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What is HomeZon? Introduction

HomeZon Review – As we know, Amazon is the #1 online store in the world, and if you are a business owner, have a good service, you can sell also your business on Amazon, such as plumbing, carpet, or gargae. All you need to do is just put your business on Amazon and you will get tons of customers. Home Zon is a complete training on how to make money online on Amazon, in this training you will learn step by step video, how to become a successful Amazon seller, you will know everything how to make success on Amazon, you will learn from how to apply, registering your business, everything about seller dashboard, how to use Amazon Seller App, and everything including how to get 5 star reviews on Amazon. This training also will show you how to get business on Amazon with high rank to generate a ton of sales.

This is the greatest opportunity in 2019 for anyone who has good home service business, Tommy Mello made 35M per year winner with an Amazon home service niches, and he will show you how to land clients fast, how to get them jobs on Amazon fast, how to get paid on every single job that’s generated, and how to turn a client into a 10k yearly deal without selling. This is for newbie? Yes they will show you, step-by-step how to start these niches, and this is newbie simple and a unique strategy I have never seen anyone else talk or show about it.

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HomeZon Review –  What will you learn about it

Below is the complete curriculum on member area:

  • Introduction to Training
  • How Amazon Home Services Can Help You Grow Yor Business
    Why Your Business Needs To Be On Amazon
    Overview of the Amazon Home Services
  • How To Apply
    Before You Begin
    How To Get Started
    Completing the Application Form
  • Registering Your Business To Get Booked
    Before You Begin
    Getting Started Guide
    Completing the Registration Process
  • Navigating the Seller Dashboard
    The Seller Central Tab
    Profile Tab
    Orders Tab
    Reports Tab
    Performance Tab
    Hide Content
  • How To Use The Seller Services App
    How To Use The Amazon Seller Services App
    Amazon Manual Proof of Service Form
    PDF Proof of Service Form
    Amazon Services APP FAQ
  • Sales – How to Find Clients and Maximize the Opportunity
    How To Offer Your Clients A New Way To Generate Additional Money Once They Are On AHS With No Cost
    How To Charge Your Client (What’s In It For You? A Lot!) – Business Models Where Everyone Wins
    How To Find Countless Leads For Free
    Using LinkedIn To Generate Leads
    Advanced – How to Look Professional In LinkedIn
    Advanced LinkedIn Training – Continuation – Use LinkedIn to Generate Leads and Sales
    Advanced – How To Use Lead Scraping Tools to Generate Contact Info On Relevant Prospects
    Advanced – How to Set up and Use Drip Campaigns To Generate Meetings and Calls with Prospects
    Sample Email Scripts for Drip Campaign
    Sample Text for Prospects via LinkedIn Outreach
  • How To Get 5 Star Reviews
    Amazon Reviews
  • Live Event Info
    Live Event Info
  • Link to Knowledge Base (KB) and Support Area
    Knowledge Base and Support Area Link
  • Live Event Flyer
    Event Flyer and Trainer Biographies
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Who is Home Zon For?

This is my opinion, this product is perfect for anyone who want to start their own business on Amazon, I reviewed the training materials, especially if you have a home business, with this training you can make a tons of sales with Amazon Home Service.

Home Zon Review – Training Membe Area:

Below is the screenshot of training member area:

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homezon review 2

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HomeZon OTO and Pricing

Get more benefits on OTO upsells, below is the details

homezon oto


HomeZon OTO 1. >> Click here to learn more

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HomeZon OTO 2. >> Click here to learn more

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HomeZon OTO 3. >> Click here to learn more


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This product is for anyone who wants to learn about how to run a successful Amazon business, especially for anyone who has a home service business and wants to boost sales using Amazon. Click the button below to learn more from the official site. I hope this review helpful, thanks!


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