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Funneleo Review – This is a tool that will help you increase sales conversions on Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy by leveraging email marketing. With Funneleo you can immediately save email lists from potential buyers and you can follow up with them. This tool makes capturing email easier whether they buy from you or not.

If you want to get better results from your eCommerce journey, you need this tool. Since most of the eCom platforms don’t allow you to list buildings before they buy with Funnelio you can do it. The way it works is very easy, you can integrate with 3 eCom platforms at once, Etsy, Amazon, and also Shopify. You only need to enter a keyword, ASIN, or URL to find the product you want to promote.

Next, you can set up a landing page that you will use to capture email lists from potential buyers. Scroll down to see the demo.

funneleo review fe and oto

Funneleo Review – The Features

  • Connect with Shopify
  • Connect with Amazon
  • Connect with Etsy
  • Easy to integrate with your affiliate ID
  • Complete Stats
  • Capture email before purchases made
  • Easy to create Amazon landing page
  • Easy to create Shopify landing page
  • Easy to create Etsy landingpage
  • Easy to find eCom products
  • Promote eCom product as an affiliate
  • Promote eCom product as a seller
  • Easy to create coupon code
  • High converting templates
  • Beautiful templates
  • You can set regular and discount prices
  • Upload your own logo
  • Auto product description
  • Add your own product gallery
  • Add countdown timer for scarcity
  • Pre-loaded FAQ
  • Review section
  • Related post
  • Social sharing
  • Custom domain
  • Funneleo subdomain
  • Integrate with Facebook pixel
  • Integrate with Google Analytics
  • Easy to integrate with your favorite autoresponder

Funneleo Review – The Benefits

The main benefit that you can get from using Funneleo is that you can collect email from your website visitors, you can also follow up to get more sales. You also don’t need to build a landing page from scratch. All you need to do is provide details about your landing page, such as title, description, product photos, and also add a timer. Very easy to use and newbie-friendly

How does it Work?

Below is an overview of how this software works and can help you get the best results from your eCommerce business. To find a product, it’s very easy. For Amazon, you can fill in the ASIN number, for Shopify and Etsy you can use the URL.

funneleo review find products


The next step is you need to insert your campaign name and also your ID. And click the create campaign button to create your campaign.

funneleo review the details



The next step is you can insert the price. You can insert the regular price and also the promo price

funneleo product pricing


Next, you can choose your landing page template

funneleo templates


And you can start to customize your landing page,  for example, add logo, add product images, and etc

funneleo customize the templates


For more details, please watch the demo video below

speechdio review

Who is Funneleo For?

Funneleo is perfect for eCommerce business owners, if you already have a store on Shopify or an affiliate on Etsy and also on Amazon, this tool is perfect for you to increase your sales volume. This tool is also perfect for people who are just starting out in an eCommerce business because it is very easy to use and you can increase your sales from the time you start your eCommerce business.

Funneleo OTO

Funneleo OTO 1 – Viral Edition ($37). Click here to learn more

This OTO 1 allows you to give rewards to your subscriber and give more rewards if they invite their friend. With this version, you can setup a viral campaign on Funneleo

Funneleo OTO 2 – Automailer ($37). Click here to learn more

This is the pro version of Funneleo, called auto mailer because with this OTO 2 you can set up your autoresponder and activated it with various triggers to engage visitors to purchase the product. This is a set and forgets feature that allows you to auto follow-ups and sending messages. You will also get 40+ high converting email swipes as a bonus.

Funneleo OTO 3 – Stores Edition ($47-$67). Click here to learn more

With this OTO 3, you will get 10 DFY Shopify stores in hot niches. You will also get a complete guide on how to set up your Shopify in any niche

Funneleo OTO 4 – eCom Bundle ($47). Click here to learn more

You will get a Bundle of 100 high potential selling products on 3 eCom platforms (Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify). You will also get the complete guide on Amazon FBA, and Etsy store setup

Funneleo OTO 5 – Agency License ($97-$497). Click here to learn more

This OTO 5 will allow you to resell Funneleo with your own account creator.


Funneleo is a tool that is perfect for eCom store owners because with this tool you can use email marketing to increase sales. For those of you who want to start an eCommerce business, Funneleo is also a must-have tool for getting the best results in your eCommerce business from the very beginning.

speechdio review



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