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What is InstaZign? Introduction:

InstaZign Review – Instazign is brand new software by Brett Ingram and Mo Latif, come with AI features that allows you to create high quality and engaging design without spending lot of time, and without hiring expensive graphic design. You can create visual content for your brand automatically, with this software you can attract lot of customers and convert your leads into sales. As we know create high quality visual content is very time-consuming also can be expensive, this software will become the solution of visual content for your business and brand.

instazign review


About The Creator

Brett Ingram and Mo Latif is top vendor on JVZoo, and always produce high quality and helpful software internet marketer and business owner. They have more than 77,000 members, Brett Ingram ad Mo Latif start their business together in 2016, launch software together and Win 12 POTD awards from JVZoo.

InstaZign Review – The Features

As I said above this software is so easy to use, all you need to do is just select and edit templates, or you can also start your from scratch. Below is the features of InstaZign

  • 1 click convert design to multiple different size for multiple platform, for example for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and much more.
  • Ready to use and customize templates
  • Easy to customize
  • You can start from scrath
  • Change background
  • You can add shape in one click
  • Add different elements
  • Add lighting
  • Add characters
  • You can add text
  • Easy to edit and navigate
  • Post directly to social media
  • Or you can download your design
  • and much more
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InstaZign Review – How it Works

Select your desired templates

select templates

instazign review templates


One click to create multiple size design

instazign review


And done, you can download your design or publish directly to your social media. For more details, please watch the demo video below:



InstaZign Benefits, Pros and Cons

Benefits and Pros

No need to hire expensive graphic designer
Easy to use and create multiple different image size with a single click
Lot of images assets
No monthly fee
Save time and money
Instant post to your social media account


I’m not find any errors or disadvantages with this product


Who is InstaZign For?

This software perfect for anyone who run online business, and if you are:

  • Freelancer
  • Online business owner
  • eCom store online
  • Advertiser
  • Social media manager
  • Local business owner
  • Blogger
  • and many more


InstaZign OTO Upsells and Pricing

InstaZign FE – Price: $27 >> Click here to learn more

InstaZign OTO 1 – Price: $49 >> Click here to learn more

Unlock more features and benefits, also unlock lot of additional assets, below is the details:


InstaZign OTO 2 – Price $69 >> Click here to learn more

Unlock more stunning backgrounds and fonts, get more than 400 built-in templates and many more, below is the details

instazign review


InstaZign OTO 3 – Price: $47 >> Click here to learn more

Unlock mini-video, slider, and Image GIFs features, and get more additional assets backgrounds and also templates. Below is the details:

instazign oto 3


InstaZign OTO 4 – Price: $49 >> Click here to learn more

Unlock HTML editor, 50 ready-to-use videos and more. Below is the details

instazign oto 4



This software is really value for money, one time payment with lot of images assets and great features for graphic designer. Perfect for freelancer, online business owner, social media manager or agency, and many more. Learn more about this product by clicking button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!



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