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Doodle Maker Review – Working in the advertising world may require you to master a lot of things. Choosing the right software to process ads is one of the essential requirements. In this article, we will show you a review of the best all-in-one doodle maker software. This software allows users to make doodles for ads and other purposes. For further information, read this article thoroughly. What is the whiteboard animation video/ doodle video animation? When it comes to video animation, we commonly use the term of whiteboard animation video and doodle video animation interchangeably. But what is a whiteboard animation video? Generally, whiteboard animation video – which is also called doodle video animation – is a style of video that shows a series of static images to viewers. The images are being drawn on the screen while being accompanied by narration.

The story and images will walk along together and acknowledge the audience about what’s going on. Products and ads love this type of video for their simplicity and engagement.
The audience loves to listen to the story while watching as the hand draws the doodle. It makes information easily absorbed which makes this video style is effective for marketing and campaign.
Generally, whiteboard animation videos cost lower than other video types. In case your company is running on a budget ad, this option might be what you’re looking for.

doodlemaker review

How effective is video advertising?

Videos are touted to be one of the most effective ways to campaign your product. But how effective is it?


If you are getting acquainted with online advertising, using video is one of the most effective ways. By using videos, people can share your content and information easily to others. Especially if you make an interesting video ad, people would love to wait until the end of the ad.

Increasing sales

According to several mega online retailers, adding a video as part of a product description could increase sales up to 35 percent. It doesn’t need to be specific but you can make an instructional video or testimonials.  Of course, it also depends on the products or services you offer. Still, it won’t hurt to try adding a video to your product description.


Another good thing about using video advertising is about SEO. Adding a video to your site or blog will increase your site’s rank on search engines.  If it is possible, you must go this way. Besides, videos allow users or the audience to get a bunch of information in a limited amount of time. It doesn’t matter if people don’t want to read because they’re fine with watching interesting video ads after all.

Why are these types of animation videos important?

Animation video – especially doodle videos – is a strong marketing campaign. It looks interesting but staying informative in the first place. On the other hand, the audience will be happy to watch the video.


Doodle animation videos bring the attention of the audience in one place. The combination of visual images and a story that is being narrated won’t take their eyes off of the screen. Other than that, the hand-drawing will keep people’s attention since they’re curious about what’s next.


Talking about the cost, doodle animation videos won’t cost you a fortune as TV ads. You can upload the ads on YouTube and other video platforms on the internet for relatively free. Information As has been informed earlier, doodle animation allows people to get a bunch of information in a limited amount of time. Also, their focus is staying in one place during the entire ad. Say bye to distraction and other similar things.

Which app is best for doodle video making?

So, what app is best for making a doodle video? Have you ever heard of DoodleMaker? DoodleMaker is simply the best all-in-one animation video maker. Using this app allows users to create doodles and make a video out of it.  The mediums are such as glass board, blackboard, and whiteboard. Converting videos into those three different formats won’t take long as well.
In case you want to insert text and images, the technology will automatically adjust them to match the entire video style.

The newest version of DoodleMaker comes with a bunch of features.  Coming with an extremely low price tag, this software is such a deal you better not miss. Once you get the commercial license, you can sell your videos to clients for at least USD 300. If you are a person who loves to draw manually by your hands, DoodleMaker has a feature that will support your favorite activity. Find the Doodle Editor tab and use its powerful freehand feature.  Your skill combined with the technology of the AI will make a superb result together.

Making doodles has never been this easy and simple after all. For instance, you only need to enter any text from an e-book on the content you want. The AI will scan the content and pair it with the relevant doodle design.  Also, you can access its collections of hi-quality doodle images in the library. This app is simply made to help your work.

Who is the creator of DoodleMaker?

doodlemaker review, doodlemaker creator, doodlemaker by paul ponna

Not all people want to know about the creator. DoodleMaker is created and developed by Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar. This app allows users to create doodles in various mediums. You don’t need to pay for a designer once you have this app. Ponna and Diwar can be touted as digital entrepreneurs who have been in this industry for more than two decades. Besides experience, the team has gained various awards over the years.

The creators and founders know their market while giving the best things for every video maker out there. Thus, everyone can use DoodleMaker easily and seamlessly.

