EZLocal Review FE and OTO Review – by Neil Napier

EZLocal is a SMART Automated Service Booking System, Earn Up To $290 Per Successful Transaction. EZLocal is the most comprehensive appointment scheduling software available for use by local marketing agencies and businesses operating at any level.

The best part is that it has already been put through its paces, and customers are eager to spend $700 for someone else to put it into action for them. In addition, it does not require any specific knowledge, copywriting talents, or developer abilities. And getting everything up and running will just take a few minutes.

Your customers will be able to offer appointment scheduling services to local businesses and easily make money online by virtue of the fact that the commercial license is included. Simply specify your services and suppliers, then advertise their availability, and you will have customers, both new and old, placing bookings at all hours of the day and night.

ezlocal review

How does it work?

It only takes three clicks to create a reservation or appointment.

If you want other people to be able to book your services from anywhere in the world, you should share the URL of your booking page on any social platform, website, or email.

Expand your company with a large number of qualified leads, sales, and profits.

EZLocal Review (Feature):

Here are all the features that you will get on EZLocal

  • You Can Simplify Your Life With EZLocal’s Help!
  • In just a few minutes, you can have your very own customized booking page for any service-based business.
  • System for Contactless Reservations Using QR Code
  • System for Booking Multiple Locations
  • Notifications sent by text message and email
  • Client & Admin Portal
  • You can choose from a variety of payment processors to accept payments, such as PayPal and Stripe, among others.
  • Staff & Client Portal
  • Video Conferencing and Online Scheduling of Appointments
  • Video Conferencing and Online Scheduling of Appointments
  • Staff Scheduling & Management
  • Allows the Use of Multiple Currencies
  • Facebook & Instagram booking
  • Sell users a variety of membership packages and subscription plans.
  • Fully Hosted by Us — absolutely no need for a website!
  • Unrestricted flow of traffic
  • Included in the Price is a Commercial License
  • Give customers the option to book online around the clock.
  • Ensure that your available appointments are reflected on the calendars of all of your staff members.
  • Notify both customers and employees with the help of automated messages.
  • Make the schedule accessible online and easy to access from all different kinds of devices. cut down on the number of missed scheduled appointments.
  • Make sure that all of the customers’ information is easily accessible.
  • And a great deal more

EZLocal Review (The Benefits)

With EZLocal, you can directly accept bookings through Facebook, Instagram, Google, or your own branded client app in addition to accepting online bookings from your own personalized booking site that is optimized for mobile use.

To Whom Does EZLocal Cater?

It Is Ideal For The Following:

  • Marketing Firms and Consultants
  • Local Consultants
  • Digital Marketers
  • Attorneys
  • Music Educators and Teachers
  • Care for Children
  • Financial Services
  • Gyms
  • Private Exercise Trainers
  • Dentists
  • Additionally!

EZLocal Demo Video

Watch video below for more details

EZLocal OTO (The Funnels)

EZLocal FE

EZLocal Commercial (FE2) $47. Click here to learn more

  • Build and Manage Websites for Twenty Different Businesses
  • Take care of one thousand clients
  • Oversee the scheduling of 10,000 appointments and 40 employees.
  • Reschedule 10,000 Appointments
  • Access to a more advanced version of the gallery review system as well as service ratings
  • Training of the Highest Quality and Support of the Highest Standard
  • Included in the Price is a Commercial License

EZLocal Bundle. Fast Pass all upgrades $227 to $535 if you purchased everything a la carte. Click here to learn more

  • OTO2 EZ
  • Kit with local contactless technology $67
  • OTO3 EZLocal Agency is available for $297 per year (there are no recurring payments with Fast Pass-a it’s a one-time charge!).
  • OTO4 EZLocal SurvAI $37
  • OTO5 EZLocal Agency Automate is an acronym for. $37

EZLocal OTO 1 EZLocal UNLIMITED OTO – $97. Click here to learn more

  • Users can create and manage an unlimited number of businesses with the UNLIMITED Agency Plan.
  • UNLIMITED Number of Clients
  • UNLIMITED Booking Websites
  • UNLIMITED Staff Members
  • UNLIMITED Capacity for Scheduling
  • UNLIMITED Zoom Meetings, UNLIMITED Access to Galleries, and UNLIMITED Rescheduling of Meetings
  • Detailed Booking Report
  • Multilingual Support
  • Premium Support

EZLocal OTO 2 EZLocal Contactless Cards Suite can be purchased for $67. Click here to learn more

  • Contactless Cards Agency Suite is an app that can create contactless social business cards with only one click. These cards are effective at generating leads and sales in just one minute.
  • Effortlessly SELL This Urgently Required Solution to Neighborhood Businesses in Order to Make Monthly Profits!
  • The instrument every proprietor of a business wishes they had… REGARDLESS OF THE NICHE!
  • These contactless cards have proven to be an overwhelming success. This card is necessary for the ownership of any and all businesses.
  • Create your own contactless card quickly and easily in under a minute, then distribute it to anyone via a QR code, email, a link, or any of the other available options. It is possible to download a QR code and print it on anything, including flyers, newsletters, or even a billboard.

EZLocal OTO 3 EZLocal AGENCY $297. Click here to learn more

You can sell unlimited EZLocal Agency accounts, and your platform can also accept payments.

EZLocal OTO 4 SurvAI EZLocal Edition $37. Click here to learn more

  • Unlimited Questions Regarding AI
  • Collect up to a thousand different responses.
  • Up to ten questions can be asked in each survey.
  • Includes hosting for all of your surveys and support for up to 25 active surveys NO WEBSITE NEEDED!
  • Drag & Drop Canvas for Building Surveys
  • Create Multi-Page Surveys
  • Dynamic Intelligent Rerouting System
  • Pixels for Intelligent Tracking, Protection and Retargeting of Surveys Included in the package are ALL TEN Question Types, Full
  • Survey Analytics Support, and Easy Survey and Result Sharing.

EZLocal OTO 5 Local Leader Automate $37. Click here to learn more

  • A Six-Part Training Course on Agency Automation, Taught By Neil Napier
  • Mastery of the Lead Generation Module 1
  • Module 2: The Attraction Formula for Chilly Email
  • Building an Organization From the Ground Up is the Topic of Module 3
  • Getting Your First Client is the Topic of Module 4
  • The Client Scaleup Formula is Covered in Module 5.
  • Creative Staffing for Your Own Peace of Mind is the Topic of Module 6

EZLocal Review Conclusion

Did you know that locally owned and operated businesses that integrated online booking systems into their websites saw an increase in income of up to 120 percent?

Despite this, only 23% of businesses have some sort of online reservation system. This indicates that there is a MASSIVE opportunity for 77% of the Local Businesses for anyone who is interested in providing a service known as an “Online Appointment Booking System.”

However, I do acknowledge that developing an online booking system is not exactly a simple task.

Creating personalized booking pages for your service-based business couldn’t be simpler than it is with EZLocal.com.

This brand-new software gives you the ability to SET, SHARE, and GROW. Simply add your SMART Booking Link in order to start accepting bookings within minutes on any channel, whether it’s social media, email, or something else entirely.


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