Cinderella Solution Review – Things You Should Know About It

Most women want to get an ideal weight and not all of them can achieve it. They often surrender to do all the complicated and tight diet plans that seem to torture them. If you have the same problem and struggle in never-ending exercises to lose weight, you may think about changing your method by applying a Cinderella Solution.

Just like the name of the method, you are about to feel an extreme transformation on your body and weight. Imagine that Cinderella Solution offers a comfortable diet plan without any torturing and complicate workouts that make you exhausted.

Due to the comfortable method, this diet method is suitable for all ages whether you are a teenager, mother, or anyone who has a dream to have an ideal weight. The method is suitable for 20 years old girls as well as 65 years old women.

This program is not only about a comfortable diet plan but also about achieving a significant result. Overweight women can lose around 10 up to more than 20 pounds by applying this method. Even, one of the users said that she can lose up to 52 pounds and happy with the achievement.

The positive side effect is not only about losing a few pounds but this treatment can also boost your health and beauty. Most of the women who apply this program are healthier and younger than before.

So, do you want to feel a significant impact while doing a particular diet plan? Are you curious about Cinderella Solution? Does it work to achieve your ideal weight and be as beautiful as Cinderella? Just find all the answers below to make sure that you are not choosing the wrong product.

Check the detail and find out how easy to lose weight and keep your ideal weight. Indeed, this system gives you the secret.

What Is Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution is a weight loss method developed by Carly Donovan. This method is developed based on her experience struggling with her overweight problem. She found a new way to reduce weight comfortably along with a significant result.

In this method, you are about to use a particular method known as Flavor-Pairing rituals. This method helps to maintain metabolism and 3 different hormones which are Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen.

By maintaining those important elements, your body can burn fat faster and you will get the ideal weight immediately.

You just need to follow the instructions on the program for 3 weeks to feel the significant result. After 3 weeks your body will change permanently in which the parts help you to burn fat and keep your ideal weight.

Cinderella Solution and Flavor-Pairing rituals are considered as one of the most comfortable methods to maintain weight.

The pairing rituals have been used in several countries but they may don’t know that it is good for their health and weight. For example, this method follows a simple Chocolate-Pairing habit done by Swiss women. Moreover, it is also inspired by a Carb-Pairing Ritual done by Japanese women, a Movement-sequencing ritual done by Australian women, Wine-Timing-Ritual by Spanish women, and also pairing 2 savory dessert spices.

The interesting part is that there are no strict or difficult rules to do in this method. You can still enjoy your favorite cake and maintain your eating habits based on the pairing rituals. By doing this method for 2 weeks, you can lose weight up to 26 pounds.

The method is not only a weight-loss method but also a healthy method because after following it, you will have a normal blood pressure, blood sugar level, and look fresher than before. The method is suitable for 20 up to 65 years old women who want to lose from 20 to 40 or even 100 pounds.

cinderella solution review

How Does the Cinderella Solution Work?

You may curious whether it works or not. You need to understand the way the method works to answer your curiosity. The idea of this method is using Flavor-Pairing rituals. This method can boost the performance of three different fat-burning hormones which are Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen.

This program tries to switch back the role of insulin that also known as a hormone that can keep your ideal weight. The method also boosts the role of Cortisol as a hormone that makes you happy and reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and sadness.

You are about to boost the performance of Estrogen in which it is a hormone that can make you look pretty and younger. Estrogen helps you to keep away from wrinkles, tones, age spots, loose skin, and cellulite.
So, instead of damaging those hormones and dismantling your metabolism, Cinderella Solution is about to give you an understanding of the importance of those hormones to become a natural weight-loss machine.

Moreover, this method guides you to prepare fat-loss meals. Amazingly, your body helps to burn fat to gain ideal weight although you are eating meals regularly. The method is using the role of your body so you don’t need to consume any diet pills or supplements at all.

