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Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR Review

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR Review – This is a PLR product by Dr. Amit Pareek. This product will teach you how to drive with only 2 cents of budget, this is complete training and ready to sell under your name, hottest and proven-seller topic on the web, complete with ready-to-use sales material to start selling this product under your name and you keep 100% of the profits. This is a top-notch and high-quality product that you can sell it up to $97. You will get all sales material such as mini-site in 6 different color templates, video sales letter and much more. And the best part no profit sharing, you can keep all the profit 100%.

And the best part is this is brand new product, hot and evergreen niche, step-by-step video training, complete sales funnel, killer graphic and excellent support by Dr Amit Pareek and his team. As I said before, this is a complete done-for-you product so, all you need to do is just download, customize, upload, send traffic and keep 100% of the profits.

instant 2 cent traffic plr review

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR Review – What will you get?

As I said before this is done-for-you product that you can re-sell this product up to $97, and keep the 100% profit. Below is what will you get:

High-quality training

  • 93 pages 15783 words training guide full of examples
  • Training guide with graphics

Nice formatted subtitles and high-quality information with screenshots. Below is the TOC (table of content)

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR

  • Chapter 1: What Is Instant 2Cents Traffic all about?
  • Chapter 2: Researching Instant 2Cents Traffic Keywords To Target In Your Niche
  • Chapter 3: Generating Instant 2Cents Traffic With A Reach Campaign On Facebook
  • Chapter 4: Generating Instant 2Cents Traffic With A Reach Campaign On Google
  • Chapter 5: Generating Instant 2Cents Traffic With A Reach Campaign On YouTube
  • Chapter 6: Driving Instant 2Cents Targeted Visitors To Your Site With A Facebook Ad
  • Chapter 7: Targeting Gmail Users With Instant 2Cents Traffic Display Ads
  • Chapter 8: Generating Instant 2Cents Targeted Traffic From Facebook Messenger
  • Chapter 9: Retargeting Your Instant 2Cents Site Visitors With Facebook Remarketing
  • Chapter 10: Generating Instant 2Cents Traffic From Instagram With A Promoted Post
  • Chapter 11: Generating Instant 2Cents Traffic From WhatsApp With A Promoted Message
  • Chapter 12: Powerful Strategies To Narrow Your Audience For Even Lower Cost Traffic
  • Chapter 13: Other Instant 2Cents Traffic Sources You Can Try
  • Chapter 14: Extra Tips And Tricks To Lower Your Ad Spend Without Sacrificing Quality
  • Chapter 15: The Best Alternative Methods To Generate More Instant 2Cents Traffic
  • Chapter 16: Crazy-Effective Strategies To Increase FREE Instant Traffic
  • Chapter 17:Instant 2Cents Traffic Do’s And Don’ts
  • Chapter 18: Instant 2Cents Traffic Premium Tools And Services To Consider
  • Chapter 19:Instant 2Cents Traffic Success Stories
  • Chapter 20: Instant 2Cents Traffic Frequently Asked Questions

Cheat Sheet

This is a handy checklist that your customers can printout and use I to easily take action at every step-by-step process. All the steps are easy to follow and this cheat sheet will help them to track their progress

Mind Map

This is the mindmap and outlining of the complete training. This mind map will give an overview to customers of every step-by-step.

Top resource report

This resource report will show you how to get access to complete niche research, the best tools, training, blogs, forum, affiliate programs and many more.

High converting sales copy

You will get a complete sales copy including PSD and the sales page

6 Professional Minisites

You will get 6 high-quality mini-sites with different color, complete with contact, privacy policy, TOS, opt-in page, download page and with animated banners and swipe email for your affiliate

Doodle style VSL
You will also get the VSL that will help you to increase your conversions right from the beginning.

Email swipes
Complete email swipes to help your affiliate promote the PLR using email marketing.

Complete animated banners
Complete animated banners to grab the viewer’s attention

Set of professional graphics
You will also get professional graphics an 3D e-cover graphics, download button, header, and footers. And all complete with the PDF files

Who is this PLR For?

As you can see, all the features and benefits above, this is a high-quality PLR product, perfect for anyone who wants to make money online without creating your own product, without spending a lot of time and money on it. All you need is customize it, drive traffic and profits.

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR OTO

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR OTO 1: ($47- 49):

  • 20 Step by Step Video Tutorials
  • Upsell Doodle Style Sales Video
  • Upsell Minisite in 6 different colors
  • Voice over scripts, audio files
  • Powerpoint slides for editing, presentation, webinar, seminar, etc.
  • CDs, DVDs, and Complete graphics package
  • Updated HTML with all the video courses & improved sales copy
  • Done for your squeeze page
  • A high-quality report to presell the main course
  • Email sequences to sell the main course when someone opt-in for list
  • 10 Instant 2Cents Traffic articles
  • Keywords for SEO & PPC purposes.
  • Training on how to make money with our Success Kit
  • Social media profile, cover and BG graphics for:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Google+

Instant 2 Cents Traffic PLR OTO 2: Membership ($27/month):

This huge package will be delivered to the member’s inbox each & every month. So a $97 priced product (regular price) will be given for just $27 each month ( 70% off).


If you want to make money online with product launch without creating your own product, without spending hundreds of dollars to create it, and without wasting time. This product is perfect for you, you will get the complete pack and ready to re-sell the product. For more details, please visit the official site by clicking the button below. Hope this review helpful.


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