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Access the cloud-based platform with millions of pre-loaded eBooks and articles under a private label license, as well as the world’s best 3D/animated flipbook creator, right away. Provide Unlimited Flipbooks, eBooks, and Articles to Customers Via Your Website or Amazon Kindle Store.

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FlipBooks OTO

  • FE $17 One-Time Fee. Click here to learn more
  • OTO 1 $37 for Unlimited FlipBooks and Reseller Rights
  • OTO 2 A One-Time Fee of $47 for the FlipBooks Marketing Agency
  • OTO 3 White-Labeled FlipBooks, $67 One-Time
  • OTO 4 Gold FlipBooks — $27 One-Time Only
  • OTO 5 FlipBooks for $27 One-Time Only
  • OTO 6 Platinum FlipBooks for One-Time Payment of $27
  • OTO 7 FlipBooks Reseller $97

You’re probably aware of the difficulty involved in making your own ebooks, information products, articles, and so on. Did you know that by 2022, sales of FlipBooks in the United States, the largest market for digital products, are projected to hit $22.4 billion?

In this day and age, it is more crucial than ever to put money into eBooks and articles. Over the past decade, sales of FlipBooks have increased by nearly 3000% in the United States. Researchers at eMarketer predict that by 2021, the number of FlipBooks sold in the United States will have exceeded the number of Articles sold.

Smartphone, tablet, and e-reader adoption has led to a surge in FlipBook and eBook sales, as well as free downloads of these formats.

More than half of all U.S. adults, per Pew Research, now own a tablet, smartphone, or e-reader device; most of these people use their tablets to read digital books like FlipBook and eBooks.

To that end, FlipBooks are a fantastic asset to your arsenal of passive income options. Because a FlipBook can theoretically sell itself once it has been created, marketed, shared, and earned. In this day and age, it is more crucial than ever to put money into eBooks and articles.

  • All of your books are in one convenient package.
  • Useful Shareable Content to Increase Exposure and Revenue.
  • Innocuous to the Eye.
  • Participatory Components
  • It’s simple to make money on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Smashwords, and more.
  • It’s useful for developing a distinguishable brand name.
  • Marketing Video Courses with eBooks and FlipBooks
  • This allows for a vast expansion of creative potential.

FlipBooks Features:

  • Professional, Fully Cloud-Based, Commercial License, UNLIMITED USERS
  • Make Money Quickly and Easily by Publishing and Selling Your Flipbooks, eBooks, and Articles on Amazon KDP, Shopify, and
  • More! Software for Making Flipbooks
  • Integrate Flipbooks Into Your Site with a Built-in Cover Maker
  • Millions of pre-made eBooks with PLR license inbuilt content and article generator feature 100+ pre-made templates
  • An Assortment of Specialty-Tailored, Already-Completed Flipbooks, and eBooks
  • Earn Big Bucks by Selling Thousands of Flipbooks
  • One-Click, Unlimited Access, Requires Zero Expertise

How it work

In Only 3 Easy Steps, Now Anyone Can Make Their Own 3D Flipbooks and Articles

  • STEP 1. Sign in & choose a pre-made template to use, or make your own FlipBook from scratch
  • STEP 2. Make use of Flipbook’s INBUILT CONTENT BUILDER FEATURE, or insert your own content.
  • STEP 3. Access previews and downloads with a single click, and publish as many books and articles as you like. Use it yourself, sell it to customers, and pocket the cash.


After getting fed up with complicated and expensive eBooks and 3D FlipBooks creator platforms, thousands of people have switched to Flip Books Because It Has An Infinite Number Of Benefits

  • Expert, 100% Web-Hosted Environment
  • Simple to Use 3D Flipbook Maker
  • There are over a hundred professional-grade designs available for immediate use.
  • Making Flipbooks in 60 Seconds
  • Add a Flipbook Plugin to Your Site
  • Integrated Cover Maker
  • Over a Hundred Professionally Designed Templates for Flipbooks
  • There Are Over Ten Thousand Completely Finished Ebooks Available For Private Label Rights Use
  • Several Completely Finished eBooks in Various Specializations
  • Automatic Article and Content Creator
  • Absolutely Free and Without Any Strings Attached
  • Earn Big Bucks by Selling Thousands of Flipbooks
  • There is absolutely no need for any prior knowledge or experience.
  • Unlimited Direct Download Access
  • Educating People in Easy Steps
  • More than that…
  • And if you take action right now, you can get a free commercial license.

FlipBooks Bonuses

See the Freebies I’m Throwing Your Way If You Take Advantage of This Lucrative Business Opportunity Right Now.

Value of CartoonMaker: $227


There is a $667 value for the DoodleCreator software.

To make unlimited high-quality doodle and sketch videos in any niche in under a minute, DoodleCreator is the first and only AI-based platform of its kind.

In the case of Audify, the monetary worth is $567.

Audify is the first ever AI-based music composer and mixer platform, allowing users to create an unlimited number of high-quality music tracks in under 30 seconds.

Save $81, or $297, on ALL Available Upgrades!

In an instant, save 80% on the cost of any and all upgrades. There will soon be no more access to this special offer.

Price of a Limitless Business License: $997

To whatever extent you put this software to use is entirely up to you. Individuals and businesses alike can benefit from its use. Produce an abundance of free visitors, customers, and leads for your business and others.


Visualize being able to produce 10 brand-new items or FlipBooks per day in any market without ever having to write a single word yourself… All of them have beautiful artwork and designs on their book covers.

Create FlipBooks, eBooks, and articles for yourself and your clients with this turnkey business solution and earn $1,000 to $3,500+ every month.

Discount Coupon: $4 Off with Code “FLIPBOOK4” (Expires in an hour’s time)

When it comes to creating 3D flipbooks, eBooks, and articles, FlipBooks is your only option.

First, sign in and choose a premade template for your flipbook, or start fresh.

Two, either create your own content in FlipBook or use the in-built content builder.

The third step is to preview or download with a single click, make an unlimited number of flipbooks, e-books, and articles to use for yourself or to sell to clients, and keep the proceeds.

The bundled Commercial License allows you to profit from creating FlipBooks, eBooks, and other products. In addition to purchasing FlipBooks during the launch time, you will also receive the following free of charge:

All-Access Pass to the World’s First Cloud-Based 1-Click Puzzle & Maze Book Creator Platform, Complete with 1 Million+ Pre-Made Puzzles & Mazes and a Private Label Rights License for Resell

Brand new, easy-to-use, drag-and-drop page builder: FunnelJam OTO1 + Reseller creates beautiful websites, sales pages, strong sales funnels, membership landing pages, blogs, and email marketing campaigns in minutes, with no coding experience required.

DrievJam OTO1 + RESELLER – DriveJam’s servers are among the most reliable and fast in the world, and they can store a limitless amount of data for you.

Create and sell an unlimited number of eye-catching designs, videos, logos, and banners with the help of GraphEzy and its optional upsell package, OTO1.

Build Unlimited High-Quality Videos With Thousands Of Professionally-Designed Templates And A Powerful, All-In-One Video And Image Editor Using EZY360, The World’s First Builder Platform, Plus Earn 50% On Every Sale As A Reseller With Optional Upgrade #1 (OTO1).

Create a mobile app out of your existing website in no time with the help of FlipBooks AppBuilder Edition with OTO1 and Reseller.

The FlipBooks Logo Generator Tool is a top-tier program for making customized emblems for your company or that of your customers.

Hurry up, though, because the Early Bird rate ends in just a few hours.


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