First Launch Profits Review – Step-by-Step Product Launch

First Launch Profits Review – Being a vendor or owner of a digital product is one way to make money online, many vendors can generate thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars by launching digital products such as software, WordPress theme plugins, or product information such as courses and PLR. Hadsteinn Thordarson is one of the vendors at JVZoo which also makes thousands of dollars from its digital products, and now it opens the opportunity for anyone who wants to learn how to launch their first digital product in a marketplace like JVZoo

You will how to launch your first digital product in 6 modules. Start from the basic like mindset, until email marketing technique. All the modules will cover everything that you need to know about how to make money online by selling digital products. Below are the details:

First Launch Profits Review

First Launch Profits Review

Below is the complete modules you will get:

  • Module 1 – Mindset
    Why you should make an information product (Part 1)
    Why you should make an information product (Part 2)
    Why you should make an information product (Part 3)
    Can you really make money online on the internet?
    But I’m not an expert
    But I;m not a technical person
    Overcoming procrastination
  • Module 2 – The What
    What is an informational product
    Isn’t three free content online?
    What is the right information product for you
    My first information product
  • Module 3 – Creation
    Finding your niche
    JVZoo market research
    Clickbank market research
    Market research (Adwords)
    Find your prospects
    How to create an ebook
    How to create an online course
    How to create various information products
    So now what
  • Module 4 – Marketing
    Download page
    Affiliate page
    Page builders
    Creating a webpage
    Domain and web hosting
  • Module 5 – Launch
    Joint venture
    Launch promotion
    Setting up product on JVZoo (Part 1)
    Setting up product on JVZoo (Part 2)
    Contacting affiliates (Part 1)
    Contacting affiliates (Part 2)
    Setting up a product on Clickbank
  • Module 6 – Post-launch
    Email marketing

first launch profit review

First Launch Profits Benefits, Pros, and Cons


  • Complete module
  • Start from basic
  • From real vendor
  • JVZoo and Clickbank


There is no cons for this product

Who is First Launch Profits For?

This product perfect for anyone who wants to start to launch their digital products, and make money online as a vendor. And this product perfect for anyone who wants to build a list by launching an info product.

First Launch Profits OTO

There is no OTO for this product, everything you will get in FE


Thank you for reading my review, if you want to learn how to start and launch your digital product this First Launch Profits is perfect for you. Hope this review helpful. Thanks!





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