Hyper Lists Review – Cutting Edge Software That Builds HUGE

Hyper Lists Review – The brand new and cutting edge software that FORCES Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon to BUILD and PROFIT you from REAL, highly engaged, HUGE “Hyper Lists” in just three clicks.

A NEW and Revolutionary Approach to Construct HUGE Email Lists That Is 10 Times More Engaging, 10 Times Less Expensive, and Gets 10 Times More Sales Than Any Other Method of Lead Generation Currently Available!

By harvesting the primary email addresses of users on platforms such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, and others, the Hyperlists program makes it possible for anyone to construct email lists that are 10 times more engaging, 10 times less expensive, and get 10 times more sales.

hyper lists review

Hyper Lists Review – Features

Software that is entirely hosted on the cloud

It is not necessary for you to install anything at this time. Simply join up, and as long as there is an internet connection accessible, you will have access to our software from any location on the planet.

Leads Can Be Collected With Just One Click And Without The Need For An Opt-In Form

You do not require an option form in any way. Simply construct a straightforward link and distribute it to the members of your audience. They will immediately be added to your list upon clicking the link, you have provided to them.

Capture Genuine Buyers/Subscribers

If someone has a Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, or Amazon account, you can use HyperLists to retrieve their REAL and authentic email address. The emails that are actively used by them. Not some bogus or burner email address. This indicates that they are ten times more likely to really open your emails and take advantage of the opportunities you provide.

Maintain a consistent and automatic follow-up with your leads.

You won’t have any trouble following up with your leads thanks to our built-in autoresponder, and you’ll be able to make sales completely hands-free. Directly from our dashboard, you have the ability to program up to 30 days’ worth of emails and follow-up sequences.

Automatically synchronize leads with the autoresponder of your choice.

When you add an autoresponder from a third party of your choosing, our software will instantly sync all of your leads to that autoresponder. so that you can continue communicating with them even when you are not using our site.

Send out an average of 250,000 broadcast emails each and every month.

You can send UNLIMITED one-time broadcast emails to your entire list, or just a section of it, depending on your needs. You have the option of using our built-in email editor to construct aesthetically pleasing messages, or you can simply copy and paste your own.

Your account can hold up to 25,000 leads at a time.

Don’t be concerned about building and expanding your lists. There is no additional cost for you to incur in order to keep up to 25,000 leads in your account at any given time. Which is more than sufficient to earn a profit of several thousands of dollars.

Comprehensive Reporting and Statistics

Utilizing our comprehensive statistics and reporting system, you can keep track of your outcomes and conversions. You will then be able to scale your campaigns in accordance with what you find to be successful, so maximizing your profits.

Integration with SMTP That’s Fully Tailored to Your Needs

You are able to send emails straight from our platform by effortlessly integrating your own custom SMTP provider, such as Sendgrid, Mailgun, or Amazon SES, amongst others, and using it to send emails.

Promotional Campaigns That Are Done For You And Have Generated More Than $25,000

Because we don’t want you to squander any of your time, we’ve provided DONE FOR YOU and Proven Promo Email Campaigns that have brought in more than $25,000 in revenue. Simply cut, paste, and hit the send button. It really is that easy!

1-Click Access to Download Anytime Your Leads

You only need one click to download your whole list of leads, which is quite convenient. This way, you will always have a backup, and you will also be able to use these leads to expand your company even if you choose not to use our platform.

Winning Product Finder

Using our one-of-a-kind “Product Finder,” you can rapidly locate recently released products from Warriorplus and JVZOO that have a high rate of conversion and a high EPC. That way, you can immediately begin promoting these products and start making sales.

Hyper Lists Demo – How does it work?

Hyper Lists Review Benefits

Get REAL buyer leads that have been specifically targeted and are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offerings.
Extremely lucrative and untapped, despite being in its infancy and holding HUGE potential for growth.

