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edUpay Review – Edupay is a platform that you can use to easily create a done-for-you e-learning site. All you need is to name your website, enter your logo, choose an available niche, currently, there are 10 niches that you can choose from, namely investing and trading, cryptocurrency, health and fitness, career and development, online education, IT certification, game development. , entrepreneurship, and niche web development. After that, all you have to do is click the generate a website and you have a fully online education site very quickly.

What I like the most is, the appearance of the website that you create from edupay is very professional, you will have an e-learning website like Udemy. Complete with Course content, prices, reviews, buy buttons. The buy button is integrated with Warrior +, so you no longer need to worry about setting up buy button settings, adding products at Warriorplus, and other technical work. You also don’t need to worry about product delivery because everything will be handled by warriorplus. All you need to do is request approval directly from your dashboard, and enter your affiliate link on the edupay dashboard, very easy and newbie-friendly

edupay review

edUpay Review – The Features

  • High-quality content
    You can get daily HQ content of your site autopilot, all content will be posted to your site in automated blog sections, so your site not only contains courses but also blog posts and you will never make blog posts again, all the content will be created for you.
  • SEO optimized
    Edupay include built-in article spinning features, it means your content will be unique so Google will rank your site and you will get free traffic from Google
  • No manual work
    You don’t need any complicated setup, no need to create apps, its so simple, insert your website title, upload logo, and choose your niche.
  • 100% automation
    All traffic, and creating content on 100$ autopilot\
  • Build a list with edupay
    You can also start building a list using edupay, because you can connect with your autoresponder
  • Add course manually
    You can also add course manually
  • Auto monetization
    Edupay automatization with warriorplus
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edUpay Review – Benefits

There are several benefits that you will get when using Edupay

  • You can make money online with affiliate marketing at warriorplus
  • You will have an e-learning website quickly and easily
  • You have a website with automatic content
  • You can list building from your e-learning website

How does it work

As I said before, using edupay is very easy. You only need to set your affiliate link on the edupay dashboard, enter the title, site logo and also select niches. Very easy to use.

Create a website, insert your web title, logo and also choose your niche

edupay create website


Get your affiliate links




For more details, please watch the demo video below:

EduPay Pros and Cons


  • Integrated with warrior plus
  • All delivery system using warrior plus
  • Auto content
  • Easy to use


  • More powerful feature only on upsells, so if you want more benefits and unlock more features you need to upgrade your purchase

EduPay OTO

Edupay OTO 1 – Pro version $57

  • Unlimited sites
  • Add multiple niches
  • Automated spinning
  • Deep analytics and stats
  • Add banner ads to your site
  • Automatic split test

Edupay OTO 2 – Daily profits ($27 per month)

Edupay OTO 3 – Done-for-you ($197 per month)

  • Edupay team will do all the setup
  • Edupay team will select perfect content
  • Edupay team will configure the spinning engine
  • Edupay team will rank your site
  • Edupay team will monetize your site
  • Edupay team will help you to grow your list
  • Edupay team will make sure you success with edupay
  • One-on-one skype support and training
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Edupay OTO 4 –  Ninja version ($14)

  • You will learn how to get the best content source
  • You will learn how to monetize your site
  • You will learn how to get way ahead of your competitors
  • You will learn how to rank your site on page 1 Google

Edupay OTO 5 – Reseller license ($197)

Edupay OTO 6 – Whitelabel ($297)


This is a fast way to make money from e-learning websites without having to manually create one with various complicated setups. By using edupay you can get e-learning websites easily and quickly. You can also do listbuilding using edupay. I hope this review is helpful. Click button below to learn more


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