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HitVidio Review – What is HitVidio? This is a brand new video templates by Ciprian and Ionut Macovei, with this bundle you can create high quality video marketing for several niches, you can create video promotion for Salepages or landing pages videos, you can create for any commercial videos for any niches because you can customize the template suchs as adding text, you can also create social media videos or Facebook and YouTube Ads video. If you run ecom business hitvidio can help you to create eCom product videos without need any skills or using complicated and expensive video creator. With this video templates you can stop spending lot of money on expensive video creator or hiring video designer for your own video projects, you can start create it by your self.

hitvidio review

HitVidio Review – How it Works

This video templates is so easy to use what you need to do is simple, just 3 simple step you can create high quality videos without using any complicated software and without required video editing skills, all you need to do is just select video template, download and choose format of the videos, and you can start using free video editor called HitFilm FX you can download on https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express

This software is free and easy to use, you can import HitVidio templates and start customize your videos.

hitvidio review


About The Creator of HitVidio

hitvidio creator

This product created by Ciprian and Ionut Macovei they are vendor on JVZoo and W+ marketplace, their niches is video and stock images, this product is video templates that user can customize by using HitFilm Express.

HitVidio Review – The Features

With this product you will get:

  • 18 Promotion Video Templates
  • 15 Logo Intro Video Templates
  • 3 Logo Outro Templates
  • 21 Lowerthird Templates

HitVidio Review – Pros and Cons

HitVidio Pros: 

  • Lot of templates
  • High quality templates
  • Different size and format files available to download

HitVidio Cons:

Need to learn about HitFilm Express, because you must use HitFilm Express to customize HitVidio templates.

HitVidio OTO Upsells and Pricing

Below is the details of HitVidio OTO Upsells


18 Promotion Templates40 Live Action Mockup Video Templates8000 Stock FootagesReseller License
18 Intro and Outro Templates60 Done-For-You Videos4000 Stock Images
20 Title and Lowerthirds Templates300 Graphics

HitVidio Review Conclusion and My Opinion

Thank you for reading my article review about HitVidio, this video template is perfect for anyone who run video marketing campaign. High quality templates ready to customize using free software HitFilm Express.


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