You just have to learn how your body and its metabolism work and do the method to maximize the performance. Then, your body works to reduce weight and keep you in your ideal weight naturally and permanently.

And it is about to reveal all the secrets of how to maximize your body and metabolism to become a natural weight-loss machine. Indeed, this method works differently than other diet plans that focus on removing or burning fat without considering the most important elements which are 3 fat-burning hormones and a good metabolism system.

What You Can Expect?

So, what you can expect from Cinderella Solution which is known as a comfortable, safe, and effective weight-loss method? First thing first, this method is designed for women who want to get their ideal weight back. Because of that, it shows the most effective methods to reduce weight and keep the ideal weight. Based on the experience of the users, this program helps them to reduce up to 90 pounds in 3 weeks.

Because you lose weight, it means you will also lose the size of your dress. Let say, you can throw away your XL dresses and change them with the Medium sizes.

If you think that the program is only about a weight-loss method, you are wrong because you can expect more than that. It seems that this program is a multifunction program that covers your needs to have a perfect body. While working to reduce weight, you are also working to get your health back.

Some of the users said that they have normal blood pressure and blood sugar level after following the instructions on this program. Headaches, irregular periods, depression, and poor sleep are also gone while doing this program.
If you want to look more outstanding, fresh, and beautiful you can also try Cinderella Solution.

The program also helps to reduce wrinkles, dark spots, cellulite, and other skin problems. As a result, your friends and family will be amazed because you look younger and fresher. The most important thing is that you will get the result above by doing a simple and comfortable method.

You can still eat your favorite meals and let your body works to reduce weight. Indeed, it seems that you are not doing a diet plan while applying for this program and after a few weeks, you will see an amazing change in your weight and performance.

Below is the screenshot of the Cinderella Solution member area, what will you get in the member area.

cinderella solution member area


Who Created the Cinderella Solution?

Cinderella Solution system is a diet plan designed by Carly Donovan. At first, she was an ordinary woman who unsatisfied with her body. She saw some lines, cellulite, and age spots at her stomach and legs and it makes her even unconfident with herself. In her 37 years old, her weight was 208 lbs. Then, Carly Donovan tries to find a solution to get her ideal weight and health back even in her 40 years old.

Her research ends up with a particular old method known as Flavor-Pairing Ritual. By applying this method, Carly Donovan successfully reduce her weight up to 80 pounds. The interesting part is that she doesn’t consume any pills or other complicated plans such as calorie counting, strict diet, or keto method.

She found a secret that women have three important hormones in their body which are Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen. By maintaining those hormones along with Flavor-Pairing Rituals, a woman can reduce their weight drastically in a short time. The amazing thing is that the result is permanent because it is a natural method.

You are asking help from your body and metabolism to reduce weight and keep it on the ideal weight. Before activating the system, you have to maximize the role of those 3 fat-burning hormones and metabolism.
By using this method, Carly Donovan not only successfully gets her ideal weight back but she also healthier and younger.

There are no age spots, lines, cellulite, and other skin problems anymore. This achievement makes her confident and sure that other women can do the same. Due to that thought, Carly Donovan created a revolutionary diet program known as Cinderella Solution. This program reveals everything that she has done to achieve her drastic transformation from a big and unconfident woman into a healthy and confident woman along with ideal weight.

Who Should Use the Cinderella Solution?

Based on the simplicity of the method, it is designed for all women who have an overweight problem. Specifically, the program is suitable for 20 up to 65 years old women who want to get their ideal weight and health back. Carly Donovan as the designer of this method is in her 40 years old when she finally found the method.

As a 40 years old woman, she can do the instructions on Cinderella Solution comfortably and frequently for a few weeks. Even, she got an extreme result after 2 weeks and it was getting better after 3 weeks and so on. Carly Donovan can reduce weight up to 90 pounds in only 3 weeks.

