iTraffic X Review – Product by Billy Dar et al 100% Real User Review

iTraffic X Review – What is iTraffic X? iTraffic X is brand new software by Billy Dar, David Kirby, and Justin Opay. This software will allows you to publish your video on bunch of Social Media account and also Video Sharing sites. With this software you can also create video slideshow, and post them to Social Media such as, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium and more, so your video will get traffic and also social signal for SEO.

If you run video marketing, and drive traffic using YouTube, this software is perfect. Because with this software you can publish your YouTube video and post to social media automatically and also you can syndicated to other video sharing  sites. Scroll down below for more details about the feature.

About The Creator of iTraffic X – Billy Dar

Billy Dar is one of top vendor on JVZoo his niche is traffic software and MMO, this software also launch with his partner David Kirby. David Kirby is one top top vendor on JVZoo marketplace, he always produce and launch helpful software like, Traffic Robot, Auto Affiliate Machine, and more. Now they launch this new software called iTraffic X that will help people to drive traffic from Video Sharing Sites and Social Media. Below is the complete feature of iTraffic X.

iTraffic X Review – The Feature

As I said before, this software is video marketing software. You can post you published video to Social Media, and also you can post your video on other Video Sharing sites. Below is the feature of iTraffic X

  • 100% Web-Based Software
    No need to install anything, this software is web-based software. So iTraffic X also working perfect with all OS.
  • Easy To Connect
    No need complicated process to connect with your Social Media account or Video Sharing account.
  • Built-in Video Creator
    You can create slide show video with built-in video creator features
  • Complete Video Training
    You can get complete video training, will show you how to get traffic and sales with iTraffic X
  • Full Support
    You will get full-time support and help you if you need it
  • Click here to learn more about iTraffic X feature

iTraffic X Review – Personal Experience

Below is the video demo and personal experience using the iTraffic X software.


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iTraffic X Review – Pros and Cons

iTraffic X Pros: This is one of the best video marketing tools you can get, with this iTraffic X we can share our uploaded videos on more than 5 social media, so that will drive traffic and also get backlink and social signal from Social Media. Not only that with this software no need complicated setting or connecting with Social Media and Video Sharing sites, all can be done with single click.

And the other good things we can input the video title, description, tags, in iTraffix dashboard. We can also create our video slideshow and insert music or voice over.

iTraffic X Cons: The cons is only for the video creator feature, I think the video was made with iTraffic X is too simple, just a slideshow video without any special effect or transition. Maybe it’s enough for a product review video, but more effect and transtion will be better. That’s all about the cons.

itraffic x review

iTraffic X OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of iTraffix X you can check the iTraffic X OTO Upsells below:

iTraffic X OTO 1: iTraffic X – White Gold Edition ($67)

With this OTO 1 you will get White Gold edition thats will unlock several feature, you will unlock 2 more social sites, and 1 extra video site, with unlimited usage, unlimited campaigns, and also you will get free upgrades for life, and also you will also get more video training. Click here to learn more about OTO 1

iTraffic X OTO 2: iTraffic X – Rose Gold Edition ($67)

With this OTO 2 you will unlock more feature like you can add 25 additional accounts, OTO 2 will also unlock the scheduling feature, this feature will make your iTraffic become automation software, you will also get additional training and agency license. Click here to learn more about OTO 2

iTraffic X OTO 3: iTraffic X – Pearl Edition ($47)

With this OTO 3you will get exclusive training that include 23 Video tutorials complete and case study thousands of dollars a day with iTraffic X. You will get complete Worksheets, Templates, and all you need to start. Click here to learn more about OTO 3

iTraffic X OTO 4: iTraffic X – Black Sapphire Edition ($47)

With this OTO 4 you will get the reseller right license, you will get license to reseller the products throughout the funnel and you can keep 100% of the profits. You will also get all the materials, like sales copy, VSL, and more. Click here to learn more about iTraffic X

iTraffic X OTO 5: iTraffic X – Pink Diamond Edition ($197)

With this OTO 5 you will get individual custom funnel setup. iTraffic X team will setup all the a funnel for you on your hosting, Not only all the funnels setup, you will get autoresponder integration, squeeze page setup, follow up emails added and also get more tutorials about how to drive traffic. Click here to learn more about OTO 5. Click here to learn more about OTO 5


iTraffic X Review Conclusion

Thank you for reading my iTraffic X review, this software is perfect for anyone who want to drive traffic using video marketing, this is all in one software for video marketing, with iTraffic X publish video on Video Sharing Sites and at the same time you can also post the published video on popular Social Media. That can make your video reach higher rank on SERP and YouTube Search. For more details about iTraffic X you can click button below, hope this review helpful. If you have any question feel free to leave comment below. Thank you!


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