Crypto Kit Review – Whitelabel Software To Grow A Crypto Nest Egg From Scratch

DEX is an abbreviation for decentralized exchange, and Crypto Kit is a cloud-hosted platform that allows users to establish their own cryptocurrency trading platform. Giving users the ability to purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrency while connecting their own cryptocurrency wallets or creating new wallets on your website will earn you fees from each transaction in a passive and automated manner.

However, this only represents the tip of the iceberg in terms of possible earnings. Their Crypto Kit website gives visitors the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency by automatically claiming prizes on your website at regular intervals of 15 minutes.

On our test site, we give away up to 50 Satoshi coins as a reward, which may sound exciting and will add up for them, but right now 50 Satoshi will cost you about 1 or 2 cents, while the ads you’ve just displayed to them pay out in about 50 cents to $1 of Bitcoin directly to the owner of the Crypto Kit website. On our test site, we give away up to 50 Satoshi coins as a reward. This may sound exciting and will add up for them, but right now

Profits made from the display of advertisements can be claimed in Bitcoin using the dashboard that is provided to owners of websites using Crypto Kit and sent directly to wallets.

There are viral referral programs accessible for your website members, which reward them with 10 percent of whatever their referred friends receive as a bonus. These programs cost you next to nothing and enhance your revenues like crazy. There are lotto and flip-a-coin games, which earn admin additional income.

This is the first product of its kind to hit the market, and it comes at the ideal time to stock one’s cryptocurrency wallets – without the need to take any risks, invest, buy, sell, or otherwise get worked up over the state of the cryptocurrency market. It couldn’t have turned out any better!

crypto kit review

Crypto Kit Review – Features

Activation That Is Easily Accessible To Novices

In just a minute, even somebody who is absolutely unfamiliar with the platform may have their full cryptocurrency website up and running, branded, and ready to start making money.

There is no need to alter the code, design the pages, or make any complicated setups. Everything may be managed from the user-friendly dashboard that you have access to as a member.

Software for Branding and Cryptography

By altering the text, changing the colors, and adding your own logo, you can give your website the appearance and atmosphere that you want it to have.

It has the polished appearance of a high-end website, which helps establish credibility and trust almost immediately after first use.

Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

Visitors who arrive at your website will be prompted to connect their cryptocurrency wallet, and if they don’t already have one, they will be able to establish one on your website. This will make the process simple even for users who have never dealt with cryptocurrencies before.

Because it is risk-free, risk-free, and totally anonymous, anyone can quickly get started on your website with very little effort.

Trading Platform Using the DEX

People are able to use their credit cards to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and any other cryptocurrency that is a part of the system when they visit your website.

They are able to trade between other currencies, as well as give and receive tokens with friends and consumers.

You will be charged an administrative transaction fee for each and every one of your transactions, and the amount will be added to your wallet.

A Reward System Based on Gaming

Members of your website are given the opportunity to earn consistent crypto rewards by simply clicking a few buttons, and this perk is supplied to them on a regular basis. On the first sample website we created for the Crypto Kit, we gave away as many as 50 Satoshi coins every 15 minutes. They will see your second ad once they have completed the captcha, and then they will see your third ad displayed on this page, along with how much they have won, when they click here to begin the process of claiming their coins (which will display your first ad).

What your member doesn’t comprehend is that while you’re paying them 50 Satoshi—which sounds exciting and can surely pile up—you’re also paying… It won’t even set you back more than a penny or two. It may not sound like much, but the advertisements that you just displayed earned you between 0.00002 and 0.00005 Bitcoin, which, at the current exchange rate, is equivalent to approximately 50 cents to $1 worth of Bitcoin.

Tracking as well as User-Created Scripts

It is simple to keep track of and modify the traffic coming from your Crypto Kit. You just need to add your Google Analytics ID or your Facebook Pixel, and then it will be ready to use. Or, if you want to experiment with some sophisticated tactics or if you already have a different script that you would want to use, all you need to do is enter the code into your administrative dashboard, and immediately your whole website will be running with your customized scripts.

The Expansion of Social Media

It is simple to add links to your Crypto Kit website for your Discord Channel, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, as well as your Youtube channel, which will assist you in expanding your audiences and increasing your crypto balances.

FREE Affiliate Traffic System as a BONUS

Your Crypto Kit website will come equipped with an affiliate traffic system that is already enabled by default.

Your users are rewarded with ten percent of whatever their friends earn on your site whenever they share an affiliate link that they have been given to share.

They will be thrilled to watch their balances increase as they passively earn Satoshi coins. Meanwhile, your website will become busier as more visitors click advertisements and play games, hence increasing the amount of Bitcoin you make.

BONUS: A Blog That Is Fully Automated

A content-generating blog that is pre-installed in your Crypto Kit is included in its purchase. Simply add up to five RSS sources, and if any of those RSS feeds have new content to offer, your blog will be automatically updated. This brings a lot of new activity to your blog without requiring any effort on your part.

You may also offer crypto token prizes to your subscribers for reading and sharing any content from your blog. This is a BONUS feature that you can take advantage of. What a MASSIVE hiccup in the flow of traffic!

