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Infinitunes Review – Infinitunes is a unique software that I myself have never seen software that has features like Infinitunes. This software is a software that will help you to create high-quality music tracks with the help of A.I, a piece of professionally-produced background music that you can use for your video projects without having to spend hundreds of dollars. As a video creator, the thing that is really needed is a background, because a high-quality background will make your video more attractive and professional, but finding high-quality background music with a commercial license is not easy and cheap, you have to spend hundreds of dollars for just 1 background music.

You must also pay attention to the license to use certain background music, it is not uncommon for some people to have to pay attention to video takedowns just because of the license from using background music. Infinitunes is a software that can be a solution for you, with this software you don’t have to make your own background music with complicated tools or even play musical instruments, you also don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars for 1 background music.

You can create 100% unique and high-quality background music in just a few minutes, and most importantly Infinitunes gives you a commercial license which means you can use the background music you make using this software for your business, or for your client videos. Below are the main features of Infinitunes.

infinitunes review

Infinitunes Review – The Features

As I said above, with this software you can make quality background music for your project or your clients. The following features are owned by Infinitunes: As I said above, with this software you can make quality background music for your project or your clients. The following features are owned by Infinitunes

  • Buat 100% unique background music
  • Cloud-based software
  • Easy to use
  • No need technical skills
  • 100% customizable
  • Unlimited usage rights
  • More than 150 music category
  • 6 moods
  • 112 genres
  • Massive customization library
  • You can create any type of background music
  • Free commercial license
  • Sell premium audio or use for your client projects
  • Built-in video editor

Infinitunes Review – The Benefits

What are the biggest benefits of using this software? First is that you will save money in having background music, with this software you can make your own background music without having to fear being exposed to the copyright, you also don’t need a long time and special skills such as playing a musical instrument to be able to make your own background music.

Another benefit is that you can sell music tracks and you can use it for project clients and you can make money online just by using this software.

How Does it Work?

Let’s see how this software works. First, here’s the dashboard from Infinitunes:

As you can see, to make background music you only need to choose a music category, and activities and with AI technology you can create a unique and 100% personalized background audio.

infinititunes review


Click the music category, to choose the category

infinititunes review music category


The next step is you can select the music duration, such as short, medium, or long.

infinititunes duration


Once you have created your own music track you can use it in your videos by using the built-in video editor feature.

infinititunes review add audio to your videos


You can add a video by uploading your video or insert your YouTube URL, and the software will insert the audio to your YouTube video

infinitunes review add to video


For more details, please watch the demo video below



Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • Easy to use
  • A lot of music category
  • Built-in video editor

The Cons:

  • There are no errors from this software

Who is Infinitunes For?

If you are a video creator, Infinitunes is perfect for you. With this software, you can save hundreds of dollars on background music. Or you can also make money online because this software includes a commercial license, so you can make music tracks for your clients

Infinitunes OTO Upsells

For more benefits and unlock more features, you can also grab the upsells

FE – All features and benefits listed above. Click here to learn more

OTO 1 – Pro License $67

  • Unlimited tracks
  • Unlock 68 music categories
  • Unlock any duration feature
  • Access to future new genres, activities, and moods
  • VIP rendering
  • Click here to learn more

OTO 2 – Agency License Lite $97

  • Create and sell up to 1000 videos merged
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Save and download 1000 tracks/week
  • Unlimited license
  • Team dashboard
  • Click here to learn more

OTO 2 – Agency License Unlimited $197

  • Unlimited videos merged
  • Unlimited tracks
  • Save and download unlimited tracks
  • Unlimited license
  • DFY website
  • Client email templates
  • Team dashboard
  • Training about how to get clients

OTO 3 – Synthesys $67

OTO 4 – Reseller Package


Thank you for reading my review, so this software is perfect for video creators to be free from copyright music, and also without having to pay a fortune to own 100% unique audio tracks. I hope this review is helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this software suitable for newbies?
Yes, this software is very easy to use. Without requiring special skills. You also don’t need to download and install anything, because this is a cloud-based software

What if you run into difficulties?
You can contact the Infinitunes team via ticket support

Is there training?
You will get a guide on how to use this software, so you won’t be confused about how to use it

Is there a monthly fee?
No, you can get this software in just 1 payment



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