How To Find The Best Questions To Answer on Quora

Do you want to use Quora to bring visitors and leads as well? But you no have an idea which questions to answer on Quora? This article will guide you on how to find the best questions to answer on Quora

Currently, there are indeed very many people using this platform to bring visitors to your website to collect leads and even make money online with affiliate marketing using Quora. But, sometimes we find questions that already have a lot of answers, and very little chance to get big upvotes that make our answers can be in the top position.

How To Find The Best Questions To Answer on Quora

Yes, indeed to get a lot of visitors using Quora, your answer must get the top position, otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to get visitors if your answer is at the bottom.

So how do we get our answers to the top? The trick is to give the best answer and also look for questions that don’t have many answers, or don’t have any answers at all. How to? I usually give answers to only the newest questions, because the latest questions are still very potent and still have less than 5 answers, or don’t even have an answer at all.

Questions posted 1 month before, or even 1 week ago will be very potential to bring visitors to your website if you provide the best answers and also get the highest upvotes. So if you have questions “which questions to answer on Quora?” Here’s the best way to find questions in quora

How To Find The Best Questions To Answer on Quora Using Google

Go to Google and enter the keywords you want to search for in Quora, for example here I am weight loss breakfast food. Use this query on Google: site + weight loss breakfast food

You can replace the keyword with yours. Below the results

quora questions results

As you can see the results are 1,400,000 and a lot of questions from many years ago, old questions already have dozens of answers and you will find it difficult to get upvotes of answers there, so we need to filter and just look for the latest questions. Use the filter function in google search results, click on Tools and filter it

results filter

quora filter the results


For example, let’s look for questions posted on Quora in the last 24 hours. And we can find questions about the keywords we are looking for in the last 24 hours

quora past 24 hours

If the results already have a lot of answers, try using other keyword combinations. For example, in this article, we have found a question with 8 answers in less than 24 hours. If you can give the best answer, you can potentially get a lot of upvotes, but if you feel competent in the answers is quite heavy you can look for other questions on Google using the method above.

Find Questions Using Tool

Other ways besides using Google results, you can also use the software. TrafficMiner is software that will help you find the best questions to answer in Quora. With this software, you can find questions in Quora very easily. Learn more about TrafficMiner here


The most practical way is to use the software, and right now the software that I know to find the best questions to answer on Quora is TrafficMiner, but if you don’t want to use the software you can also use the method above, looking for the right questions in Google Search Results.

After getting a very good question to answer on Quora, your next task is to provide the best answer you can give. Because only by giving the best answer you can get more upvotes and that means you can get a lot of visitors to your website. For how
write the best answer on Quora, you can read it here


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