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Krowd Review – What is Krowd, simple Krowd is software that will help you to use Pinterest as one of your traffic sources. As we already know, Pinterest has hundreds of millions of active users, and it’s growing, so if you use Pinterest the right way you can get thousands of traffic to your website just by using Pinterest. Krowd is one tool that you can use to find traffic on Pinterest, with Krowd you can search for pins that are viral and you can make similar pins just by using Krowd.

With Krowd you can find a viral Pin and make a similar Pin, Krowd is equipped with an image builder with complete features, such as you can add text, change the font type, change the font size type, and more. Krowd has also been integrated with an image library that you can use for free and easily using only keywords. You can get HD images and you can use them to create your Pinterest content. You can also post pictures directly to your Pinterest account directly from the Krowd dashboard

Krowd Review

Krowd Review – Features

Below are the features of Krowd:

  • Look for viral pins with only keywords
  • Make a similar picture
  • Integration with thousands of images
  • Image builder
  • Very easy to use
  • 100% cloud-based
  • Post directly to Pinterest

Krowd Review – Benefits

Then what are the benefits? In my opinion, the benefit you can get is that you can easily find a viral pin on Pinterest, by copying a viral pin you can also create a viral pin that will bring thousands of traffic to your website easily. Another benefit that you can get by using Krowd is that you can create Pinterest images without the help of other software, you can start creating interesting images for your Pin, and immediately post on your Pinterest account.

How does it Work?

#1 Create Campaign:

krowd review


#2 Insert your keyword to find viral Pins

krowd review


#3 You will get all the viral Pins related with entered keyword

krowd review


You will also get the details of Pins and Likes, and you can also sort by Pins and Likes

krowd review


#4 Click one of the results, and you can create similar Pin, by clicking the Create Similar Pin button


krowd review


#5 Krowd image editor will open and you can design a similar Pin

krowd review

krowd review


#6 Click save the image and click Publish to start to post the image on your Pinterest account

krowd review


#7 Insert the description and the link destination. Make sure you are logged in to your Pinterest account before you click the Post Now button. Or you can select Post later too.

krowd review


Pros and Cons (My Opinion)


  • Easy to use
  • Easy way to find viral pins on Pinterest
  • Create a similar image
  • Image builder with image library


  • More powerful features only available on upsells, for example, Spin Description, tags, and also Spinning Content.

How does it Work?

For more details, please watch the demo video below

Krowd OTO

Front End Features:

  • Cloud-based software
  • Monthly Quota: 150 Search, Extract, Emulate & post to Pinterest Monthly. (5 Daily)
  • Search: Search for high traffic pins ready to emulate in any niche, for any keyword
  • Extract: Add the pins to the ‘Inspiration’ section by ‘add Inspiration’. Software extracts the titles, descriptions, and tags of the high traffic pins ready to use.
  • Create: Create pins just like the high traffic pins found in step 2 similar pins like using our built-in ultra-simple image editor
  • Image selection: select images from Pixabay and Pexels.
  • Quotes: add quotes similar to pins you added in the inspiration box
  • Desc: Description, tags, titles can be added manually
  • Share: Share it on Pinterest manually
  • Plus: Share manually on Facebook & Twitter as well.

OTO 1 – Krowd Control – Price: $67

  • Same features as FE with the following additions
  • More potential FREE Traffic
  • 450 Search, Extract, Emulate & post to Pinterest Monthly (15 Daily)
  • Spin – Description, tags, titles added, and spinning content option.
  • Automatically give titles, descriptions, tags options to choose from
  • Image selection addition: upload your own images

OTO 2 – Krowd Stampede – Price: $37

  • Same features as FE with the following additions
  • Max potential FREE Traffic
  • 900 Search, Extract, Emulate & post to Pinterest Monthly (30 Daily)
  • Step 1, Step 2, Step3 Included.
  • Spin – Description, tags, titles added, and spinning content option.
  • Automatically extract titles, descriptions, and tags to choose from.
  • Automation – Schedule on Pinterest. Huge for hands-on operations and scalability

OTO3 – Krowd Instant Traffic (Pixel added to a sales page – $97)

  • User Pixel is added to the Swarm sales page enabling them to build a large targeted audience.

OTO4 – Krowd AGENCY (Reseller package – $47)

  • Reseller package

OTO5 – Krowd 7Day To 1k (Price: $197)

  • 7Day To 1k video tutorial with Done-for-you products.
  • All you need to do is fill in the blanks, generate, and give away high-quality pre-configured products. Each product becomes unique to the user after filling in the blanks.
    Users benefit from an inbuilt promotional structure.


Thank you for reading the Krowd review article, this software is very helpful for finding viral pins on Pinterest, and will help you to create similar Pins using Krowd Image Editor. But just buying FE I feel less powerful, in my opinion, you also have to buy OTO 1 in order to make viral content on Pinterest. Hopefully, this review is useful. Thank you


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