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KickStart Social Review – Introduction

Kickstart Social Review – As we know social media agencies service charge between $5,000 And $7,000. However to run this business model we need several software and tools, we also need expertise to setup this business model. But what if you can kickstart a new business in an instant and start charging your clients $5,000 to $7,000? What if you can kickstart a new business in an instant and start charging your clients $5,000 to $7,000? This product Kickstart social is the answer.

kickstart social review

Kickstart Social Review – What is Kickstart Social?

Kickstart Social is brand new software (wordpress theme) that will help you to build your business faster and easier, with Kickstart Social you will get ready-made and ready-to-launch fully integrated full agency website that you can setup in minutes. You can customize all object on the sites, with easy-to-edit drag and drop editor system to make easy changes to your website’s branding.

Not only that you will also get ready-made social media agency landing page to collect important leads that you can convert to long term clients, also your site is fully integrated with autoresponder forms so your leads are safe and stored in a place that you need them when you need them. For more details, scroll down below:


Kickstart Social Review – The Features

Like I said before, with this product you can quickly up your business game and stop wasting precious hours building your website and finding a way to convert your audience to sell your services. Below is the complete feature of Kickstart Social:

  • Pre-made one-page social media website
  • Pre-made full 5-page social media website
  • Completely-filled pages with high converting copy
  • Fully responsive and high converting design
  • SEO optimized for easy indexing on Search Engine
  • Social media business ready
  • Easy drag and drop live editor feature
  • So easy to use and simple customization options
  • Built-in Social media landing page
  • Major autoresponder integration
  • >> Click Here For More Details <<


Kickstart Social Review – The Benefit

Below is the benefit of Kickstart Social:

  • Easy 5-Step Setup Process
    Give your business a professional kickstart and gain that respect from your market. You don’t need to wrestle with different tools and software, all you need to do is follow 5 simple steps to get your business up and running. In 5 minutes, you’ll have your business setup in no time and all ready to get new customers on board. No fuss so you can focus on your business and growing it.
  • No Install Technology
    Fully focus all your energies in closing prospects and customers and with proven design and conversion factors you don’t have to work that hard to close them on your products and services. No need to think about the technological aspects of setting up and running a business. We’ve got you covered for maximum business growth.
  • Social Media Business Ready
    Build up your leads fast with high converting pages that pulls in your target audience and converts them into a follower or a customer. No need to worry about how to convert your current market into paying customers we have that covered with our proven high quality designs. Grow your social media empire from the get go.
  • No Technical Experience Required
    Software and business tools do not need to be difficult to use to be deemed useful. We have developed Kickstart Social in a way where even those without any technical experience in coding and design can successfully use it to their advantage. All you need is to drag and drop elements into position and you’re done.


Who is Kickstart Social For?

Well in my opinion this product is for anyone who want to make money online by selling social media agency without worried about web design, SEO optimization, lead generation, conversion rate and many more. Because with this product you will get “Done-For-You” business model that you can customize and sell, and make money online.


Kickstart Social Pro and Cons

Below is the Pro and Cons of this product, based on my experience:


  • Easy to use
  • “Done-For-You biz in a box”
  • Drag and drop
  • Full mobil responsive web
  • Newbie friendly
  • Full training


  • Pre-made ready to launch social media agency website templates only available on upsell


Kickstart Social Review – User Experience

In my mind this product is all-in one solution for social media agency business. The web editor great, drag and drop system and we can edit anything on the pages. Like text size, text type, insert image, background, color and much more. No need any technical skills, all user need to do is use the drag and drop system to customize, and follow the 5 step to build from scratch.


Kickstart Social OTO Upsell Price Evaluation

For more feature and benefit you can check the Kickstart Social OTO, below is the complete review and price evaluation of Kickstart Social OTO Upsell.

Kickstart Social FE (Front-End) – All feature listed above (Price: $27) – Click Here For Details 


Kictstart Social OTO 1 – Kickstart Social Agency (Price: $47) – Click Here For Details

  • Pre-made ready to launch social media agency website templates
  • Collect leads right out of the box for your social media agency
  • Ready to launch with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest
  • Ready to launch service page templates to show your expertise and authority


Kickstart Social OTO 2 – Kickstart Social Media Service (Price $47) – Click Here For Details

  • Client Magnet
    Build your list easily and attract more customers with more variety in the services that you offer compared to other social media agencies
  • Wide Service Menu
    From management to reputation to monitoring, explore other avenues that are certified business closers
  • Generate Important Leads
    Build a highly segmented list where you can offer highly specialized services or offers that will convert
  • Build Authority
    Businesses want their projects handled by a professional and becoming the authority will allow you to close more businesses easily with less chances of rejection
  • Valuable Resources
    Offer valuable resources to your prospects and customers and let them know that you can help them
  • Social Media Knowledge
    Share your social media knowledge to the world and it all comes back in the form of business deals


Kickstart Social OTO 3 – Biz Kickstart Course (Price: $67) – Click Here For Details

  • Week 1: Setup
    How to start your social media business empire? Where do I start? These are some of the questions that Week 1 will answer. The first module of the course also looks at the different possible offers you can present to your customers and audience.
  • Week 3: Service Delivery Method
    What do you actually do when you have clients on board? Do you have any tips to make these all easy? This module focuses on exactly that. This is all about your content strategy and how to create different content, including videos easily.
  • Week 2: Client Acquisition
    Are there even potential customers for my business? What is my customer avatar? Interesting questions and very much so something that will concern you as you start your business. This module will focus on engaging your perfect customer.
  • Week 4: Outsourcing And Automation
    When your business is sustainable enough, it’s time to scale it up. This model is very much scalable and this module will show you how to scale it up by improving your business process with automation and possibly hiring smart employees


Kickstart Social Bonuses

Below is complete exclusive bonus if you purchase Kickstart Social on this pages. Make sure you see my ID: 191267 at the Payment Gateway Pages. After that, comment below your transaction ID I will give the details how you can get the bonuses. Thank you!

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How To Claim Kickstart Social Bonuses?

Below is the simple step to get Kickstart Social Bonuses above


  • Step 1: Buy Kickstart Social on this pages. Click Here
    my ID: 191267 you will see at the Payment Gateway Pages.
  • Step 2: Comment in this article put your transaction ID and your email, I will send you all the bonuses into your email.


KickStart Social Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Kickstart social review, and my conclusion for this product is. This product is the one stop solution for creates a professional website for your business and with that you can, edit easily using the live editor, view using your mobile due to its responsiveness, install easily with our 1-click setup technology, customize easily and many more.

Kickstart Social also give your business a professional kickstart by setting up your business in five easy steps. You don’t need to wrestle with different tools and software. In 5 minutes, your business and website is setup and you’re ready to sell. Hope this review helpful, thank you for read my review. If this is helpful please share this article 🙂



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