  • You may save THOUSANDS of dollars each year on autoresponders, advertisements, and website traffic!
  • With the magic of “HyperLists,” you can grow your list ten times more quickly!
  • 10 times the number of active and devoted subscribers who are willing to make repeat purchases from you.
  • With just one click, you can have Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon construct your hyper list for you.
  • Make quick money with our promotional programs that are all set up for you to use.
  • You can begin seeing benefits as soon as tomorrow if you get started right now.
  • Affordable One-Time Cost During the Launch Period

Commercial License that enables you to charge users for access to their own HyperLists campaigns

WITHOUT requiring consumers to manually fill in their names or email addresses.
WITHOUT any landing pages.

Therefore, you will collect main emails using the UNIQUE URL that was generated by our system.

Hyper Lists OTO

Hyper Lists Front End. Click here to learn more

Hyper Lists OTO 1 – (Price: $37) HyperLists Pro One-Time Offer 1 (OTO1)

Increase your potential for both traffic and income with the pro version.

  • Extra Affiliate Campaigns
  • 100 percent Approval
  • 100 percent Commissions
  • Unlimited Number of User-Created Domains
  • Unrestricted Number of Campaigns
  • Unlimited Numbers of Leads
  • Unlimited Workflow of Automated Processes
  • SMTP Profiles Available Without Limits
  • Enhanced Reporting Capabilities
  • Daily Reports Generated Automatically

Hyper Lists OTO 2 – The One Time Offer 2 for the HyperLists Traffic Edition (Price: $47)

  • You can make your own viral social micro videos out of ANY video on the internet, even the most outdated and pointless ones.
  • You may schedule hundreds of videos to be uploaded to Facebook and Instagram with just one click, and the films will continue to generate free traffic for months.
  • Ideal For Video Ads, Going Viral Videos, And Hundreds Of Other Varieties Of Video Content
  • Convert 1 Video Into Multiple (Up to 20) Mico-Videos In 1 Click Mass You Can Edit Every Video in One Go With Just One Click
  • Included in the Price is a Commercial License

Hyper Lists OTO 3 – The price for the HyperLists: Shortz Edition OTO3 is $47.

  • Make a large number of viral, attention-grabbing YouTube shorts that may be used to drive traffic to your websites, blogs, and other online offerings.
  • Copy The quickest, simplest, and silliest approach to attracting TENS OF THOUSANDS of new visitors from YouTube each and every single day!
  • You will also receive our EXACT step-by-step training as well as our BEST plan to begin generating traffic to your Shorts in no time at all.
  • Included in the Price is a Commercial License

Hyper Lists OTO 4: Huge Done-For-You Email Campaigns, also Known as HyperLists (Price: $37)

  • Today, You Can Just Plug-And-Play With Our DFY Emails
  • Establish Credibility Among Your Customers/Subscribers
  • Improve Both Your Open and Click-Through Rates
  • Offer Your Subscribers Content That Is of High Quality
  • Get More Sales & Conversions

Hyper Lists OTO 5 – The price for the HyperLists Reseller Edition OTO5 is now $147.

  • VidReviewz Will Provide Each Of Your Customers With Access To Its Features.
  • Make Use Of Our Marketing Materials For The Highest Possible Conversion Rates
  • Using your Reseller Dashboard, you can quickly create accounts for your customers with just one click, and we’ll take care of providing support for all of your customers.
  • During the launch period, there is a little one-time fee.

Hyper Lists Bonuses

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hyperlists bonus 6

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hyperlists bonus 8

hyperlists bonus 9

hyperlists bonus 10

Hyper Lists Conclusion

A method by which you can add to your list free of charge thousands of REAL buyer leads that have been specifically targeted and who are HIGHLY ENGAGED with your offers. What if you were able to follow up with these REAL folks and continue to earn sales each and every day? I have some FANTASTIC news for you because this is EXACTLY what will happen for you when you make use of HyperLists.

It is a new and cutting-edge piece of software called HyperLists. This software FORCES Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, and Amazon to BUILD and PROFIT you from REAL, highly engaged, HUGE “Hyper Lists” with just three clicks!


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