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Interactr Local Review – Interactr Local software is brand new software by Ryan Philips Jamie Ohler, with this software you can create local business videos for your client or your own business. Without need any video creator skills, because what you need to do is just select a video template for Local Business video template or Generic Video templates, or even you can also create the videos from scratch. After you selected the video templates, you can customize the template with canvas technology. With this canvas technology you can edit the videos quickly and easier.

With Interactr Local you can sell professional filmed and premade interactive video for local business without any skill or hire artist or video creator. You can edit the template, insert your client or your local business logo, and with one click your video is done. This is web based software so you can access this software anywhere and in any OS. Below is the complete feature of Interactr Local software.

interactr local review

Product Name:Interactr Local
Vendor Name:Jamie Ohler DropMock
Product Type:Web-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2019-Jan-08 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$67
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Gurantee Status:14 Day Money Back Guarantee
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About The Creator of Interactr Local – Ryan Phillips and Jamie Ohler

Before read the feature, maybe you want to know litle bit about the creator. Interactr Local created by Jamie Ohler and Ryan Philips, they are top vendor on JVZoo who always produce great value of software, for example Jamie Ohler is the CEO of Dropmock and Ryan Phillips CEO of VideoSuite. All their software is high value and helpful for lot of marketer, now they launch this brand new software called Interactr Local that will help people to create their own local businsess video or create local business video for their client. Below is the complete feature of Interactr Local.

Interactr Local Review – The Feature

As I said above, this is local business video creator that you can use to create your own local business video or create video for your client. Below is the complete feature of Interactr Local:

  • Exclusive By DropMock in House Team
    All the assets created by professional DropMock in house team like the Videographers, Photographers and Editors.
  • Newbie Friendly UI
    You will use very intuitive user interface, so you can navigate interactr quicker and easier than ever before.
  • Clickable Video Hotspots
    You can make any scene interactive by adding clickable hotspots anywhere in your video.
  • Canvas Technology
    With this software you can create and edit the templates by using canvas editor. With canvas editor you can see all the interactive video paths.
  • Video Chapters
    With this feature you can make viewers choose what content they want to see
  • Social Sharing
    You can now easily to share your interactive video on social media, all videos create by Interactr Local are optimized for high CTR
  • Analytics
    With this feature you can see how your interactive video is performing. You will get data about clicks, conversions, revenue, retention rate and many more.
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Interactr Local Review – The Benefits

  • Specific Video Content
    Local video is one of high demand video content niches, and with this software you can create your own video or for your clients
  • High CTR
    You can add countdown timers and even “lock down” your content, it’s make your viewers must take action quickly.
  • List Building Strategy
    You can use Interactr Local as your list building strategy, because with this software you can connect any autoresponder so all leads will be added directly to your autoresponder.
  • Funnel Builder
    You can add video funnels with visual editor and drag and drop technology
  • Video Training
    You will also learn how to maximize your profits with this software
  • Add Branding or Custom Elements
    You can add logos, images and even you can also add custom HTML to any video
  • Media Library
    You ca upload and store images along with videos from YouTube, Vimeo or MP4 file. So you can use it quickly
  • Retargeting
    You can insert a pixel tracking code on any campaign to maximize your video conversions


Interactr Local Review – How it Works

With this software you can create local business video with 4 simple step. First step is login to your Interactr Local account, this is web-based software. Step 2 is upload logos, videos and images for customize the templates, step 3 select and customize your Local Business video template, Step 4 publish and render your interactive video. Watch the demo video below to see it in action:


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Interactr Local Review – Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Interactr Local: You can create interactive local business videos, video quality is amazing, and easy to use and customize the templates. Complete with analytics and also video sharing feature.

Disadvantages of Interactr Local: For me the template not for all local business, so if the template is not fit with your local business category, you need to create your video from scratch. Or you can join the Interactr Local Entrepreneurs Club Upsells, to get more.


Interactr Local OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of Interactr Local, you can check the Interactr Local OTO below:


Interactr Local Review Conclusion

Thank you for reading my Interactr Local review, this software is perfect for anyone who want to create their own local business videos, or sell local business videos. With this software you can create interactive local business videos without need any video creator skills and also without need any video editing skills. What you need to do is just select and customize the templates. For more details, please click button below. If you have any questions feel free to leave comment below, hope this review helpful and help you to make right desicion. Thank you!


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