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Email Toolkit Review –  Email Toolkit is brand new software by Ankur Shukla, this software will help you to get better and higher results for your email marketing campaign, with Email Toolkit you will get 10 in 1 email mareting tools, such as, high converting Headline or Subjectline Generator, Email Formatter, SPAM Subject Checker, SPAM Words Checker, Email Extractor, Email Countdown, Email Magic feature, List Cleaner feature, Gmail preview and Emoji feature. With this 10 in one Email marketing tools, you can increase the open rate, and also increase the conversion rate from your email marketing campaign.

With this tools, you can also save lot of money because 10 email marketing tools in one dashboard, without using lot of different tools, and buy lot of different software, Email Toolkit also one time payment so you can save lot of money with this tools. What I can say about Email Toolkit is, this is collection of 10 amazing Email Apps that every Internet Marketer must have to get more results from email marketing campaign. Scroll down for more information about the feature or the benefits, before that maybe you want to know about Ankur Shukla who made this all in one email marketing tools.

email toolkit review


Product Name:EmailToolkit
Vendor Name:Ankur Shukla
Product Type:Software
Launch Date and Time :2018-Aug-17 at 10:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$19.95
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Demo Videos:Click Here
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here
BonusClick Here

About Email Toolkit Creator – Ankur Shukla

Ankur Shukla is one of top internet marketer and also product creator on JVZoo, Ankur Shuka always produce and launch great app/software for internet marketer. One of his great product is WP Tag Machine, now WP Tag Machine updated to version 2, you can read the complete feature and benefits of WP Tag Machine 2.0 review here. Now Ankur Shukla launch this brand new software to optimize conversion for email marketing, this software called Email Toolkit, this is 10 in 1 must have email marketing tools. Below is the feature of Email Toolkit.

Email Toolkit Review – Feature

Well, getting more clicks for every promotion you send is important right? This 10 in 1 app can help you. Below is the complete feature.

  • Headline/Subjectline Generator
    With this feature you can generate high conveting email subject-lines or a headlines for your blog posts and also email.
  • Email Formatter App
    With this feature you can format your emails the right way for maximum clicks and results.
  • SPAM Subject Checker App
    With this feature you can check if your email subject-line land your email in the SPAM box, it’s so important before you send your email.
  • SPAM Words Checker App
    With this feature you can find SPAM words in your email that can affect delivery & opens of your email.
  • Email Extractor App
    With this feature you can Extracts a list of emails from any kind of text you paste into it.
  • Email Countdown App
    With this feature you are being able to insert scarcity and urgency into your emails using Countdown timers.
  • Email Magic App
    With this feature you ca personalize your emails with the subscriber names, thats will help you to get more clicks and results from your emails.
  • List Cleaner App
    With this feature you can clean your list off bad emails in just 1-click. So simple to use
  • Gmail Preview App
    Instantly see how your email will appear in gmail & phone view and craft it smartly to get maximum results.
  • Email Emoji App
    With this feature you can insert emoji into your email subjects to get higher opens and results from your email.
  • You can choose single or unlimited site license >> Click Here For More Details <<

Who is Email Toolkit For?

Because this is email marketing software, so in my opinion this software is perfect for anyone who are using email marketing technique/strategies, this software work for any niches or business type. As long as user run email marketing campaign, this tools is perfect. Lot of feature to optimize and maximize the conversion rate, CTR, and make to make sure your email not hit the spambox when you send your promotion.

Email Toolkit Demo Videos

Like i said before, this is 10 tools in one dashboard, you can get 10x more clicks from your emails with this software, click play button below to watch the demo videos.

Email Toolkit OTO Upsell

For more feature and benefits, you can also grab the OTO Upsell version, below is the details:

Email Toolkit OTO 1 Email Findr Software

With this OTO 1 you can, find anyone’s email address and build your own email network, you can also create more win-win business deals using this OTO 1 version. You can search up to 5000 time searches, Get special bonuses for this OTO 1. >> Click Here For More Info and Details of Email Findr Software <<

Email Toolkit OTO 2 – Email Digger Software

With this OTO 2, you can unlock more feature of Email Findr functionality, you can dig up emails for any domain in 1-Click, 1000 vs 5000 searches, and with this OTO 2 you can build backlinks at the push of a button. With this OTO 2 you will get even more benefits >> Click Here For More Info and Details of Email Digger Software <<<

Email Toolkit OTO 3 – Email Genie Software

With this OTO 3, you will learn from the best marketers on the planet by accessing a huge library of emails written by them, you will get access to 70,000+ Emails, you can download swipes, and the most important is you will learn and implement new email techniques. >> Click Here For More Info and Details of Email Genie Software <<

Email Toolkit Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Email Toolkit review, this is the conclusion. In my mind if you are run some Email Marketing campaign and want to increase the open rate, and conversion or if you are struggling with getting good open rates, you need this software. This software perfect for email marketer, so if you’re not using email marketing strategies this software is not for you. As explained above this software is 10 email marketing tools in one dashboard, you can optimize your email marketing campaign with this software. For more details about the benefit and feature, click image below. Hope this review helpful, thank you!


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