How To Start a WordPress Blog The Right Way

How To Start a WordPress Blog The Right Way

A blog is a medium to share something online. Developing a blog is fun, especially if you love to write. Later, you can use your blog not only for sharing something valuable but also to make money. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms to create a blog. If it is your first time, learn how to start a WordPress blog below and also the way to develop it into a powerful blog.

how to start a blog

Step 1: Choose A Topic for Your Blog

You may write anything in your blog but it is better to focus on one topic. Why do you have to write one topic on your blog instead of multiple topics? How to pick the best topic for your blog?

Choosing one topic is important so you can focus on discussing it deeper. It makes your blog looks professional. Remember! Visitors want to find something they need to know from blogs that make them sure. One of the ways to make them sure is by answering all their questions related to one topic. At least, you can keep the visitors to stay in your blog longer because they find anything they need there.

To choose the best topic, you can start to make a list of some topics that you love. For example, you can start by making a list of your hobby. It is okay to get a lot of topics so you can pick for the best one later. Then, make small research related to the list to choose a profitable topic. You can use a specific tool such as Google Trends and type of the hobby to see the number of people is searching for it. The best thing is writing based on your favorite hobby and people also search for information about that hobby.  You can write some popular topics based on a hobby such as how-to or a guide to a specific hobby, recipes, online marketing, sports, and many more.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

After deciding the best topic to write on your blog, it is the time to create the blog. You have to create a domain name first. A domain name is the name of your blog. When you are creating a blog you will have something like

There are some valuable tips you have to know before creating a domain name. First, you have to create an easy to spell and say domain name. It is better to avoid difficult words that make people misspelled. Second, try to choose a short and easy to remember domain name. Third, if you want to make money from the blog you have to include a keyword on the domain name. Using a keyword on the domain name is important for Search Engine Optimization. Fourth, you can use your name if you want to create a blog for personal branding.

how to start blog for business

When you are ready with a cool, short, and easy to remember domain name, you have to create it right away before anyone else takes it. There are some trusted hosting providers you can visit to create a domain such as,,,, and many more. You can also buy a domain at Get complete information about those hosting providers before using their services.

Step 3: Hosting

Another important thing you have to know before starting a WordPress blog is web hosting. You need to understand about web hosting service because it is the service that helps to create your blog or website. Hosting also helps to make sure that people can see and visit your blog when they type a specific keyword or your domain name.

There are a variety of web hosting services you can use. First, you can use a shared web hosting in which your blog is hosted by other websites. The best part of using this hosting service is at its affordable cost. The second type of hosting is the Cloud-based web hosting where you and hundreds of other bloggers are using one giant server. Cloud-based web hosting is a good option if you want to find traffic.

how to start a wordpress blog

Virtual Private Server or VPS is the next hosting you can use where you will have a personal server. If you want to rent one physical server from a hosting company, you can use a dedicated web server. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about the other blogs or websites that will slow down the performance of your blog.
Because there are a lot of web hosting services, you have to consider several things before choosing the best one. Let say, you need to consider about your need. Check the reliability and speed of the hosting service. Find out the crucial things such as the security system, customer support, update system, and the cost. You can also grab the Eight Web Hosting, this is 8 years hosting for price of one. Learn more here

Step 4: Start a WordPress Blog

Now, you can start a blog by using WordPress. WordPress is a platform or software that provides a place for blogging and developing a blog. You can try a free version but for further development, you have to work with the premium WordPress blog.  So, why do you have to use WordPress to develop a blog?

  • It’s Free!
    All you need is a hosting, and you can start install WordPress for free on your sites
  • Easy to Use
    Wordpress is developed for all types of bloggers whether a beginner or an advanced blogger. The tools and features are easy to use so you can update and develop your blog anywhere and anytime you want as long as you have internet access.
  • SEO Friendly
    You don’t need to get confused with the SEO. WordPress is SEO ready due to the simple and constant codes. As a result, Google can easily index your blog.
  • Responsive
    Wordpress is a responsive platform so you don’t need to worry with its performance. The technology is suitable for blogs which get a lot of traffics.
  • Great Theme
    Wordpress has a variety of themes. Those themes are designed for all types of blogs including for content marketing blogs.
  • Moreover, WordPress supports social media integration.
    You can easily share your post to your social media accounts by the time you posting it. You can share your blog to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, and many more by using one button only. The most important thing, WordPress also has a great security system that protects your blog from fraud or hackers.

