ChatterPal Review FE and OTO Review – Interactive 3D Avatar Software

ChatterPal Review FE and Chatterpal OTO Review – This is brand new software by Paul Ponna, this software will allow you to have automation chat tools with built-in interacive 3D avatar, this is brand new chat app not like other chat app in the market, this is fresh and world first chat app with interactive 3D avatar. You can use this software in any site you like, such as your salespage, affiliate offer pages, your ecom store, your business profile sites etc. With this chat bot you can increase conversion rate and even sales. My favorite part of this software is, not only built-in 3d interactive avatar but also this software come with built-in translation features so you can chat with anyone using any languages, you can also use the ready-made chat templates to save your time replying your customer or potential customers chat.

Talking about the 3d interactive characters on this software, I so amazed with the characters, the 3D characters is so professional design, and we can change logo on the characters, the characters also available with several design, like female, male, and even 3d animal characters, come with all age, background, etnichities for all business models.

chatterpal review

Main Idea Behind ChatterPal Software

The main idea behind this software is how to create high converting automation chat with 3D interactive characters that will increase conversion rate and grabbing visitor attention. There is no software like this software out there. This is brand new software idea and new concept for chat bot.

What is The Features of ChatterPal? – ChatterPal Review

As I said above this software is automation chat system come with built-in templates, and 3D interactive characters. Below is the complete features of ChatterPal

  • Chat Automation with Artificial Intelegent
    This feature they’re called as “Smart AI Chat Automation”, this features will interacts with customers without need youor suppport agent.
  • Ready To Use Chat Templates
    With this feature you can save time to reply your customer questions, you can use the ready-made chat templates to boost your product conversion rate and boost sales.
  • Email Capture
    With this feature you can grab and collects visitors email, name and other info they put into the chat. You can download the data, and add to your autoresponder.
  • Language Translation
    With this feature you can convert any chat to any language with a single click of mouse.
  • Work With All Type of Site
    ChatterPal working perfect with all type of web pages, affiliate pages, bonus pages, sales pages, eCom store, and many more
  • Analytic Dashboard
    You will know about the feed-back in-depth analytics, you will also know the geo-locations, engagement and more.
  • Click here to read complete features of ChatterPal

ChatterPal Review – How Can I Use ChatterPal?

This software so easy to use, no need any complicated setting, what you need to do is just create new campaign, select your type of chat bot. Chat without avatar or chat with 3D avatar, if you select create campaign chat with avatar, you can choose the avatar. You will have 4 options of avatar type, Logos, 3D, Animals, and Green Screen with more than 100 characters available.

chatterpal review

chatter pal review

chatterpal review

chatterpal review

You can customize the apperance of Chat Box, you can also select the chat templates, and after you have done with all settings, you can start copy the embed code and paste into your site.

chatterpal review

ChatterPal Review – Who is ChatterPal For?

This software is perfect for anyone, business owner, affiliate marketer, blogger, eCom store owner, marketplace sites, hosting and domain service provider, and much more who want to increase their conversion rate.

My Opinion and Personal Experience Using ChatterPal

What can I say about this software is, this is great! Not only create high converting chat bot, ChatterPal is the most complete feature for chat software. Languages translation, lot of 3D interactive characters available, text-to-speech, customize chat appearance, and so much more. This is the best chat automation software you can get.

ChatterPal OTO Upsells and Pricing Review

Below is the information about ChatterPal OTO / ChatterPal Upsells, for more benefit and unlock more features of ChatterPal you can check the upsells below.

ChatterPal OTO 1 – ChatterPal Deluxe ($44)

With ChatterPal OTO 1 you will unlock:

  • You will unlock 13 additional 3D Avatars
  • You will get free one new avatar per month for one year without need monthly or yearly fee
  • You will get 15 advanced chat templates
  • You will unlock animated emoticons pack
  • You will unlock Advanced Multi-thread Chat features
  • You will unlock unlimited of chat blocks
  • You will get unlimited video hosting
  • You will get Voice Overs from different high demand niches
  • You will get VIP Support
  • For more details about ChatterPal OTO 1 please click here

ChatterPal OTO 2 – ChatterPal Agency ($67)

With ChatterPal OTO 2 you will unlock:

  • You can get more flexibility with unlocked adjust speed and pitch of text-to-speech
  • You will get 25 Additional chat templates
  • You will unlock Zapier Integration option
  • You can ChatterPal branding
  • You will get 25 Green Screen Video
  • Get Double 3D avatar
  • Get 5 agency license
  • Show the campaign with your own URL
  • For more information about ChatterPal OTO 2, plese click here

ChatterPal OTO 3 – Premium Voice Pack ($33)

This ChatterPal OTO 3 will unlock

49 premium text-to-speech voices that never been publish and available anywhere, you will save thousands of dollars for the premium voice text-to-speech license. With this OTO 3 you can get the 49 premium voice overs with one time payment. For more information of ChatterPal OTO 3, click here.

ChatterPal OTO 4 – ChatterPal International

With ChatterPal OTO 4 you will unlock unique and powerful feature, that will detect and translate chat based on their country. No need any manual work, all will be done automatically. For more information about ChatterPal OTO 4, click here

ChatterPal Review Conclusion

This is best chat automation software you can get, with this software you can increase conversion rate, boost sales and building lists. Hope this review helpful for you, thanks!


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