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Instant Puzzle Generator Review – Instant Puzzle Generator is a software that will help you to create puzzle books that are ready for sale. Maybe you are asking why make a puzzle book? Puzzle books are one of the best-selling niches on Amazon, this is one of the potentials to make money online, namely selling puzzle books on Amazon. With the Instant Puzzle Generator, you don’t need to create a puzzle book manually, everything can be created automatically by this software, from starting to create titles and descriptions, adding and editing words in puzzles, changing fonts, changing puzzle sizes, creating page numbers, choosing sizes. puzzle book, add puzzle clues, add solutions and answers, and many more features that are great for puzzle books.

It’s one of the fastest ways to earn money with Puzzle Book on Amazon. Because basically you only need 4 easy steps to make your own puzzle book, the first step is logging into the software, the second step is to create a project, the third step is to enter a wordlist, and the fourth step is to download your puzzle book that is ready to be sold on Amazon KDP. With this software, anyone can make a puzzle book easily and quickly and has the potential to make money online on Amazon without requiring expertise and spending a lot of time and money.

Who is Instant Puzzle Generator For?

This software is perfect for anyone who wants to start a Puzzle Book business on Amazon quickly and easily. Making your own puzzle is not easy, you have to spend time composing words and also arranging them to become a puzzle, but if you use a professional designer you need a lot of money to pay for other people.

So for those of you who want to make money with a puzzle book without spending a lot of money, and without having to make it yourself, this software is perfect for you.

Instant Puzzle Generator Review – Features

The features of this software are perfect to help you make puzzles and save your time in creating very interesting puzzles to be ready for sale on Amazon KDP.

The following are the features

  • Customizable Title and Description

instant puzzle generator review features 1 customizable title and description

  • Add or Remove Word from your puzzle

instant puzzle generator features 2 the dashboard to add and remove words

  • Complete training on how to use this software

instant puzzle generator review full training on how to use this software

  • Download as PNG
  • Download as JPG
  • Download as PDF
  • Download as PPTX

instant puzzle generator download in many file formats

  • More than 900 font ready to use

instant puzzle generator review 900 plus font available

  • Multiple grid sizes available

instant puzzle generator review multiple grid available

  • Multiple file formats

instant puzzle generator review multiple file formats ready to download for your puzzle book

  • Page numbering

instant puzzle generator review

  • Regenerate puzzle

instant puzzle generator reviews, you can regenerate the puzzle

  • Multiple trim size

instant puzzle generator features 12 review

  • Easy to place clue

instant puzzle generator features 12

  • No border
  • Outer border
  • Outer border and inner border

instant puzzle generator features 13

  • Stunning solutions

instant puzzle generator features 15 multiple solutions

  • Multiple answers

instant puzzle generatot features 15 multiple answers


  • Color options

instant puzzle generator features 16 multiple colors

  • High-quality support on a Facebook page or ticket system

instant puzzle generator full support using facebook group and ticketing system

Instant Puzzle Generator Easy of Use

I have never seen a platform for making a Puzzle Book so easy to use other than the Instant Puzzle Generator. This software has features that really help users in making puzzle books that are ready to sell. With this software, it makes best selling puzzle books very fast and easy, and the most important thing is that you can get a commercial license which means you can immediately sell your puzzle book at no additional cost.

Instant Puzzle Generator Pricing

You can get an IP for $27 on the front end. And 3 upsells with more features and benefits

Instant Puzzle Generator Benefits

The benefits that you will get when using this software are, you can make a puzzle book in a simple way, it is very easy to add words, change colors, provide answers, and so on without having to do it manually from scratch. This way you can save time and money to produce puzzle books that are ready to sell

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a monthly fee?

No, you only need to pay once and you can spend forever. However there is no guarantee that this one-time price will continue to be available, so make sure you get this software in the launch period

What operating system does this software work on?

This is web-based software so you can access it using any operating system, be it Mac or PC.

Is it suitable for beginner KDP publishers?

Yes, this software is very easy to use. So you don’t need to worry if you are new to KDP publisher

Is there a tutorial available

Yes, you will get a complete step by step tutorial on how to use the Instant Puzzle Generator




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