Bribeshare Review FE and OTO Review – Fast Way To Drive Traffic To Any Website, Offer Or Blog

Bribeshare Review – BribeShare is a brand new software that will become your new fast way to drive traffic to your website your offer or your blog. With this software, you can incentivize your visitors to spread your offer or content in exchange for money or downloadable’s. No need hard work or experience required, all you have to do is only embed a short code on your website, and the BribeShare will enable also Bribeshare will enable social buttons on your website, and reward your audience if they spread your offer or website content content on social media, that will bring you tons of free traffic, leads and also sales.

Today, we can embed social media share button on our site with a lot of plugin, but all visitor share our content, the engagment is so bad. So you need BribeShare, because BribeShare can engage your visitors to share your offers, or website content, on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter in exchange for money or any digital product that you have to offer. Not only money, you will be able choose two options for your visitors, either offer them money or any kind of digital product. For more detail please read the feature review below or watch the demo videos, before that, we should know who the creator of bribeshare.

bribeshare review

About The Author – Hikmet Manashirov

Hikmet Manashirov is vendor on JVZoo also founder of BribeShare, he also internet marketer for couple of years, now he and his team develop BribeShare software and launch on JVZoo. BribeShare develop by Hikmet Manashirov, Hiren Donda, Dushyant Sharma, Aditya Dharkar. Below is the main feature of BribeShare

BribeShare Review – Feature

BribeShare is brand new software and technology engage your audience or visitor to share you web content on their social media, like facebook, google+, linkedin and many more. They will get money or digital product if share your social media, you can also control which one share with real account, and natural click (not bot), so you will pay only real people with real traffic. Below is the main feature:

BribeShare Pay-Per-Share Feature: 

  • You will be able to “bribe” your visitors with money to spread your offers or content
  • You can use BribeShare up to 20 campaigns
  • Share your content to on Facebook and Twitter

BribeShare Downloadable’s Feature:

  • You can Bribe visitors with coupons, articles, PDF’s, music or any kind of downloadable’s
  • You can use BribeShare up to 10 campaigns
  • 10mb upload limit
  • Visitor can share your content to Facebook and Twitter

BribeShare Pro Feature 

  • Offer visitors both with money and downloadable’s
  • Use BribeShare up to 30 campaigns
  • 10mb upload limit
  • Your visitor can share your content to their Facebook and Twitter account

BribeShare Review – Benefit

  • Grow traffic and revenue
  • Go viral much faster by “bribing” your audience to share
  • Generate more leads and customers for your business
  • Offer any amount to your visitors to share
  • Offer coupons, articles, PDF’s, music or any kind of downloadable’s
  • Fraud Prevention Technology
  • View BribeShare Analytics
  • Get exposure and publicity for your business with ease
  • Only pay when one organic click has been tracked
  • User gets paid for a share once even if they share many times

BribeShare Review Demo Videos – How it Works

Above is the 3 kind of option you can get, BribeShare Pay Per Share, Bribe Share Downloadable, and BribeShare Pro, each of them have different feature. Watch video below for demo:

BribeShare OTO Upsell Review

BribeSHare OTO 1 – BribeShare Max 

You will get total 100 Campaigns (for both “bribe with money” and “bribe with download” plans combined), 100mb upload limit and you will get BribeShare Agency License as a Bonus

BribeShare OTO 2 – BribeShare Unlimited 

You will get unlimited Campaigns (for both “bribe with money” and “bribe with download”), and being able to share on all the major social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, also you will get BribeShare Reseller License as a Bonus

BribeShare Review Conclusion

Thank you for read our BribeShare review, with this brand new software you can “Bribe” your website visitors with money or digital downloadable’s like discount coupons, pdf, ebook, audio or video file. So, they share your offers, content, products or services on their social media in exchange for your “bribe”. BribeShare doesn’t work on quick fix, instead it works on a marketing method that is highly effective and brings results because people can ignore ads but they cannot ignore your offer when it’s being recommended by their friends, relatives and connections. Hope this review helpful for you, click button below to grab BribeShare, or links above for more details about BribeShare upsell upgrade.

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