Doodle Maker Review – The Features

Users are the ones who take control. This app is designed to let you have the entire control in your hand. The doodles and how you customize it would be up to you. No restrictions were applied. The video would be as unique as you want to be whether you will use if for personal or commercial purposes. As has been explained earlier, this app is filled with a bunch of interesting features. You will create a doodle video animation in no time. Also, the AI power will help you to make a chic video without investing too much energy. Creating blackboard, glass board, and whiteboard videos won’t be a problem at all. All of those are available in one app. Converting the videos won’t take long since the system has been renewed.

In case you will upload your video to YouTube, a built-in feature is integrated nicely. You can directly create a doodle video and upload it on YouTube Generally, you will need to record your voice to input the narration. The good news is that this app doesn’t need that in the first place. You can still use your voice though. However, if you don’t want or unable to record your voice, the system can always help you. The app supports all languages around the world after all.

Even if you have to make a complex animation, you don’t need to master any specific skills in the first place. There are more than 300 templates you can use from the accessible library collections.
Do you need a back sound? There are a bunch of soundtracks to choose from. Also, this app is cloud-based. You don’t need to sacrifice your hard driver space in the first place.

features of doodle maker software

features of doodlemaker software

The Features:

  • Unlimited Whiteboard Videos
  • Unlimited Glassboard videos
  • Unlimited Blackboard videos
  • Unlimited customization
  • Easy to use
  • More than 300+ templates
  • AI video translation
  • Create unlimited videos
  • Royalty-free images library
  • Image to sketch converter
  • Millions of doodle images and icons
  • More than 160 male and female voices
  • Integrated with Pixabay
  • Freehand editor
  • Watermark feature
  • Doodle style transitions
  • Unlimited usages
  • Free commercial license

Doodle Maker Review – Doodle Maker Benefits

As has been explained previously, you don’t need to invest in too much energy to create a beautiful doodle video. The templates are easy to modify and you can add or remove things you don’t like. Recording your voice is not necessarily a must since you can use the built-in voice over in the first place. Once you’ve purchased the software, you will understand how seamless and enjoyable this app is.

Pros dan cons of Doodle Maker

Things you would like:

  • Once you’ve purchased the software, you already own the commercial license as well.
  • Inserting texts can now be done by speaking since the app comes with the AI translation engine – there are more than voices from both male and female.
  • You can find icons as you like and get unlimited access to hi-quality templates, pictures, and videos.
  • Color image and sketch converter features will help users to own their works.
  • Uploading videos to YouTube and Vimeo is an easy-breezy.
  • The app comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the software.

Things you wouldn’t like

The price offered is quite a sweet deal. However, the offer only lasts up to September 5th – after the date, the price will increase up to USD 197. If you think you need this app in the future, you better purchase now.

Other than that, you may need to upgrade the app several times. The entire upgrade options are in 4 layers, which is quite deep after all. More than anything, the upgrades are aimed at giving a bunch of useful yet unique features for you.

How can I start making a doodle video with Doodle Maker?

Everyone can use this app seamlessly without the need for mastering specific skills in the first place. You can start by entering a text – any text – or anything you want to make. The AI will do its magic by scanning the content and find the keyword from the text you’ve entered. Later, you will find a series of collections of relatable doodle images in no time. What about customizing images?

You can always find icons, HD images, and anything you need to enhance your doodle video. There are thousands of doodle images you can use from the library. Since you’ve purchased the software, you are free to use the images for commercial uses as well. Using DoodleMaker brings you to another level of endless possibilities. This is your first step to sell animated videos to clients or simply showing off to prospective buyers. This app also allows you to make a portfolio much easier.

As has been priorly mentioned, you can find the tutorials on the internet. Other than that, the package comes with demo videos that will help you to get started. You can explore your creativity by making doodles through this app. Don’t waste your time if you can save a lot of money, energy, and time at once.