Crypto Kit Review – Benefits

These are the benefits you get when using crypto kit software:

  • Software for Private Labeling (White Label) Cryptography
  • Activate Your Monetized Crypto App and Add Your Company Logo
  • Instant Activation and Setup That’s Done Without Your Involvement
  • Integrated Blockchain Wallet Generation (On Your Site)
  • DEX Already Installed and Fully Operational
  • Fees for administrative services are collected by the decentralized exchange.
  • Gamified Reward System Drops Regular Tokens
  • Systems for the Automated Flipping of Coins and the Monetization of Lotteries
  • Nothing To Install, Compatible With Mac, PC, And Mobile Devices
  • Administration and Membership The App Is Hosted in the Cloud
  • Receive Payments Straight Into Your Personal Crypto Wallet You Can Claim

Crypto Kit Demo – How does it work?

Please watch the video below for more details


Crypto Kit Bonuses

  • BONUS TRAFFIC NO. 1: The Affiliate Program for Viral Traffic The viral affiliate program has been activated, and as a reward for users who refer their friends to the crypto kit website, they will receive an additional bonus.
  • BONUS TRAFFIC No. 2: An Automatic Blog That Encourages the Spread of Viruses Through Sharing With our preinstalled blog, automated content, and a selected list of copy-and-paste crypto blogs, you can give your users plenty of reasons to share (and get rewarded for it!)

Crypto Kit OTO Funnels

Crypto Kit FE

The Crypto Kit Whitelabel App is available for a starting price of $16.47 and will continue to rise throughout the launch.

Whitelabel decentralized cryptocurrency exchange with cloud hosting, the ability to personalize the interface, built-in wallet generation, cryptocurrency transfers, and more.

InBuilt Monetization Strategies: Website owners can generate income in a variety of methods, including but not limited to incentivized crypto awards, lotto and flip a-coin games, and administrative fees for trades.

Readymade Viral Affiliate Rewards: Members of your website will be awarded with more cryptocurrency for sharing it with their friends, which will build the balance of your cryptocurrency wallet even more quickly.

No Risk Crypto Growth: This is without a doubt the simplest and most risk-free strategy to grow a crypto nest egg, as there is no need to buy, sell, or invest in cryptocurrency at any point.

Crypto Kit OTO 1

Crypto Kit Unleashed can be purchased for $19.97 per month, $197 per year, or $297 all at once.

  • Publish 3 Crypto Kits: They will have the ability to publish an additional 2 crypto kits, which will allow them to offer payout alternatives in a greater number of currencies, cater more effectively to a variety of consumers, and so on.
  • They’ll be able to send push notifications to members, which will either draw them back to their website or direct them to other links or sites where they want visitors to go.
  • Additional customizing capabilities allow players to select the amount, percentage of admin charge, the quantity of tickets, and brand pictures. These options are available within the Pro Lotto game.
  • Additional personalization tools, including editing coin flip pictures, coin types, and admin cuts are included in the Customise Pro Coin Flip package.
  • Change the amount that you are going to offer to pay out for referred members by either increasing it or decreasing it when you customize the Viral Affiliate Features.
  • Employ Your Own Domain Name
  • Future Upgrades Will Include the Following: upgraded themselves immediately on the websites of their crypto kits.
  • Additional features, limitless posts, and more are included with the Pro Level Blog Package.

Crypto Kit OTO 2

  • Crypto Kit Traffic Bundles are included in the OTO 2 offer. $19, $47, and $97 Bundles
  • We’ve been getting great results from driving highly focused visitors to our test sites that are interested in cryptocurrency. We will run your selection of clicks to your Crypto Kit website in order to generate a flood of website traffic and get that viral system off the ground.

Crypto Kit OTO 3

  • Crypto Kit Resellers and Distributors $147 – $197
  • The Crypto Kit agency dashboard enables users to set up individual Crypto Kit accounts for their respective clients and consumers. Choices between 20 and 50 account storage spaces.

Crypto Kit Bundle Offer (Skip the OTO/Funnels) Is an Optional Extra.

  • Priced Extremely Low at Only $297
  • OFFER IN THE FORM OF A BUNDLE – Crypto Kit Bundle (ONLY available during launch)


THIS IS SO EASY & WORKS FOR LITERALLY ANYONE. I am not exaggerating when I say that it is simple,

  • No capital is required for purchasing, trading, or investment.
  • There is no complicated technology to configure (choose colors, choose name…)
  • No prior knowledge or experience is required.

You will receive a cryptocurrency-generating website that is entirely customizable with your own brand, where users can connect or build their own cryptocurrency wallets.

  • Buy, sell, and trade ANY cryptocurrency safely (you set your own administrative limit!)
  • You can get paid to see advertisements or play games that reward both you and the advertiser (click here to discover how this alone is earning some users $100 or more per day in passive cryptocurrency revenue).
  • Get notifications sent to your device to promote greater engagement or to other offerings.

And it will work for you even if you don’t have the foggiest idea of how any of this cryptography business is supposed to operate.

This is a truly revolutionary concept that not only puts you in a position to earn money right away but also helps you start a nest egg that will continue to grow in value year after year.


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