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One of the most important things that are often forgotten by many website owners is its security. The website is very vulnerable to security, be it a problem from the server, or also the fault of the website owner who installs themes or plugins from sources whose security is not guaranteed. What happens if your website is not safe? In my opinion almost all the losses you can experience, from starting a large server load, being attacked by bots to put your website down, increase the website bounce rate, make your website bad in SEO, and much more.

For that, you need a WordPress plugin that will help you to secure your website from various attacks. With Cloud Defender V3 you can be free from bad bots that will make your website down, with this plugin you can also make your website faster, you can make private information and protect information on your subscribers. In addition, with this plugin, you can increase your SEO score and increase sales.

Cloud Defender is now version 3, which means the developer is always doing updates and adding the latest features that are currently needed to secure your website. Intrigued by the Cloud Defender V3 feature? Below are the benefits and features that you can get when using this plugin

cloud defender v3 local edition review

Cloud Defender v3 Local Edition Review – Features

  • Protect your subscribers
  • Protect your leads
  • Increase site speed
  • Optimizing your conversion
  • Protect your sites from ransomware
  • Lower your site bounce rate
  • Get a higher position on Google

cloud defender v3 review


You will also learn about:

  • What is Cloudflare
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • Securing Your Account
  • Overview Settings
  • DNS Settings
  • Firewall Settings
  • Speed Settings
  • Cache/CDN Settings
  • Page Rules
  • Network Settings
  • Traffic Control
  • Apps
  • Scraper Shield
  • SSL/Crypto
  • Analytics


  • Complete features to protect your site
  • Complete training
  • Used by 12+ Million Websites and counting
  • Cheap price


  • Didn’t find any cons

Cloud Defender V3 Local Edition Upsells

For more features and more benefits, you can also grab the upsells:

  • OTO 1: Blog Defender Local $25
  • OTO 2: WP Simulator Local $27 Dimesale
  • OTO 3: WP Toolkit GPL $67


In my opinion, this is the cheapest WordPress security plugin, but don’t be mistaken. Cloud Defender has been used by more than 12 million websites and continues to increase. If you want to secure your website without having to spend a lot of money, you can use Cloud Defender V3 Local Edition as a solution. Hopefully, this review is useful

cloud defender v3 local edition review


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