IM Checklist Volume 9 Review FE and OTO Review – Outsourcing

IM Checklist Volume 9 Review – IM Checklist Volume 9 is brand new version of IM Checklist, this version is about outsourcing, what will you get with this version 9 is 18 checklists and video training show you everything what you must know about outsourcing. This checklist covered all part about of outsourcing, like hiring outsourcing, outsourcing on freelancer, upwork, and even how to maximize your outsourcing team.

This IM Checklink Volume 9 is also include Private Label Right, so you can re-sell this product and keep the profit 100%. This is an opportunity to master outsourcing and be the licence holder of a product you can use in so many ways, including sell over and over again for 100% profit. Below is what will you get with IM Checklist Volume 9.


Product Name:IM Checklist Volume 9
Vendor Name:Kevin Fahey
Product Type:PLR
Launch Date and Time :2018-Sep-01 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$17
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Demo Videos:Click Here
Refund Status14 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here
BonusClick Here

im checklist volume 9 review

About The Author of IM Checklist Volume 9 – Kevin Fahey

Before review the feature and what will you get with IM Checklist Volume 9, this is little bit information about the author if this product. Kevin Fahey, he is one of vendor on JVZoo his product is always about how to make money online. One of his top product is IM Vip Training, you can read IM VIP Training review here. And his popular product is Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching, you can read the Kevin Fahey’s IM Coaching Review here.

Now he launch this brand new product or brand new version of IM Checklist, this is the Volume 9 version. Below is the details about IM Checklist Volume 9 contents.

IM Checklist Volume 9 Review 

Like I said before this product is complete guide for outsourcing, you will learn all thing about how to outsource IM projects and how to make it success. Below is the content:

  • Needs Assessment Checklist
  • Hiring Outsources
  • How to find the right person for your team
  • Outsourcing On Freelancer
  • Outsourcing On Upwork
  • Outsourcing On OnlineJobs .ph
  • Staff Time Control
  • Paying your staff
  • Managing Access and passwords
  • Team Manager Task
  • Team Training
  • Contracts & NDA’s
  • Providing Instructions
  • Negotiations For Prices and work turnaround.
  • Testing A Potential Outsourcer
  • Tasks a VA Can Complete
  • Outsourcing Your Support Desk
  • Include PLR License



IM Checklist Volume 9 Review – PLR Benefits

This product include the PLR license, so you will get more benefits like:

  • You can turn them into PowerPoint Presentations.
  • You can edit, add graphics and re-brand in any way you wish.
  • You can claim full authorship.
  • You can use them to create a video training course.
  • You can add them to a membership site.
  • You can use them to build your email list (individual checklists only)
  • You can use them to create blog posts or infographics
  • You can translate them into different languages

IM Checklist Volume 9 Benefit:

Above is the PLR license benefit, and below is the content benefits:

  • You will know the different types of outsourcers and contract workers
  • You will learn what should do’s and don’ts when it comes to outsourcing
  • You will learn how to outsourcing a software from start to finish
  • You will learn how to outsourcing a digital product from start to finish
  • You will learn how to outsourcing daily tasks to your Virtual Assistant

im checklist volume 9 review

IM Checklist Volume 9 OTO Upsell

For more benefit you can also grab the IM Checklist Volume 9 OTO Upsell

IM Checklist Volume 9 OTO 1: Our IM Checklist Monthly membership site which converts like crazy. More importantly, members stick for months to come. We’ve 6 other “six-figure” membership sites with the retention rate here been the highest. This is one of the reasons our top affiliates for IM Checklists continue to promote again and again. >> Click Here For More Details <<

IM Checklist Volume 9 OTO 2: IM Funnels continues to be our highest converting OTO without our brand. >> Click Here For More Details <<

OTO 2a: Those who purchase the front end which includes 6 funnels will have the options to purchase 10 additional completely done for you funnels with squeeze pages, bonus pages, reports, email swipes, social media post and a massive amount of training. This is the perfect upsell for this IM Checklist funnel.

OTO 2b: The upsell our affiliates love the post. How many times would you like to receive notifications of $148.50 payments direct to Paypal? We offer IM Funnels customers a chance to get 100% commission across of our funnels including recurring membership sites. Members have already earned thousands with this.

IM Checklist Volume 9 OTO 3: Our flagship IM VIP Training membership as the final piece of the funnel Our latest launch proved a massive winner here by adding the yearly option alongside the monthly option. IM VIP Training contains access to all our information marketing training products and plugins. Included is live monthly webinars and ongoing updates since 2015. >> Click Here For More Details <<


IM Checklist Volume 9 Review Conclusion

Thank you  for read my IM Checklist Volume 9 review. This is the conclusion based on my experience for this product. In my mind this product is complete pack and covered all things about outsourcing, and the best part is this product also include the PLR license on FE, so you can re-sell this product under your name and keep 100% profit. For more details about this product, you can click button below. Don’t miss the discount price, hope this review helpful. Thank you!


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