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What is Heavydeo Craft? Introduction

Heavydeo Craft Review – Cinematic video is one of cool video style that can increase viewer attention, when you are using cinema elements on your videos such as cinematography, blocking, product design and more your video style is Cinematic. To create this video style you need video creation skills, cush as color filters. And you need video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and you need to spend years to learn video editing from scrath. How if you can create Cinematic Video style without using complicated software?

How if create cinematic style video using PowerPoint? Heavydeo Craft will allow you to produce professioal videos with cinematid style video. You will get Cinematic Style PowerPoint templates, now you can create Cinematic video without using complicated and expensive software, all you need is only PowerPoint without any additional plugin. Below is the details of Heavydeo Craft

Heavydeo Craft Review

About The Creator Maftuch Junaidy

Maftuch Junaidy is vendor on JVZoo in graphic and video niche, his products is PowerPoint templates and he is an expert with PowerPoint. Now he and his team launch this brand new PowerPoint templates, include lowerthird, paralax, and also the main product is cinematic PowerPoint templates. Below is the details, what will you get

Heavydeo Craft Review – What Will You Get

As I said before this product is PowerPoint templates, contains with Cinematic, Paralax effect, Lowerthird and more. Below is the details:

  • 33 Lowerthird templates
  • 11 Cinematics templates
  • 6 reguler screen size paralax templates
  • 6 wide screen size templates
  • 8 story templates
  • 10 square templates
  • Click here to learn more

How it Works?

This product is PowerPoint templates so you need PowerPoint installed on your PC, and all you need to do is 3 simple steps first step choose ready to use templates, step 2, edit and customize elements, such as add your own image or text, and step 3 is export to full HD video format.

Product Preview:

Below is the preview of Heavydeo Craft, for more details you can visit the official site.


Heavydeo Craft OTO Upsells

More templates available on upsells, please check the OTO Upsells below:


  • Get 16 more Cinematics Templates
  • Get 12 more Parallax Templates (regular screen size)
  • Get 12 more Parallax Templates (wide screen size)
  • Get 12 more Story Templates
  • Get 16 more Square Templates
  • Get 48 more Lowerthird Templates
  • FREE Developer / Commercial License


  • Get 60 Presentation themes
  • Get more than 1800 Professional Slides
  • Get 60 Color Themes
  • Free Developer / Commercial License


This product perfect for anyone who run video marketing campaign, with this product you don’t need any complicated software, you just need PowerPoint, easy to edit and customize. No need to hire expensive video creator. Learn more click button below



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