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What is ContentGenie? The world’s quickest content creation and social media management tool, ContentGenie uses “Siri Style” technology to generate, schedule, and publish content across numerous social media networks and websites.

In less than a minute, ContentGenie develops 100% unique content and publishes it to your preferred social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest) and websites using the same AI technology used by Siri, Apple’s AI assistant.

Let’s face it: Social media is the kingdom and content is king!

contentgenie review

Statistic says:

Social media is used by around 4.7 billion people or more than half of the world’s population.
The typical person uses social media for two hours every day.

This implies that the appropriate audience is always present on social media, regardless of the good or service being sold.

“How to generate the correct material, to attract and convert the right Audience” is the toughest challenge.

Making content is difficult!

Before now, there were only really 2 choices:

Make it on your own: You would have to invest time and money in researching, purchasing, and testing out non-original content.
Outsource: It’s entirely pricey and overhyped to pay content writers hundreds of dollars for just 100 words of content!

We made the decision to develop a “Siri” solution because it would be faster and better.

Ask Siri, “Hey Siri, what’s the History of Crypto,” by picking up an iPhone.

Siri will search the internet to find you the best solutions to your query.

Exactly this is what ContentGenie accomplishes.

In less than 30 seconds after you enter a term or phrase, our artificial intelligence searches over 10 million results and creates 100 percent original content.

Our “Siri” Style Content Creator generates entirely unique Content by merely utilizing a Keyword or Phrase.


ContentGenie OTO

With ContentGenie, the process is as follows:

  • Enter a word or phrase here: Simple keyword or phrase entry will generate unique content in 30 seconds.
  • Connect: Choose the blog or social media account(s) you want to publish to.
  • Publish: Publish your content instantaneously or on a scheduled basis to your WordPress blog account(s) or your choice social networking platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium).

How does it work?

content genie work

content genie work 2

contentgenie work


What every user can accomplish with ContentGenie is as follows:

  • Produce engaging, original content for your website and social media.
  • Instantly publish content to WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook (pages and groups).
  • Find the most popular articles and videos, then reuse them.
  • Convert your live speech into shareable material for social media or blogs.
  • Transform your ebook into content that can be used on blogs and social media.
  • 30+ Languages to translate your content into.
  • Utilize the built-in Viral Quote Discovery Tool to keep your social media following interested.
  • Utilizing our Interactive Content Planner, schedule three years’ worth of content directly inside ContentGenie.
  • In ContentGenie, you can find Social Media Management & High-Paying Content Creation Jobs.
    with a ton more!

Why Use ContentGenie?

Quite Quick

With 100% Uptime, you will experience incredibly quick content creation and social media management.

Broad Appeal

Everyone is attracted to ContentGenie. It may be applied by EVERYONE in EVERY NICHE to boost sales and profitability.

They’ll make a ton of money off it.

Customers who participated in ContentGenie’s beta testing significantly increased their revenues (We have proof!)


Customers will be blown away by the caliber of ContentGenie and the sincerity of this offer, which will make them choose to click the buy button with ease.

Only costs the cost of a coffee

With the early bird discounted one-time fee and the money that clients will save on ongoing payments, this deal is unbeatable.

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