How To Get Your Website To Show Up on Google

How To Get Your Website To Show Up on Google – There are 2 ways to bring up our website on Google. The first way is with Google Ads. This method is a paid way, which is to pay Google or also known as pay per click to bring our website in the top position on the keywords that we target.

Google Ads is the fastest way to bring up your website on Google, with the right budget, and the right keywords, you can show up on Google in a few minutes. But this method requires the right analysis to target the right keywords and audience, otherwise, you are just wasting money with no results at all.

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money, and want a free way to bring up your website on Google. You can use SEO. The way to bring up our website on Google is known as SEO or search engine optimization. This method is widely used by online business people to get targeted visitors to their website for free. By doing SEO optimization, we do not need to spend a lot of money on advertising costs.

There are 2 stages in SEO. The first is on-page optimization, and the second is off-page optimization. If you want your website to show up on page one of Google, you have to do both of these steps correctly. In this article, I will discuss both, hopefully, useful for anyone.

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SEO On-Page

On-Page SEO is all the optimization that we do on our website pages.  Such as :

  • Website Title
  • Article title
  • Article quality
  • Link between articles
  • Alt image
  • Related videos
  • Website Speed
  • Page speed
  • Mobile optimized

Website Title:

The website title must be related to or the same as the keywords that will be targeted. The more relevant the better, create a website title that describes the topic of your website. For example, if your website topic is about weight loss, and wants to show up on keywords that are relevant to “weight loss”. You can use the website title “How to lose weight blog”, or others.

Make sure it matches the topic of the blog, and matches the keywords that you want to target. Enter these keywords in the title of your website

Article Title

The article title is also the same, you need to enter the targeted keywords in the article title, make sure the title is still very well understood by people. Don’t make a title that doesn’t fit the topic of the article.

Article Quality

You have to write a quality article, it doesn’t have to be a long article but it is quality and is very useful for visitors and readers. Never use other people’s articles, and don’t use the article spin tool, it only makes your website bad, and won’t show up on Google

Link Between Articles

A very good example is Wikipedia, if you read a page on Wikipedia you will see many links pointing to other relevant pages on Wikipedia. You must link to the article page that is still related to the topic, make it natural, like 3-5 links are enough for an article with a length of 1000 words

Outbound Weblink

If you write a word that should make the visitor learn more, give an outbound web link so that the reader will get complete information from the other web. Don’t forget to set the link to open in a new tab, so that your website doesn’t have a high bounce rate.

Alt image

If you use WordPress or other CMS. You can insert alt images in images easily. This is useful to tell the Google bot what the image is about, enter the targeted keywords in the alt image, or you can enter words that are relevant to the image. Enter max 5 words in the alt image.

Related videos
Related videos can help your readers understand your article better, if you have relevant videos, you can include them. You can take video embed code on YouTube

Website Speed

The speed of loading your website is also an important factor that you must pay attention to in order to make your website show up on Google. Using a lightweight theme is a way to make your website loading speed better, another way is to use a fast hosting service. To find out the loading speed of your website, you can use the Google Page Speed ​​Test here.


Also, make sure you use a theme that is mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized theme has a nice and fast appearance when accessed by visitors via mobile devices. This will make your website easily show up on Google.

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SEO Off-Page

The second stage of how to get your website on Google is off-page SEO optimization. This method is to get links from other websites to your website, or called backlinks or link building.

You can use several ways to create backlinks, such as:

  • Web 2.0
  • PBN (Private Backlink Network)
  • Backlink profile forum
  • Blog commenting

Don’t make backlinks that are spamming, because it will make your website bad and won’t help your website show up on Google, make sure the quality of your backlink. Off-page SEO takes a long time and requires effort if you do it manually. There are several tools that you can use to help you create backlinks, such as Ranksnap 2.0 software. You can read more about Ranksnap 2.0 here.

In addition to backlinks, social signals are also important to help your website show up on Google. Social signals are backlinks from social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. You can spread the URL of your website or article to social media to get Social Signal


To show up your website on Google you have to do SEO optimization properly and correctly, it takes time and effort to show up on page one. But if your website already shows up on page one of your targeted keywords, you will get a lot of visitors without having to spend money on advertising.

However, if you want to show up on Google quickly, you can use Google Ads. Don’t forget to prepare your advertising costs.


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