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CourseReel Review – What do you think if there is software that can help you create professional courses or video tutorials using only audio? Yes, CourseReel is software that can convert audio, old videos, and even text into professional video slideshows complete with voice over automatically in just a few minutes. The idea of ​​this software is how to make courses only from text, audio, or if you have a long video course you can make it fresh with CourseReel. You can make a more professional video tutorial without having to pay a lot of money to rework a course from scratch.

In my opinion what is very interesting from CourseReel is that you only need to upload your audio, text, or video and this software will convert it to slides, text, images, and also the background automatically. Have you ever used Camtasia? With this software, you can make videos like Camtasia style easily. For example, if you have an idea for a particular tutorial, you only need to record audio and use CourseReel to convert it to a training video in a few minutes, without having to make it manually.

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CourseReel Review – The Features

Below this is the Course Reel feature

  • Create video courses using audio
  • Create VSL for your video courses
  • You can create up to 50 videos every day
  • You can create HD videos in minutes
  • You can add video clips in your videos
  • You can create and sell your video course
  • You get full rights to your videos
  • No watermark on your videos
  • Commercial license
  • You can sell your courses anywhere
  • You can record your audio inside the dashboard
  • You can upload a video and use the audio to create a brand new video
  • You can upload your audio using your mobile phone
  • Auto-add voice-over
  • Multi-Language Support: English, Spanish, French & Hindi
  • Integrated with millions of images
  • Include more than 1000s of Background Music
  • 100% cloud-based application

CourseReel Benefits

For those of you who want to make video courses easily, Course Reel has excellent features and benefits to help your work, you no longer need to hire voice-over artist, hire people to make video tutorials, and more, all you can do yourself. And other benefits that you can get when using Course Reel are:

  • Make video courses easier
  • Create course videos only from audio
  • Can reproduce existing course videos into new videos
  • Very easy to use
  • “Camtasia-Style”
  • Commercial license and you can sell all the videos that are made on the Course Reel
  • You can produce video courses very easily

Pros and Cons (My Opinion)


  • Easy to use
  • 100% cloud-based
  • You can create up to 50 videos per day


  • Unlimited version only if you buy the upsells 1

CourseReel OTO Upsells

CourseReel OTO 1 – Unlimited version. Click here to learn more

This OTO 1 unlock access to unlimited videos, longer FHD videos up to 60mins, video shape features, more animation styles, and more transition styles. This OTO 1 also will unlock share on Instagram, share on the TikTok feature. And the most important feature is priority support and also free AcademyNeos pro to start Udemy style website and host all your video courses and you can sell at any price.

CourseReel OTO 2 – DFY Version. Click here to learn more

This OTO 2 unlock the done-for-you version, you will get the custom setup of CourseReel app, you will get 5 courses created for you. Abhi Dwivedi and his team will do market and niche research, and create a course video for you. You will also get one-on-one email support and training.

CourseReel OTO 3 – International Version. Click here to learn more

This OTO 3 unlock the power of translation features, you can translate your video courses into 100s different languages. It means you can reach a global audience and sell more courses. Not only that, but you can also re-record your video courses with a brand new voice-over.

CourseReel OTO 4 – Business version. Click here to learn more

This OTO 4 unlock the done-for-you professional looking YouTube business with custom checkout. You also get the team and virtual assistant access, and also client access. Not only that you will also get complete tools, like client contract templates, business finder feature, and also more than 100 Facebook ad templates

CourseReel OTO 5 – PlayerNeos Pro. Click here to learn more

This OTO 5 will give you access to a cloud-based video interactive creator, help you to turn your video into a sales machine. This tool will allow you to add buttons, menus, buy button, opt-in, watermarks, custom thumbnails, and even auto-play video on any browser

course reel oto upsells review


Thank you for reading the Course Reel Review article, as a conclusion I can say this software idea is very good, which is helping anyone who wants to make a video tutorial or video course using only audio, or using text and also video. Do I recommend this software? If you want to make a video tutorial quickly and with a slideshow, Course Reel is perfect for you, but if you want to make a video course with a style other than a slideshow, such as recording your computer screen, this software is not for you. You can only use Course Reel to create training with slideshow models with various features and advantages above. I hope this review is helpful enough for those of you who want to buy Course Reel. Thank you


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