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LeadsGorilla – Artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where it can locate promising leads for your local business in under a minute. Avoid making unwanted phone calls. No Regular Billing or Payment is Necessary at This Time. You don’t need to be a marketing expert or a tech whiz. There won’t be any recurring costs each month.

With These Three Easy Steps, You Can Find Your Next Paying Client or Customer in Under a Minute. Simply pointing and clicking your mouse will quickly connect you with hundreds of eager buyers for your wares. In addition to finding and managing current customers, you can also convert potential new ones without ever leaving your dashboard.


Over 21,000 agencies, consultants, small businesses, and entrepreneurs use LeadsGorilla, making it the most popular local client finding and closing platform in the world. Your clients will have access to an improved user interface that helps them locate, cultivate, and ultimately close leads in specific niches (UI).

In version 2.0, we’ll be adding an AI layer to our tried-and-true client-closing formula, allowing your customers to use A.I.-generated responses, A.I.-generated outbound emails and email sequences, and A.I.-generated descriptions to better nurture the leads they find inside LeadsGorilla. This will help your customers boost their revenue.

Furthermore, we are adding over 20 new data points to our lead search capabilities.

Incorporating these supplementary pieces of data will make the process of identifying prospective leads more tailored to your needs and accurate than ever before. We have also made significant improvements to our proprietary Lead Scoring Algorithm. As a result, your customers can zero in on the leads who are the best possible fit for achieving their goals.

Further, based on real user feedback, the UI has been reworked, multilingual support has been added, the dashboard has been improved, and more than 40 features have been updated or reworked to enhance users’ daily lives.

LeadsGorilla is a three-step process

  • First, determine who might be interested in your business by using social media and Google My Business. By using Google, Facebook, and Facebook groups, you can find thousands of local leads. There is no other service besides LeadGorilla that can provide you with such a comprehensive evaluation of these leads. This includes information like whether or not their GMB or Facebook listing has been claimed and a LeadsScore that indicates how likely it is that you will be successful in acquiring and profiting from that lead. You can also see if they have claimed their listing on Google My Business or Facebook.
  • Second, you should create high-quality lead magnets to maximize your print-on-demand operations. Using their Facebook or GMB listing, LeadsGorilla will generate a custom report that you can use to attract more potential customers. Many issues with their listing will be highlighted as well.
  • Third, convert the lead into a paying customer through the power of email marketing and DFY Swipes. Integrate an email marketing strategy into the app to increase the number of qualified leads that can be contacted and converted into paying customers. Put our DFY swipes to work in a variety of fields.


LeadsGorilla OTO Upsells

LeadsGorilla OTO Front End – $37, Click Here for Detail

Leadsgorilla 2.0

  • How to find and keep clients. AI can help you find clients on its own. You can find, follow up on, and close good business leads all from one easy-to-use dashboard.
  • With our A.I.-powered email creation module, your customers can make personalized business proposals and PDF reports that get a lot of clicks.
  • Compared to the first version of Leadsgorilla, it has dozens of new features.
LeadsGorilla OTO 1 – $27, Click Here for Detail

Leadsgorilla PRO

  • AI UNLIMITED helps people get leads.
  • Unlock more AI features so they can help you with boring tasks.
  • You can get UNLIMITED leads with Business Reports that can be changed in any way you want.
  • UNLOCK a group of NEW modules, like the GBP 3-Pack Analyzer, the Google Organic Ranking
  • Checker, Google Local Ads, and 6 more SEO and GBP tools.
  • The PRO version also gives your customers access to EXTRA training videos and PDFs, as well as an
LeadsGorilla OTO 2 – $57 Starter/ $27, Click Here for Detail

Leadsgorilla Citations

  • Find, look into, and fix references to things in your area.
  • You can get citations from more than 1500 sources with just a few clicks.
  • The best LOCAL Citation Analyzer on the market, with software built in for making PDF reports.
  • Your customers can find citations that don’t match up and help their clients improve their Google LOCAL ranking.
  • Citation Reports will look different in version 2.0 and have 100 more sources.
LeadsGorilla OTO 3 – $47 Starter/ $27, Click Here for Detail

Leadsgorilla Agency

  • A DFY package is given to digital agencies.
  • Even if your customers don’t know anything about technology, the AGENCY upgrade will let them set up a professional digital agency business. VAs and other collaborators will also be able to do boring work for them.
  • You can also use our NEW and IMPROVED Clients Module and DFY Marketing Materials when you upgrade to Agency.
  • Our customer service team will help users figure out how to fix any problem they’re having.
LeadsGorilla OTO 4 – $197 Starter/ $27, Click Here for Detail

ClientsNest Bundle

  • By putting one line of code on your website, you can passively find and close leads. Set-and-forget client-closing solution that uses industry-changing SMART forms technology to sell digital marketing services AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Your clients can passively gather leads and pre-qualify them on their website.


Recently released software goes by the name LeadsGorilla.

Specifically, it will prospect for and close business clients in your area who have a demonstrated need for the services your agency provides. With the introduction of 2023’s first-to-market proprietary local lead finding technology, anyone can launch a legitimate agency business and aid struggling businesses in reorganizing themselves after a crisis. The incorporation of 2023 paved the way for this progress.

Customers of service agencies are likely to be having a hard time as a direct result of the lockdown, and you may have already invested in software to help them out. However, without state-of-the-art software that can automatically find new customers, you won’t be able to manage a prosperous agency. This is so because customer acquisition is sped up with the help of such software.

LeadsGorilla can help in this situation.

This innovative software does everything from locating hundreds of leads across multiple channels to displaying the quality scores of those leads using a secret algorithm, creating personalized reports that can be printed on demand, landing them with in-built email marketing tools, and much more. There is no comparable local leads app on the market in 2018, so buying this one is a no-brainer if you’re serious about running a professional agency.

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