CorrectSender Review FE and OTO Review – GDPR Compliant For Autoresponder and Website

CorrectSender Review – Correctsender is a brand new software for GDPR solution, this software never seen before on the Marketplace. No like other GDPR software or plugin out there, this software is cloud based, no installation is needed. What user need to do is only embeds code into Webpage Header/Body or Footer and your GPPR complaint is solved. As we know when visitors from European union visit and interact with your Website, and if your site store Cookie, pixel or similar, you need to be compliant with this. With this CorrectSender all GDPR complaint will solved easily, both for your site or your Autoresponder (email marketing campaign).

This software also perfect for any any kind of sites, not only WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Self CMS, or anything web pages can use this software. Not only that the Policies and Menu can be translated to any language, so doesn’t matter if your site not use english, CorrectSender also can inserts Company name and Email address into documents. For more feature detail and benefit of CorrectSender, scroll down below.

correctsender review


Product Name:CorrectSender
Vendor Name:Gabo Bruno
Product Type:Cloud-Based Software
Launch Date and Time :2018-Aug-19 at 15:00 EDT
Front-End Price:$27
Customer Support:Yes
Skill Required:No Skill Required
Demo Videos:Click Here
Refund Status30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Official SiteClick Here
BonusClick Here


CorrectSender Review Feature

Like I said before, Correctsender can fix the lack of GDPR compliance with any kind of website. You do not need to pay for lawyers or developers, you can have your website GDPR compliant in less than 10 minutes. Below is the complete feature:

Key Features of Website Fix – Information Website

  • Can be applied to one website of any kind, not only WordPress
  • Versatile use, allows to forward visitors if the do not accept Cookie Policy
  • Policies and Menu can be translated to any language
  • Allows to reject EU traffic
  • Atomaticaly inserts Company name and Email address into documents

Key Features of Website Fix – Third Party Tracking

  • Can be applied to one website of any kind, not only WordPress
  • Versatile use, allows to forward visitors if the do not accept Cookie Policy
  • Policies and Menu can be translated to any language
  • Allows to reject EU traffic
  • Atomaticaly inserts Company name and Email address into documents

As I said before, this software also can solved GDPR for email marketing, below is the key feature:

Key Features of Autoresponder GDPR-Optin

  • All features of Website Fix
  • Fully compliant with GDPR requirements
  • Users can decide, if they want to store data in the USA or in the EU
  • Can be used by both EU and Non EU marketers
  • Creates any kind of Optin form
  • Securely collects and stores customer personal data
  • No monthly payment
  • Sophisticated API, can communicate with other Web applications

Key Features of Autoresponder Newsletter

  • Each Email contact contains the information when it was collected and IP
  • Each Email contains the snapshot of Opt-in page
  • Each Email will contain the option to see recipient preferences
  • Recipients can Unsubscribe or Edit their Profile
  • Can be used by both EU and Non EU marketers

CorrectSender Review – Benefit

This software can fulfills 14 compliances, rules and key requirements of GDPR. Below is the details:

