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InfiniShop Review – Infini Shop is brand new affiliate site builder (WordPress based) by Kurt Chrisler with InfiniShop you can build an Amazon affiliate store that promotes every product on Amazon and updates itself automatically. I think this wordpress plugin is great If you want to start creating passive Amazon commissions. Because with Infinishop you will be able to promote every product on Amazon
by simply pasting in a shortcode on your site, and the best part is it will Auto-Update those products for you automatically.

InfiniShop will also put a search box on your site that allows your visitors to search for Amazon products in Real-Time, and It will allow you to instantly add an Affiliate Store to your site and it will create all the content for you. This is great plugin for make money online with Amazon Affiliate Program, without write single content about the products. Please scroll down below for the demo videos.

Product Name:InfiniShop
Vendor Name:Kurt Chrisler
Product Type:Cloud-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2018-Oct-21 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$17.95
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee

infinishop review

InfiniShop Review – About The Creator

Before review of Infinishop, maybe you want to know little bit about the creator of Infini Shop wordpress plugin. Kurt Chrisler is one of top vendor on JVZoo, Kurt Chrisler niches is alway Amazon affiliate, so he really know how to make easier way to make money as Amazon Affiliates. His product is Affiliazon DFY, Azon Link Checker, WP Shop Azon and more. Now Kurt Chrisler and his team launch this brand new wordpress plugin, called InfiniShop, with this plugin you will be able to put Amazon Affiliate links inside your sites and it will auto updates. Thats cool! Below is the feature of InfiniShop

InfiniShop Review – The Feature

Like I said before this is a wordpress based software, that you can insert Amazon products on your site, and make money as an affiliate. Below is the complete feature of InfiniShop

  • Automatically Inserts Related Products
    InfiniShop will automatically add related products for any keyword or market you choose and automatically update them.
  • Insert a Real Time Amazon Search Box
    InfiniShop will insert a Real Time Amazon search box that allows your visitor to search EVERY product Amazon has for sale.
  • Automatically Inserts Your Affiliate Link
    Worried about having to insert an affiliate link into each product? Don’t worry, InfiniShop does it for you automatically!
  • Automatically Create An Affiliate Store
    Not only does InfiniShop allow you to pre-load products, you can also add an affiliate store to your site and add any Amazon product you want!
  • Automatically Insert the Product Name
    InfiniShop will automatically add the title of the product for you with just a click.
  • Automatically Inserts Content
    InfiniShop will automatically pull in the products features, description, price and image. All your content is done for you automatically.
  • Automatically Inserts Product Images
    No need to go find images for your site, InfiniShop will insert product images into each product page on your site automatically.
  • Automatically Updating Prices
    Not only does InfiniShop insert the price of the product directly from Amazon, but it will automatically update every 24 hours to make sure they are current (and comply with the Amazon TOS).
  • Automatically Inserts Your Affiliate Link
    Worried about having to insert an affiliate link into every page on your site? Don’t worry, InfiniShop does it for you automatically!
  • Automatically Inserts A Relevant YouTube Video
    InfiniShop will take the name of the product and find a relevant YouTube video and automatically insert that video into the product page. This is great for SEO and for the visitor engagement on your site.
  • Automatically Inserts Custom Ads
    Want to promote related Amazon products or even non-Amazon products? Easy…InfiniShop gives you the ability to insert your own custom ad code to be show at the top and/or bottom of each product automatically.
  • Automatically Schedule New Products To Be Added
    Instead of creating all your product at once, InfiniShop allows you to schedule them for a future date. This allows your site to naturally grow over time and results in better search engine rankings.
  • Automatically Add A Category To Each Product
    When importing your Amazon products, InfiniShop can automatically add categories to each new product as specified by the user. This is a huge time saver and allows you to organize your products on your site.
  • Add Your Optin Box to Each Page
    With InfiniShop you can easily start building your list by simply pasting in your optin box to our pre-made ad spots.
  • Built In Automatic Content Spinning Integration
    InfiniShop has built-in integration with The Best Spinner and Spin Rewriter. With this built-in integration the plugin will pull the product content from Amazon and automatically spin it before adding it to your site!
  • Built-In Automatic Traffic Generation
    InfiniShop has built-in integration with and Snap AutoPost to submit your new content to social media sites. With this built-in integration, when you create a new product post it will automatically be submitted to social media getting you links and traffic!
  • Supports 10 Different Amazon Locales
    InfiniShop allows you to choose your Amazon locale. You can choose from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, India, and China.
  • Responsive and Mobile Optimized
    InfiniShop is completely mobile friendly and responsive. As long as the WordPress theme you are using is mobile optimized, your InfiniShop content will be as well!
  • Works On Any WordPress Theme
    With InfiniShop you can completely control the look and feel of your site and it will run right on your current theme.
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InfiniShop Review – The Benefits

I think below is the benefit you will get when using InfiniShop:

  • Unlimited Product Selection
    With InfiniShop you can offer your visitors Unlimited Product Selection to ensure you never miss out on a commission again!
  • Real Time Product Search
    With our Real-Time Amazon product search you can rest assured that your customer can find the exact product they are looking for!
  • Auto Updating Products
    The worst thing you can do is promote out of stock items. With InfiniShop that is eliminated since fresh products load each time a visitor visits your site.
  • Auto Store Builder
    Automatically add an affiliate store to your site with just a couple clicks and promote any product you want.
  • 90 Day Cookie
    Forget the lousy 24 hour cookies that robs you of commissions. InfiniShop utilizes the 90 day Add to Cart cookie!
  • Quick and Easy Setup
    Just install the plugin on your site and add a shortcode. In just seconds you are up and running.

InfiniShop OTO Upsell

InfiniShop Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my InfiniShop review, I think this is great opportunity If you are building niche sites that you monetize with the Amazon affiliate program or want to get started doing so. This brand new WordPress plugin by Kurt Chrisler will create a complete Amazon affiliate store in 60 seconds. And this is 100% newbiw friendly, easy to use and the best part is all content will self updating. So all Affiliate products details will up to date. For more details you can click button below. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!


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