This program is an ideal program for the 40s to 60s because of the low-impact Movement Sequencing in which you don’t have to do hard exercises or heavyweight workouts only to lose weight. What you have to do is following the Flavor-Pairing rituals that so simple and easy to follow. Even, it seems that you feel that you are not doing a diet plan at all while following this program. Indeed, the system is a good program for those who don’t want to go to the gym or use a bunch of fitness machines to lose weight.

You just need to follow the pre-made calendars, cook the delicious recipes, and let your body does the rest. On the other hand, it is okay if you want to combine this program with your favorite exercises or workouts.
Women who are suffered from diabetes, heart disease, slow metabolism, or slow thyroid can also join this program although it is not specifically designed to treat those problems.

Carly Donovan feels that her health is getting better after doing this method regularly. She doesn’t feel any headaches anymore and her blood pressure and sugar are normal.

What Did We like About The Program?

There are several things that we love about Cinderella Solution. First, we all understand that people who are suffered from an overweight problem need a comfortable solution. It seems that they have bored with all complicated diet plans that don’t give them any significant results. The program gives something different in which overweight women don’t have to do complicated things or workouts just like what they have done in the past to gain ideal weight.

Instead of doing that, you just need to focus on the Flavor-Pairing method that even much fun to do. By doing this program, you can still eat something that you love such as cake, cheese, and many more. Second, we also love this diet program because it is suitable for almost all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are 20 years old or even 65 years old. As long as you have a problem with your weight, just follow the instructions and feel the result after a few weeks.

As a result, this program helps more women who desperate about their condition and think that it is too late to fix it. Third, This is a natural weight-loss program in which the instructions don’t ask you to consume any type of pills or supplements.

Even, the program asks you to eat anything that you like while considering the rule of Flavor-Pairing Rituals. Moreover, the basic idea of the program is following how your body works as a normal human being. The program is used to activate the three most important hormones to burn your fat. You just need to learn how to activate your Insulin, Cortisol, and Estrogen and let those hormones work for you to get your ideal weight back.

Fourth, we also love this program because it is not only for reducing weight but also to achieve your health. Although it is not designed for treating diseases some women feel that they are healthier after following this program.

Some of their diseases such as headaches, fatigue, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar level are gone. Even, this program helps women to achieve their beauty by removing wrinkles, lines, black spots, cellulite, and many more. We think that it is an effective program in which you get multiple benefits for one simple weight-loss program. Fifth, this program is designed by a woman named Carly Donovan.

As the designer of this program, she ever faces an overweight problem along with a variety of diseases and skin problems. This is based on a real story and experience. Users get the real story and result to make them sure that the method works well to overcome their weight problems. Sixth, all of you love great deals while buying something, aren’t you? Carly Donovan understands it and she wants to satisfy her clients.

Because of that, the Cinderella Solution package is including several interesting deals such as $100 off plus another $50.00 off and also Cinderella Accelerator for free. Cinderella Accelerator is some tips you can apply to boosts the result. This offer is so interesting, especially because you will get more than you have paid.

By not spending too much money, you get the secret of how to have an ideal weight and healthy body comfortably, faster, and easier.

There are also a lot of women who have felt the benefits of this program. It makes other women sure that this product is real and can give her a positive result. In conclusion, we love this product because it explains clearly what women have to do to get and keep their ideal weight permanently.

It also reveals some interesting detail that supports the idea of the program and it becomes the reason why women should try this program.

What We Didn’t Like

The things we don’t like about it are not as much as what we love about this product. It will be better if the program also reveals the profile of Carly Donovan. People only know that she is the creator of Cinderella Solution and they don’t know anything else about her.

By explaining the profile, people will recognize Carly Donovan well and they will sure that they are choosing the right program to reduce their weight.

It is also good if the program also includes the quotes from the experts related to the scientific experiments and facts that boost weight-loss. People need to be sure that what they are doing is safe and it doesn’t trigger serious side effects. The quotes will strengthen the opinion made by Carly Donovan on her product. Indeed, it also strengthens the credibility of this program as one of the most powerful and efficient weight-loss programs.