  • Customer Data Access
    CorrectSender can allows customers or your visitors to request access to data that you collected about them. With this software your subscriber can request a copy of any of their personal information you have on file, and this access must be provided for free.
  • Data Rectification
    This feature benefit is allows customers or visitors to submit data changes request and also allows notifications. Allows for rectification of users·data, they can make changes or updates to their information.
  • Pseudonymization (and encryption)
    Increased privacy (and security) by replacing most identifying fields within a data record by one or more artificial identifiers, or pseudonyms. Preserves information in an encrypted format for utmost security.
  • Cookie Consent Box
    Informs visitors & gets their permission for cookie consent automatically. Allows your visitors to block cookies/pixels in your website until your website visitor give their consent. Correctsender allows you to create Cookie Policy.
  • Exporting Personal Data
    With this feature you are allow user conveniently export their data automatically anytime from Correctsender software, through password-protected files in a computer process format
  • Terms & Conditions Acceptance
    With this feature you will allows visitors to check and accept your Terms and Conditions, make them fully understand your website and services also all the rules. If you not yet have Terms and conditions, you can create it use Correctsender.
  • Data Erasure
    Erases the personal data of consented users if you haven`t used it at all for more than 6 months or if you hold unprocessed personal data more than 6 months
  • Privacy Policy Acceptance
    With this feature you can allows visitors to read and accept your Privacy Policy. And your Privacy Policy will clearly define which data your store and for what. You can also create your Privacy Policy using Correctsender.
  • Right To Be Forgotten
    This feature will allow your customers or visitors to request data removal. With 1 click data removal. This feature does not mean that all the personal data are deleted. Actually this feature will allows you to prove, that personal data were collected and used in a legal way.
  • Right to Object
    This is the Simplified feature with this feature, your subscriber can easy unsubscribe at any time. Permit users to opt out of your services if they are no longer interested in connecting with you. This feature must be available in each Newsletter as well directly at the website.
  • Breach Notification
    Correctsender will generate and send breach notification to all concerned users. By law you have 72 hours of first becoming aware of the breach to avoid a fine and we handle this for you automatically. Responsible data protection authority should also be informed.
  • Correct Opting In
    Correctsender has built-in a tool to solicit an explicit consent from your users, making sure to mention the purpose of your data collection. Users can get prospects explicit approval for sending Newsletters. Use double opt-in for earning consent.
  • Avoiding Spamming
    You can re-gain the explicit approval from the contacts in your previous lists with Correctsender. This approval is recorded and the best part is user can check, how and when they opted-in your list.
  • Increased Server Security
    As we know GDPR requires also high level of Data security. You can increase server security because Correctsender uses secure https:// access to all data and protected by tools like Cloudflare.
  • Refuse EU traffic
    Maybe you need decide to refuse visitors coming from the European Union. This feature might be used by
    Non-EU websites and it will guarantee, it will works like visitors from the EU will not see or register into your website. You can Enabled or Disabled this feature any time.
  • >> Click Here For More Details <<

CorrectSender Demo – How it Works

Below is one of feature demo, for complete demo videos click link above


Correctsender OTO Upsell

For more benefit and unlock more feature, you can also grab the OTO upsell version below:

Correctsender OTO 1- Correctsender Website Fix – Personal (Unlimited licenses) >> Click Here Fore More Details <<

Correctsender OTO 2 – Correctsender Website Fix – Commercial (Unlimited licenses) >> Click Here For More Details <<

Correctsender OTO 3 – Correctsender – Autoresponder Extra (unlimited) >> Click Here For More Details <<

Correctsender OTO 4 – Correctsender – Autoresponder – 200,000 credit >> Click Here For More Details <<


Who is Correctsender For?

In my mind all website owner must pay attention for GDPR rules, especially marketer or company, non EU marketer or company if:

  • Your visitor from European union and interact with your Website, and if you stored their Cookie, pixel or similar.
  • If your visitors from EU, who sign up or register on your site, or give you their data in any way.
  • If you store email addresses and other information about EU citizens.
  • If you send newsletters or offers to the people from EU


Correctsender Review Conclusion

Thank you for read my Correctsender review, this is the conclusion based on my opinion. This software is all-in-one solution for GDPR complaint, because Correctsender can fix the lack of GDPR compliance with any kind of website., you just need to embed the code and put on any webpages. With this software, you do not need to pay for lawyers or developers, you can have your website GDPR compliant in less than 10 minutes. Hope this review helpful, and don’t forget GDPR Autoresponder and Website Fix just went live and if you hurry, you can still get the discount price on it. This special launch promotion will get you full rights at an extremely low price. Click image below to get Correctsender software with discount price. Thank you!


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Correctsender Bonuses

If you buy Correctsender today with link above, you will get this high value bonuses.

Bonus 1 – Fast action bonus for the first 1,000 buyers only.

You will get DesktopMailer software, normally this software price is $109, but with this Correctsender fast action bonus, you will get DesktopMailir for FREE if you are one of the first 1.000 buyers. This softare give you unlimited contacts and unlimited emails, right from your own PC.

Bonus 2 – GDPR Manual

This bonus is full guide to General Data Protection Regulation, this ebook contains 125 pages, explain what is GDPR and the real example of application GDPR. This is really useful document if you want to learn more about GDPR.

Bonus 3 – Mailing List Gold Rush

This bonus is blueprint how to make money online with list buildng, you will learn how big marketer build their profitable mailing list.

Bonus 3 – Email Marketing Revolution

This complete training will show you, how to increase your conversions, open rates and CTR of your email marketing, also you will learn about copywriting strategies to grab and hold your audiences attention.


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