LeadModo Review FE and OTO Review – By Neil Napier

LeadModo Review – LeadModo is brand new software by Neil Napier, this software will allows user to get targeted messenger leads  autopilot using the power of quiz, survey and poll. With LeadModo you can collecting fresh targeted leads and delivering them right to your messenger list with quizzes, surveys and polls. This is new concept, drive quizzes leads to Messenger, because most of Quizzes software will drive the leads only to autoresponder. With LeadModo you can followup your leads just by using Messenger.

With LeadModo you don’t need to start from scratch because you can use high converting templates, what you need to do is only select the template you want, customize, and add code to your sites. In my mind this software is perfect for all kind of business tools, you can use Lead Modo as your lead generation tools, lead qualification, customer support, or customer segmentation.

You can also use LeadModo as your send transaction messages tools, like purchase or shipping confirmations, use as registration and reminders for webinars tools, referral requests, customer re-engagement or even for answer your product or services FAQs. For more details please scroll down below, I review the full feature of LeadModo and also I put the demo videos below.

leadmodo review

About LeadModo Creator – Neil Napier

This product launch by Neil Napier and his team (Neil Napier, Aidan Corkery, and Yves Kouyo). As we know Neil Napier is one of famous marketer and also top vendor on JVZoo marketplace. His product is always great and helpful for online business owner, one of his top software is PixelModo. Now Neil and his team launch this brand new software and even I can say this is brand new concept of building targeted leads using quizzes, survey or poll. Below is the complete feature of LeadModo.


LeadModo Review – The Complete Feature

Like I said before, as I know this software is brand new concept of building targeted list with quizzes, poll and survey, below is the complete feature:

  • Quiz Builder
    You can create your own custom quiz or choose from one of our tested and proven quiz templates (save lot of time) These templates are created by a dedicated team of designers and marketers who have years of experience between them and know exactly what would work in today’s market. This guarantees massive conversions.
  • Custom Start Page
    You can presell to your visitors and warm them up even before they get to your product or offer by striking up a conversation that they would most likely respond to. Ask your audience a question by choosing a quiz title that will peak interest, and leave them wanting for more.
  • Custom Landing Page
    You can create custom landing page for that quiz which you can then share on social networks. Quizzes have a very high chance of going viral because people like to share their results online with their friends and followers.
  • URL Redirect
    Once your visitors have finished answering the questions on your quiz, survey or poll, you can redirect to your sales pages and offers based on their results. You can pre-determine what you’d like to offer someone who has chosen a particular answer to a given question on the quiz.
  • Image Based Answers
    You are not restricted to including only text and written questions when you prepare your quiz, survey and poll. Make your quiz more interactive and engaging by adding images in place of boring text as answers to questions and vice-versa.
  • Lead Capture Form
    Beautiful forms to help you capture email addresses (real ones…that are connected to your users Facebook accounts) and phone numbers and store them into your autoresponder automatically.
  • Embed & Share
    Embed your quizzes, polls and surveys on various websites without any limitation using our embeddable function of quizzes. LeadModo also allows you to share your quizzes on more than 30 social platforms.
  • Inline Embed Code
    An Inline embed code helps you to increase lead capture by adding quizzes on your homepage or any other page like a blog, ecommerce or website.
  • Popup Embed Code
    The moment your visitors arrive on your homepage, a pop-up appears with your quiz, survey or poll. And no…you don’t need to know how to code. You just need to copy the embed code and paste it in your WP admin area.
  • Exit popup code
    You can add exit popup code, so just when your visitors are about to leave to (most probably) never come back….an exit popup appears with your quiz. Ask your visitors why they have decided to leave and improve your chances of still converting them into leads and sales.
  • Pixel Tracking
    LeadModo seamlessly integrates with various pixel code trackers such as Google Adwords Pixel, Facebook pixel, Bing ad pixel, Twitter pixel etc.
  • Customize your Quiz
    Choose colors and fonts that will display your brand. Add your logo to personalize your quiz, survey or poll further. Everything is drag-n-drop simple.
  • A/B Split Testing
    Easily split test things like quiz start page, length, offers, copy, colors, and more…to see what works best for you and brings in highest number of leads and sales.


LeadModo Review – The Benefit

Belos is the benefit you will get when use LeadModo as your lead generation software.

  • ManyChat Integration
    LeadModo will allows you to you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales and support.
  • Get started in under 5 minutes
    Just copy the code as shown in the super-short video tutorial
  • Connect with your visitors in real time
    You can also start an automated conversation instantly.
  • Create a custom menu with automated replies
    You can use LeadModo for FAQ’s, screening questions for qualifying leads and pre-selling to your leads.
  • Automate actions or send messages based on keywords
    With LeadModo you have the full-control of how and where you want to steer the conversation
  • Reach out to your list
    You can uUse Live Chat tool to manage conversations from your page.


LeadModo Review – How it Works

You can watch LeadModo in action below:



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LeadModo OTO Review

For more benefit and unlock more feature of LeadModo you can also grab the LeadModo OTO below:


LeadModo FE – All Feature and Benefit Listed Above (Click Here For More Details)


LeadModo OTO 1 – Template Pack ($47)

LeadModo template pack consists of close to 100 DFY quizzes, surveys and polls in 20 different niches. You can instantly use one of these templates to build your own profit pulling campaign and add new email or messenger leads. (Click Here To Learn More About LeadModo Template Pack)


LeadModo OTO 2 – LeadModo Pro ($47)

With this OTO 2 you can run multiple campaigns, collect MORE leads and integrate with even more services, LeadModo Pro will instantly power up the main purchase. (Click Here To learn More About LeadModo PRO)


LeadModo OTO 3 – Agency License ($197)

With this offer, you can set up client sub-accounts (same level as the main offer) under their own account. This way they can charge whatever they want and keep a control of the process. (Click Here To learn More About LeadModo Agency License)


LeadModo Review – Conclusion

Thank you for read my LeadModo review, and in my opinion this software is brand new concept of build targeted leads with quizzes, poll or survey. Like I said above, most of  “quizzes lead generation model” are required long and tired process.

From visitor click link and taken to landing pages, they enter email, press submit button, and they’re redirected to web page telling them to check email, and open email inbox, maybe also your email goes to the promotion tab or SPAM box, they open email, hit confirm button, and finally download the lead magnet, thats all boring process.

Now with LeadModo, visitor only need simple step and they will get to your FB Messenger, so you can converts website visitors into Facebook Messenger leads, for more details click button to visit the official sites of LeadModo. Hope this review helpful. Thank you!


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