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Interactive e-course and game creator that changes the game comes first to market. Included in today’s special launch deal are the commercial rights to every video, interactive ecourse, and game, as well as a completed website on which you can immediately begin selling your wares.

interactiva review

Interactiva Features:

To aid you, Interactiva employs cutting-edge technology that has just recently entered the market.
Powerpoint makes it simple to create engaging videos and interactive content.

  • Easily accomplish the following tasks with Interactiva:
  • Make an Infinite Number of Professional-Level Slideshows, E-Learning Modules, Webinars, Activities, and Tests
  • Get Huge, Previously-Created Templates in Trending Fields
  • You Can Easily Modify It By Dragging And Dropping
  • Put Interactiva to Work for ALL Markets
  • Toggle between Live-Action and Animated Video Presentation
  • Enjoy financial success and increased revenue from your interactive content’s full HD or 4K resolution.
  • Include a video in your presentation slides.
  • Promote your goods with a high-converting landing page that you can use right away.
  • Make use of detailed guides.

Interactiva Benefits:

Create your own interactive presentations, e-courses, webinars, and games in record time.

Make an Infinite Number of Professional-Level Slideshows, Online Courses, Webinar Games, and Quizzes.
With Interactiva, you can make any kind of interactive content you can imagine, including presentations, e-courses, webinars, games, and quizzes. The number of projects you and your clients can make is limitless.

Ready-to-Use Layouts for the Most Requested Topics
Based on our research into the most lucrative ecourse niches worldwide, our team has developed industry-leading templates in the most competitive niches.

Editable/Customizable Simply Rearrange and Publish
It is simple to alter any Element to suit your needs. Images, videos, texts, and sounds can all be used to make a more compelling and effective video or presentation, regardless of its intended purpose.

Interactiva is Adaptable to ANY Market
Because of how flexible ALL Elements and slide templates are, you can use interactiva to make projects for ANY niche.

Powerpoint with Animated Video Mode and Animated Presentation
Specifically, you can do either of the following: Modes for playing animated videos and giving presentations that can be toggled with a click

  • Increase Content-Based Conversions
    Include a payment link, such as PayPal or your own, inside Interactiva so users can buy interactive content.
  • Resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD
    Present in 4K or use the file for other purposes.
  • Integrate a Video Clip Into Your Presentation
    You can increase the impact of your projects by adding video to your Interactiva slide templates.
  • An Enticing Grade for Tests and Contests
    Incentivize users to complete your games with interactiva’s stylish “score feature.”
  • Use Interactiva for anything from formal business presentations to interactive online learning. Make a video or a PowerPoint presentation for anything you might want.
  • Optimized Landing Pages for Devices (D, F, Y)
    If you’re ready to launch your e-course, you can do so with the help of our professionally designed landing page.
  • Instructions in Easy Steps
    Video guides are included to help you learn Interactiva and get the most out of it as quickly and easily as possible.

How does it work?

Creating eye-catching, interactive
Make games, presentations, and online courses in 3 simple steps:

First, pick.
Select one of the premium templates offered by interactiva.

The Second Step: Modify
You can make quick changes to existing templates. Put your own content in, and I’ll
inside the template, abide by the guide, and make it your own.

Third, your interactive ad can be easily embedded, shared, or exported.
Create engaging demos, online courses, and games and easily embed or export them.

Interactiva OTO Funnels

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Interactiva makes use of cutting-edge, first-to-market software that makes it simple to produce professional-quality video and interactive content in PowerPoint.


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