifeMeet for the online communication, it will provide many benefits as listed in the below points:

  • With LifeMeet, it can turn all your online sessions into an effective and efficient approach. With proper use, this platform will turn into a traffic magnet that will bring more audience to your sessions.
  • Through the recorded webinars feature, it will help anyone to prepare their online session more properly. Furthermore, it also helps to repeat any online session with ease too.
  • This platform also provides an instant connection to help you keep in touch with all your colleague and important customer without borders.

LifeMeet Pros and Cons


One of the great things, when you select to use LifeMeet, is that this product will give you a lifetime unlimited hosting for various online sessions. Whether having a meeting with your colleague, conduct a webinar series, or perform training lessons. All can be done with this all-in-one platform simply and effectively. Therefore, it will always lead to your successful video conference anytime.


  • Unlimited Attendees only on upsell

LifeMeet OTO

OTO 1: LifeMeet PRO

  • Multiple Level of Meeting/Webinar Configurations (Unlimited)
  • Premium Support
  • Audio Podcast option
  • Video Audio Indicator with Flip Timer

OTO 2: LifeMeet – Enterprise

  • Commercial License
  • Mobile-Friendly Streams
  • Whiteboard & Streaming
  • Private Off-Server Cloud server (Dedicated Server)

OTO 3: LifeMeet – Video Hosting

  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Video Player (VSL Player)

OTO 4: LifeMeet Voice Maker

  • Convert your eBook, text into Natural Podcast, webinar, meeting Voice
  • No need to do a manual recording for Webinars, just add text, and you are done

OTO 5: LifeMeet – Reseller

My Opinion and Conclusion

Overall, LifeMeet is a breakthrough that will ease your online communication through various online media. Therefore, it will work effectively to support your meetings, webinars, training, courses, classes, and many more. Don’t let your online schedule mess up. Avoid an unsuccessful online learning session by selecting this interesting software. So that your audience will get the best experience to conduct the online session with your business. Furthermore, it can make sure all your video conference hosts properly.

With all of its benefits and features, there shall be no doubt to select this excellent product. Manage your conference effectively, get more satisfying customers, use LifeMeet. See how much traffic and profits will come to your business through this excellent platform.

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