Too bad that this program is only for women. Carly Donovan doesn’t show that her program is also useful for men. It is not only women who feel desperate with their weight but also men and they need a simple solution to lose weight effectively.

Carly Donovan said that this program is not for those who need an instant result. It needs time to see the result. Donovan needs 3 weeks until she lost 90 pounds of her weight. It seems that it is too long. The good thing is that the result is permanent and you can do the process easily and comfortably.

Although it is a simple and easy weight-loss program you still need a commitment. For example, you still have to change your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle which is a little bit hard to do, especially if you don’t get used to it.

How Can I Know if the Program is Real?

You may still a little bit worry and curious about it. So, how can you know if this program is real? You can read about the scientific reason why this program is effective to lose weight faster and safer. Then, you can find other references related to that scientific reason.

Compare the explanation and if it is similar, it means that the program is a real weight-loss program. You can also check the people who have applied to this program. It will be great if you have a friend whoever tries this program. You can ask everything about it to them, especially about the result.

You may also read some reviews about this program and compare those reviews. The reviews explain a lot of whether it is a real program or not. It is better to read reviews from real users because they feel the result and have tried the program. Last but not least is that there is no other thing to do except trying the program by yourself. Just use a special offer so you get a cheaper price.

Then, you can try to follow the instructions and feel the result. If you get the result just like what the program said it means this program is a real program. It is important to have enough knowledge and experience about weight-loss methods or programs because later you can compare those programs with this program.

You can check what makes it different than other weight-loss programs. You can conclude whether the difference is making sense or not. If it makes sense, it means this is a real program and you can try it to strengthen your conclusion.

So, if you don’t find any negative or less bad things about this program, you can consider Cinderella Solution as a real program and not a scam.

What is the Benefit of Cinderella Solution?

Indeed, you will get a lot of benefits after practicing the program explained by the program. Let say, you can meet your expectation to reduce weight and get an ideal weight immediately. This program is using an old method known as Flavor-Pairing Rituals in which it is much easier than modern methods.

It is also a benefit because you don’t have to do a lot of complicated things only to reduce weight or get the ideal weight. You just need to maintain your eating habits and manage fat-loss meals to boost the result. Another benefit is that you will not get side effects after doing this program.

This is because the program is based on the way your body works. So, the fat-burning process is done naturally without diet pills or supplements. Moreover, you will get a lot of bonuses from this program including a discount price and new product that can be used to support your weight loss program.

The price is also affordable so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. At the same time, you will get more than you have paid. The most important thing is that you will get a permanent result without reducing your health condition. Even, this program can improve your health condition.

It is believed that the program can cure several diseases. It is also good for those who have skin problems such as wrinkles, black spots, lines, and cellulite. With a simple program, you can get rid of all of them immediately and it makes you look younger and healthier.

The explanation shows that the program gives a lot of benefits and even more than just what you have read in this review. One thing for sure that there are a lot of women who have felt the benefits after practicing the system.

Final Thoughts

Overweight is an overwhelming problem and it is a little bit difficult to solve. Cinderella Solution gives hope for women who want to solve their overweight problem right away. Based on the explanation, it seems that this program is a good solution because you just need to maintain your eating habits through Flavor-Pairing Rituals.

It is great because everything is started with what you eat. If you eat too many unhealthy meals, your body gets the side effects. Cinderella Solution tries to fix this problem by transforming your habit into a good one to boost your health.

If you have a healthy body, the weight-loss process will be much easier and faster. It seems that Carly Donovan as the designer has explained a lot about it, how it works, and the benefits. The story from the designer can be used as a motivation to reduce weight faster and easier.

In our opinion, you can learn what she has done from her program. In the end, it hopes that you can get the ideal weight immediately without doing something hard and harmful to do.


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