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One of the main concerns for online marketing is to get as much traffic for the website. This is a common thing, that is why a proper solution for this issue is needed. One of the ways is to use a suitable tool, such as selecting Go Traffic. For more information about Go Traffic review FE and OTO review, the following paragraphs will help to show some overview.


GoTraffic Features Review

Go Traffic is plug and play traffic solution that works for any niche. It grabs the audience from social media in legal and ethical ways. This product giving various features for the user, including a list in the following:

  • It operates a separate business in a single account. Therefore, it will help the user to easily manage all kinds of their business.
  • Go Traffic connects with multiple social media platforms. Therefore, it can work for any kind of social media accordingly.
  • The tool also able to schedule content up to the next 365 days. Therefore, it can help the user to work effectively and efficiently to manage more traffic to their business.
  • It also manages third-party integrations, including Pixabay, Giphy, and Youzign.

How Does it Work?

I have access to this software, so you can trust my review. Below is the dashboard of GoTraffic

gotraffic review


You can start scheduling your social media content on 365 projects, schedule social media content for one year

gotraffic schedule


Can’t show you with screenshot, for better understanding you can watch the demo video below:

speechdio review

Go Traffic Benefit Review

The tool also promises many benefits. By selecting Go Traffic, the user will able to get the following advantages:

  • Unlimited items including unlimited campaigns, workspaces, social connections, prompts, and many more.
  • It gives the simplest way for the user to get more traffic from various social media. Therefore, it can be a positive approach to introduce and grow the business at the same time.
  • Furthermore, with Go Traffic, the user can get an option to choose and optimize the content that works best for each niche.

GoTraffic Pros and Cons


Of course, they’re always pros and cons when deciding to use any product, including when you decide to select Go Traffic. What is good about the product is that it can help a simpler way to reach and engage more traffic to the business. It works effectively and efficiently too. Furthermore, it is the simplest way to get good traffic from social media. Therefore, less effort is needed but with a huge impact to get.


In terms of the cons, it is better to check on the upsells. So it is recommending to make a purchase to get a details cons of the product.


GoTraffic OTO

Front-End 1: GoTraffic Personal. Click here to learn more

✅ 1 Workspace
✅ 5 Projects
✅ 1 Social Connection Per Workspace
✅ Schedule Unlimited Number Of Media Posts
✅ 1 DFY Prompt Per Day
✅ Schedule Your Media Post On A Need Basis
✅ 2 Niches
✅ 10 Media Post Templates
✅ Image Editor – Basic Version
✅ Captions Manager – Create Captions And pull them Into Your Media Post On Need Basis
✅ Hashtag Manager – Create Hashtag And Pull Into Your Media Post On Need Basis
✅ Analytics – Complete Analytics Of Scheduled Media Post Activity

Front-End 2: GoTraffic Commercial. Click here to learn more

✅ 5 workspaces
✅ 25 Projects
✅ 5 Social Connections Per Workspace
✅ Schedule Unlimited Number Of Media Posts
✅ 3 DFY Prompts Per Day
✅ Schedule Your Media Post On A Need Basis
✅ 1 DFY Content Piece A Day
✅ 7 niches – Weight Loss, Gym/Fitness, MMO, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, Restaurant, Real Estate
✅ 100 Media Post Templates
✅ Image Editor – Basic Version
✅ Captions Manager – Create Captions And pull them Into Your Media Post On Need Basis
✅ Hashtag Manager – Create Hashtag And Pull Into Your Media Post On Need Basis
✅ Analytics – Complete Analytics Of Scheduled Media Post Activity
✅ Clone Feature – Clone Your Created Workspace, Projects, and Media post.
✅ 365 Days Scheduled Post – DFY 365 Scheduled Projects With Captions And Images (Calendar Based)

OTO 1 – GoTraffic Unlimited Yearly. Click here to learn more

✅ Unlimited Campaigns
✅ Unlimited Workspaces,
✅ Unlimited Social Connections
✅ Unlimited Posts
✅ Unlimited Content prompt library
✅ Future Updates
✅ Advanced Effects In The Image Editor
✅ 800 Templates – 200 FB Templates, 150 Twitter Post Templates, 150 Linkedin Templates, 150 Reddit Post Templates, 150 Tumblr Post Templates
✅ Automated Rescheduling Media Post With The Days Set.
✅ Email Notification Will Be Triggered On Every Media Post Activity.

Downsell 1: GoTraffic Unlimited Trial than Yearly

OTO 2 – GoTraffic Agency & Agency Kit. Click here to learn more

✅ Whitelabel Rebranding
✅ Create And Manage Upto 100 Clients
✅ Custom Logo Branding On The Client’s Dashboard
✅ Team Member Access To Manage Workspace
✅ 5 Email Swipes
✅ Outsourced Team Member Access
✅ GoTraffic Agency Website
✅ All Pages Created With Content
✅ Add Featured Samples of Services Offered
✅ Add Clients Testimonial
✅ DFY Reseller License
✅ 5 DFY Fiverr Gigs To Sell Media Post Service
✅ DFY Sales Videos To Sell Media Post Service
✅ DFY Phone Scripts
✅ BONUS: Ready-Made Client Contracts
✅ BONUS: 100+ DFY Lead Magnets
✅ BONUS: 100+ DFY FB Ad + Copy Templates

Downsell 2: GoTraffic Agency

OTO 3: GoTraffic Reseller. Click here to learn more

✅ 50 GoTraffic Commercial accounts to resell
✅ 250 GoTraffic Unlimited accounts to resell

My Opinion and Conclusion

Overall, Go Traffic can promise better traffic from social media in a suitable way. So that your business can grow up and your online marketing strategy can well support. Not to mention all the incredible features above that will help you to do it all effectively. Therefore, no need to feeling doubt about using this tool.

Through the above information, hopefully, it can give a suitable overview about the product. In case you need more overview, you can directly look at the webpage and get more details on this item. So that you can have a final decision whether you are interested to select the product or not.

GoTraffic Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How does GoTraffic help me?

GoTraffic is the first-of-its’-kind software that allows you to:
[+] Operate separate businesses in a single account
[+] Connect with multiple social media platforms
[+] Manage one or more social media campaigns instantly
[+] Schedule content for the next 365-days by letting our AI help you
[+] Upload own files from the media library
[+] Schedule Facebook Page posts, Facebook Group posts, LinkedIn posts, Twitter posts

You get:

[+] 365 days of content prompts & pre-written content available
[+] Create captions & hashtags and pull them into your media posts
[+] Provision to add your own SMTP for email notifications
[+] 3rd Party Integrations – Giphy, Pixabay and Youzign
[+] Built-in an image editor

Q: Can I also sell these campaigns?
Yes. You are getting the Commercial License at no extra cost with your purchase today. This allows you to pitch and sell these Social Media Campaigns as a service to your clients and charge top dollar for it.

Q) Any monthly or yearly Charges?
There are no monthly or yearly fees ever. You get EVERYTHING for a low one-time price if you act now during the launch discount.


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