Below the dashboard of Doodle Maker

You can start to create your doodle video from scratch or using templates

doodlemaker review, doodle maker review



There are hundreds of templates available, and ready to customize

doodle maker review start with templates



You can add video assets from the library section, you can upload your own images, or use the DoodleMaker library.


doodle maker review the library, doodlemaker



You can also upload your own voice over or using the TTS voice feature:


doodlemaker review the tts feature


You can also create watermark before rendering your doodle video


doodle maker review watermark features



For more details, please watch the demo video below



Doodle Maker OTO 

For more benefits and unlock more features you can also buy the OTO upsells, below the details

Doodle Maker FE – All features listed above. Click here to learn more

Doodle Maker OTO 1 – Whitelabel Unlimited ($497) or Whitelabel Agency 50 Account ($97). Click here to learn more

  • You can rebrand Doodle Maker with your own logo
  • You can add unlimited sub-users
  • You can set your own price
  • You will get done-for-you VSL
  • You will get a done-for-you sales page
  • You don’t need to manage hosting or software upgrade
  • Done for you copywriting
  • Done for you graphics
  • No monthly fee

Doodle Maker OTO 2 – Deluxe Version ($49). Click here to learn more

  • You will get instant access to monthly templates for 1 year
  • Human voice-overs for all new templates
  • Video scripts were written by a copywriter
  • Unlock 56 additional text-to-speech voices in 29 languages
  • Unlock premium royalty-free music
  • Priority video rendering
  • Priority access to software updates

Doodle Maker OTO 3 – Toon Video Maker ($39). Click here to learn more

  • You will get unlock the power of toon video style
  • Unlimited TTS
  • Unlimited videos
  • Unlimited video length
  • Unlock 100+ animated characters
  • Unlock 200+ background music
  • Create a custom video with a blank canvas
  • High quality animated characters
  • High quality animated backgrounds
  • Free commercial license
  • Unlock all languages
  • Desktop app for Windows and Mac
  • Install on up to 10 computers

Doodle Maker OTO 4 – Client Engine App ($29). Click here to learn more

  • Client finder app
  • No limits
  • No monthly fees
  • Unlimited searches and usages
  • Search on top 5 job sites (Craiglist, Freelancers, Project4hire, Guru and PeoplePerHour)


What is the best way to sell doodle animated videos online?

Today, you can sell everything everywhere. There is no time and space barrier at all. As long as you have an internet connection, everything can be done easily. You can take advantage of several job marketplaces such as Fiverr, Upwork, and many more. Whether you are a freelancer or an advertising agency owner, using DoodleMaker is such a smoother for your work. Other than that, a bunch of incentives awaits once you buy the software and make money out of it.

Doodle Maker Bonuses

You will get these special bonuses if you grab it now. And remember, the discounted price is only available during the launch period, the price might increase 2 times after the launch period ends, so this is the best chance to get Doodle Maker.


Bonus #1 – 21 Day Video Mentorship

doodle maker bonuses 1 mentoring



Bonus #2 – Skype Mentorship Group Access


doodle maker bonuses 2 skype



Bonus #3 – Video Agency Biz Bundle

doodle maker bonuses 3


Bonus #4 – Logo Creator
doodle maker bonuses 4 logo creator



Bonus #5 – Content Engine Whitelabel

doodle maker bonuses whitelabel content



Bonus #6 – Doodle Maker Agency Website

doodle maker bonuses dfy agency


Bonus #7 – Doodle Video Framework

doodle maker bonus framework


Bonus #8 – Free Royalty Music Tracksdoodle maker bonuses royalty


Bonus #9 – Case Studiesdoodle maker bonuses 9 case studies


Bonus #10 – Video Summarizer doodle maker bonus 10 video summarizer



How to get the bonuses? Click the button below to buy Doodle Maker with early bird prices, and make sure you see my ID 191267 on your checkout pages. You will find the bonuses in your member area.

doodle maker bonuses


DoodleMaker is a new thing that offers unique features to help you. Working in the advertising world is full of demand when it comes to creating a superb video creation. Using the right software will ease your task in the first place. Other than that, the right software doesn’t need to you master a specific IT thing to use it. DoodleMaker, on the other hand, is one of the easiest video making apps. It comes with an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the output. Are you an introvert person who doesn’t like the spotlight?

DoodleMaker won’t ask you to talk in front of a camera after all. This app is an excellent choice for you. What if you have no idea about the app? You don’t need to worry because the tutorials are widely available on the internet. Regardless of the video purpose, DoodleMaker is the right software to go with. We highly recommend you to buy this app since it has a lot to offer with an extremely affordable price tag.





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