Step 5: Choose a WordPress Template

When you already have a WordPress blog, you need to optimize it to make the blog looks interesting. One of the ways to optimize your blog is by choosing the best template. The best template will increase readability level.
You may choose a colorful and complex template but it is better to use a simple template. Moreover, the template has to be a mobile-friendly template in case most people use their mobile phone to visit their favorite blogs. You also need to apply a template that compatible with a variety of browsers. You can download the best WordPress template for free by visiting the sites below:

  • Themeforest
  • Elegant Themes
  • WPZoom
  • WooThemes
  • StudioPress

For a better and more responsive template, it is better to use a premium WordPress template. By using a premium template, you will get full support along with the complete and responsive feature. The significant difference is on its quality in which a premium WordPress template has a higher quality level than a free template. The most important thing, a premium template is a valuable investment for the development of your blog. You can also check our latest review for WordPress Theme product here

Step 6: Write an Article

Just imagine that your blog is ready. Now, you need to develop it by creating content. You can start to write an article and post it. What do you have to write? You must write anything related to the topic you have chosen before. You may write about how-to, tips, guidance, question and answer, and many more. Just do it regularly to make sure that your blog has enough content.

how to start a blog right way

Try to write an article with a compelling headline, clear call-to-action, bullets, and subheadings. You also need to apply on page SEO where you have to link an article to another article on your blog. The main purpose is to increase the rank in search engines and get relevant traffic. Don’t forget to include specific keywords related to the topic of the blog or article.

Write a long article around 500 to 1000 or even more words. The longer the article, the better for the Search Engine Optimization. The idea is writing an article that SEO friendly as well as visitor friendly. As a result, you will see your blog on the first page in search engine and it grabs a lot of valuable traffic or visitors. The result will make your blog more powerful and valuable.

Step 7: Increase the Traffic of Your Blog

You can increase the traffic of your blog by using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is a method that you have to apply to increase traffic, search engine rank, reputation, and popularity of your blog.
One of the simple ways to increase blog traffic is by using the power of social media. You just have to share your blog anytime you create a new post. Before that, you also have to increase your followers and ask your friends to share your post it is valuable for them or their friends. Let your friends comment to your blog post.

Then, give a response to the comment. Intensive communication will make them trust you. The most important thing is that you have to think about how to create a valuable post so your friends in social media want to click the link and read the post. The more valuable the article, the more visitors will visit your blog. This is also the way to get valuable visitors that will be your target market.

Step 8: Monetizing Your Blog

Indeed, you can use your blog for making money. You just have to monetize the blog first. There are some ways to monetize your blog. Let say, you can register the blog to Google Adsense. You will get some ads that posted on your blog and earn some amount of money when visitors clicking the ads. You can also make money by being an online affiliate marketer. You just have to find a trusted website that offers an affiliate program. You will get an affiliate link that you can put on your blog. You will get commission anytime the visitors buy something from your affiliate link. It is a good option for a blogger who wants to make money but you don’t have a product to sell yet.

how to start a blog and make money

Another way to make money from a blog is by accepting a paid guest post. You let another blogger write an article and posts it on your blog. You earn money anytime you accept an article from a guest blogger. Just make sure that the article has the same niche or topic with your blog to keep the performance of the blog. You can also sell your products. For instance, if you are a writer you can write an ebook and sell it through your blog. You may also sell a specific service such as a private course. One thing for sure, it is better to sell something that related to the niche or topic of your blog.


Developing a blog is fun and challenging. You can develop it based on the purpose. The interesting thing is that you can also develop a blog to make money. You just have to build the blog well first and attract more traffic to come. Then, you can start to monetize the blog and earn some amount of money from it.

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms you can use. This platform is designed to create a blog for any kind of goals. You can create a blog for fun, personal branding, and even developing an online business. WordPress is also supported with user-friendly features and tools so you can develop a blog comfortably.


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