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Fan Automater Review – As we know one of powerful social media marketing is using Facebook Fanpage, if we can build high tarteged followes / likers to our Fanpage we can sell related product without spending lot of money. But as we Facebook marketing has never been this easy, and bulding high targeting and huge Fanpage likers isn’t easy need to work harder and lot of manual process, and maybe also need to spend hundred dollars for FB Ads campaign. How if we can get more Fanpage likers without any manual work, and also without spending lot of money on FB Ads?

What is Fan Automater WordPress Plugin?

Fan Automater is brand new WordPress Plugin by Dan Green that will allows you to run fully automatic unlimited Fanpages for business categories or niches, with this WordPress Plugin you can get more than a hundreds of new real likers or real fans every single week. This WordPress Plugin also can brin huge viral organic and reach for all your posts, Fan Automater also can create auto content curation like links, images, videos. The best part is this WordPress Plugin is really work and tested within couple monthsm and you can see all real proof and results from people that already using Fan Automater.

fan automater review

Who is The Creator of Fan Automater – Dan Green

As I know Dan Green is one of top vendor in JVZoo, he always produce great WordPress Plugin in traffic generation niches. He is the creator of WP Fan Machine Pro, WP Fan Machine 2.0 , WP Tweeet Machine Pro, WP Social Traffic and many more. Now Dan and his team launch this brand new Facebook Fanpage WordPress Plugin that will allows you to build high targeting fans every single day for your unlimited fanpages. After months of development this WordPress Plugin finally launch on 15th Nov, this is brand new Facebook WordPress Plugin that does not rely on Facebook’s API. Below is the complete feature of Fan Automater.

Fan Automater Review – The Key Feature and Benefit

Like said before, with this WordPress Plugin you can manage unlimited fanpage and also building high targeting fans (more than 100) every single weeks. Below is the complete feature:

Allows You To Grow Real Fans

As we know getting new targeted fans to Fanpages and grow it is no easy. With Fan Automater you can get hundreds of fans in just few minutes working with this WordPress Plugin.

Auto Content Curation

You can keep you Fan Page alive and also looks interesting with this feature, so your audience will always stay and also you can attract more real fans. With this feature you can automatically post Images, links and even videos to your Fan Pages on 100% autopilot.

Create Custom Engagement Messages.

You can create and customize the viral enagement messages. You can use keyword placeholders lets you make them ultra relevent to each campaign. This feature also complete with randomize them and make sure they work.

You Can Full Control

With Fan Automater you can control the speed to post your automated content to your Fan Pages, you have 3 different settings to select and you can control the speed using a slider.

Easy To Use and Simple To Setup

This software is newbie friendly, no need any complicated setup process, you can start your campaign within 2 minute.

Complete Training Videos

You will get step-by-step video training, will help you how to setup and run this plugin correctly.

Fully Scalable and Repeatable

You can install this software (WordPress plugin) on multiple sites

With this wordpess plugin finally you can stop doing Fanpage Marketing process manually, with this software you can run your Fanpages on complete Autopilot to build 100% real fans. Click here for more details

fan automater review

fan automater review

Fan Automater Review – How it Works

For more details, you can watch the demo videos below:

Fan Automater OTO Upsells

For more benefit and unlock more feature of Fan Automater, you can also grab the Fan Automater OTO below:

Fan Automater Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Fan Automater review, I hope this article review will help you to make a right decision, in my mind this software is recommended for all marketer who run Fanpage as one of their marketing tools. With this software manage unlimited Fanpage and make Fanpage alive become easier. No need to hire Facebook Fanpage management services, you can do it by your self with 100% autopiolot. And the most important things is, this wordpress plugin is a proven plugin, means lot of marketer already tested and take the benefit using this wordpress plugin. For more details, you can click button below. Hope this review helpful, Thanks!


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