How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram Quickly in 1 Year

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram Quickly in 1 Year – As we know Instagram is a fast growing social media that allow people or company to promote themselves or their business. For some company this is the best way to comunicate their business, looking for perfect employees, business presentation, and reach more audience, and hope to generate more leads.

Lot of people said that you must work hard to grow your Instagram Followers unless you’re popular, you can grow your Follower faster.

But all average individual and business, still have the chance to growing their follower in 1 year without spending much money. Below is the few things you can do to grow your Instagram Follower in 1 year.

Because it’s free method, all you need to do is invest your effort and time, start from customizing your Instagram profile, make it more professional and fun, post excellent content, using popular hashtags, and colaborate with influencers to increase engagement if possible

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram

How Do I Get More Followers on Instagram

Below is the details:

1. Create Professional IG Profile

The first things you need to do is create or customize your profile, make sure it look better and professional, and make sure your followers know who you are, what you do, and add some “call to action” to follow your account. Like some reason why they should follow your profile.

Don’t forget to make your username is easily to memorize, searchable and recognizable, such as your brand’s name or your personal name. Sometimes the username is already taken, you can try to use your brand name and put your name too. So when someone can find your name also your brand name.

And the next step is, make sure your Instagram profile is public. How to make it public? Open Instagram Apps, go to “Options” and make sure “Private Account” is turned off.

Next step is, choose a profile photo same with your other social media logo and your business logo. And fill your bio with engaging, and informative words about your brand.

Write easy to understand bio, and don’t forget to put reason why they should follow your account. After that, you can add a link to your Instagram bio, you can add your sites or your other social media.
And the last step is don’t forget to enable notifications so you can notice when users like or comment on your photos. Make sure you reply their comment it’s make them happy and want to recommend your account to their friends

To activate the notifications

Go to “Options.” and tap on “Push Notification Settings.” Select “From Everyone” for every category.

2. Post quality content

Qulity content is the most important things in Instagram. Below is some tips to create quality images and content in Instagram

Mobile Photography Skills

As we know Instagram is a mobile platform, so most of the pictures you post to Instagram taken on your mobile device.
Some companies use professional photography instead using mobile device to take a picture.

If you’re using mobile device to capture a picture, below is some quick tips on how to take professional looking images for your instagram content:

  • Take a Focus on one object
  • Find exciting perspectives.
  • Look for light balance
  • Catch small details with zoom in
  • Photo Editing Skills

As we know Instagram have some features to editing your images to make it perfect. But you can also use other photo editing apps to make it different and outstanding before publish it on Instagram.

You can check this software to create professional Instagram content: StoryMate Review

3. Start Posting Your Content

Once you have high quality images, and professional Intagram profile, the next step is start posting your content.

What you need to remember is the content schedule, you can select and use your own posting timing and frequency.

4. Write Cool and Fun Captions

As we know Intagram main content is Images and Videos. But you must use great captions. Because caption is also crucial part of your post. Try to consistently use excellent captions, so you can reaching new followers, and also make your content more shareable.

5. Use Popular and Relevant Hashtags

Don’t forget to use hashtags for every content. try to find relevant hashtags and put them on your posts, that will make your post get exposure to a broader audience. Make sure the maximum hashtags is four, so you must think again and select the best hastags for your post.

6. Run Some Small Contests

Some excellent way to increase your Instagram followe is promoting a small contest, ask users to follow your account, Like and comment on the photo to participate the contest.

7. Reply Comment and Interact With Your Follower

Remember that instagram is social media, so you must start interact with your audience, for example if they leave comment on your post, make sure you take time to reply their comment. This is one excellent way to get involved. You can also start following and engaging with their posts too.

That’s all the 7 tips how to grow your Instagram Follower in 1 year, and the last tips is you can go live on video and post stories and also you can follow celebrities, and try to see what they are doing to increase their follower.


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